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  1. Just checking in, I haven't spoke up lately only looking and watching . Hope all is well with everyone. Be safe out there.

  2. Yes , which is the reason for my belief of Mathew 24:36, But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. What I mean is I think that God has it this way because the time may not be necessarly set in stone. Also that if we did know it we would instead of doing what is right from our heart and through free will, we would instead do it because we knew when he would return. It depends on our actions but as far as the prophecies go they have got to take place first and most definitely are now and will continue to of cours
  3. Me personally I still believe that is very well likely. That's the funny part however. If it is in fact biblical then what we stand for and or may end up having to do, the way things are going, would actually all be pointless and the death of many for no reason. Why because if this is the end times and a biblical event starting the one world government, currency and all other prophetic events for that time in the Bible then nothing will be able to stop it including us. In the end when it's all over those prophecy , the Antichrist and all else will in fact take place no matter what and the only
  4. I feel the same way the post was not about trying to get anything started , it was more opinionated on those questions that I have heard mentioned so many times. I have even wondered some of those my self especially lately. I do agree with you that we should be doing all you mentioned even more so now than ever before. The ones that have not should have already been and we all should be doing so every chance we get. Like most of us I believe it is coming before we would like to think. I also believe it will not be a easy task as some thing that we will just walk right thru them. They are organ
  5. I agree if you look at the numbers in individual groups and activities as well neither are much to talk about. Here in Georgia most that I have looked at don't have much over 5,6 active members. A few groups have more but that still ain't saying much. It seems as if no one could care less at times. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places idk.
  6. Just took a quick glance but hadn't made the move myself. May do so however. About feed up with all the leftist social media outlets.
  7. If Omar has her way that will be sooner than later I'm sure.
  8. When will it be? How long? Who will make the call? All these have I seen and heard over the last couple years. As tention grows these very questions are quoted more regular. I even ask my self these quite often lately. How long will we watch this country destroyed. Will we sit and watch America become un American another ten twenty years. Will we sit idle while we are being mocked by these leftist that are out to bring in social unrest and war. Have we not seen them do enough of this since before any of us where born. Before our parents and grand parents where born. What will be t
  9. That will have me pausing the tv Everytime I think of it just to see. It's amazing how far they are willing to go to destroy this country.
  10. Most of us have heard this speech I hope. However it fits your post almost perfectly. From a fellow Patriot of times gone. Patrick henry The last paragraph in full of his speech. It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace-- but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the pr
  11. Yes once they finish tearing us a part as a whole. Covid is another tool used to do so. As long as the whole bonds together they could never take over. Divide and conquer and they are doing all they can to accomplish it. People just don't see it so they fall for the gimmicks. They make it you against me instead of it being us against them.
  12. Not only those jobs but I do agree they will take a big hit. Look at Walmart and many other chains including convince stores around here anyways now, self order and check out, curb side and so forth. Curb side pick up turns into no need for larger storefronts just a ware house with order selectors to deliver straight to your car which inturn means fewer employees. Same thing with self order and checkout. No actual store front and traditional brick and mortar go out the window. The internet has already started that part of it and are set up in that fashion. No actual store just a w
  13. Hi, Naturally like most of us I do a lot of random thinking on what America is and has already become. Here lately that thought has been on our near future. What I mean by that is the next president. I do believe that Trump will remain our president. I also do believe that if he is then things will only get worse and the current culprits trying to destroy this country will be even more infuriated. Which is why I believe it will worsen. I also believe that another impeachment and once reelected and it is escalated even more the possibility of a assassination attempt is not that far
  14. May see me today and then I'm gone, very few do I contact regularly. Ones I connect with and have common ground I see me most often. Don't usually bother people and generally stick to my self. When agitated I usually become pretty evil in actions and chose of words. Anytime I get ready I can disappear for months without needing or speaking to no one and needing nothing from anyone. I have a gift of being able to be completely happy in my own self substainability , completely alone or if need be or choose so can come out of no where and stand in the middle of the crowd. I am a ghost, many know
  15. Good morning all, just checking in. How is everyone doing out there. Sitting around waiting on this storm to pass in my area. Hope evryone is well. Keep your eyes open, and be safe out there. God bless

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