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  1. @Lonewolf7102 Contact me here if you are still looking to get into a militia. I am working on building Illinois up and we need good people now more than ever.
  2. Hello Patriots of IL. Col. Reaper of the 21st Light Foot Militia checking in. I am looking for any and all IL LFM members as well as leaders from other IL groups. Also, i we have any lone wolfs looking for a unit or maybe want to start one for their county, I can help you get set up.HMU here or send me a message.
  3. Hello fellow Patriots. I want to first introduce myself. I am Colonel Reaper, State Commander of the 21st (IL) Light Foot Militia. I am here as a state leader to help form and join other LFM units first and foremost. Secondly, I would like to be able to network with other IL militias here in IL and neighboring states. If you found your way here because you belong to another IL LFM unit, or you are looking to join or form one, please let me know ASAP and we will get things going. If you are with a different IL militia and you want to network together, please let me know ASAP, and we will make that happen. I am looking to build, grow and unify the efforts put into this movement with the great citizens of this state, and I can not do it alone. I am only one person with a small team. Let us put all pride aside and come together to save and rebuild this republic with hopes of having a free and happy tomorrow. Huzzah!!!
  4. This month the 143rd LFM will have a meeting training event with a alternate date of 25 Nov. We will be meeting a potential new member and discussing the possibilities of his membership. We will be discussing future training plans for the next months as extreme weather and holidays approach. We will be turning in training certificate for the assigned online training courses previously assigned (alt turn in is 25 Nov.) We will conduct training on encrypted comms and establishing radio frequencies and possible protocols outside of our current Standards. You are free to bring guests that may be interested in joining. We will also be looking at various fundraising efforts for next spring.

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We are concerned patriots who are not confident in the direction of our society. In order to protect the constitution and our way of life, we decided to build a website that will unite people like us with militias and militias with people like us, in doing so we have created the #1 militia community online.


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