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  1. Hello all American patriots.  I would like to introduce myself by saying that I have been involved in Information Systems Management and Technology for the past 30 years, doing data analysis, data dissemination, metadata connections, security, and software/systems development.  Since 2014, I have been paying special attention to activities relating to transactions and conflicts involving Iran, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Syria, and Yemen's Houthis; and lately Turkey's involvement in Syria against the Kurds, and Turkey's involvement with Russia in settling the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan.  Most of my research and analysis is related to the flow of energy, and to the disruption of those flows, and the destabilization of those regions as the US shifted from net consumer to net top producer/exporter and pulled back from policing those regions.  I can tell you that every bit of the strife we currently witness in the US is directly related to the global destabilization resulting from the US engaging protectionism, repatriating wealth, decoupling from China, bringing manufacturing back to America (made in America again / MAGA), and becoming energy independent/dominant.  All of this results in destabilization and a loss of power and control for some major players, which results in a heated/energized increase in power-grabs at all levels, from local to national, and in all branches of government.  Power-grabbers are simply engaging in the age-old, tried-and-true strategy of divide-and-conquer.  Don't let the coup ensue.  We just need to stay strong and united.  In times like these, a conservative, sovereign, and united America will win every time.  Stay strong.  And Unite!

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