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  1. Hey @Rkak25, thanks for that bit of info. I wasn't too sure if that was still in place or if JB changed that.
  2. Welcome back from another week of attempted freedom, Illinois Patriots. This is my official weekly check in. Been too busy this weekend to come up with anything flashy or inspirational lol. Hope everyone is training well.
  3. You are correct about what I was trying to do, and you explained that perfectly. Thank you.
  4. I am not having any success embedding a form on a custom page. Is that not supported on that or am I doing something wrong maybe? I am select the code button in the editor bar and paste my code, and it only shows the code after I save it.
  5. This is fantastic @fixer. What if the unit is set to closed or private, can the general public or site guest till see these pages, say for applications or other information prior to joining the unit?
  6. Awesome that someone finally won this and it has been shipped out. Congrats @Spiritwomyn
  7. I know they are backed up with everything right now.
  8. These would be great for crowd disbursement and other distractionary measures. They have a smoke too. Unfortunately they cannot ship to IL because we are governed by a commy king of sorts and his jesters of state congress.
  9. Good deal @Sniperwolf. Check out the Ohio page if you haven't already. https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/forum/19-ohio-militias/
  10. This is why we ask for a DD214 when someone claims to be a vet when they want to join. Same reason we run a background check on everyone too. I just had to explain to someone reluctant to share theirs with me. I explained that we do not want any stolen valor linked to our group for several reasons. He has yet to respond, and not really sure that he will.
  11. 21st Continental Field Force Light Foot Militia We are always here, always preparing for the next journey, always looking for those willing to stand up against tyranny and to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I am on here every Fri, Sat, & Sun to answer any questions and to update our group pages here. You can also join us on our open forum HERE www.lfm21.com JOIN US ON FACEBOOK TOO
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