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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen I would personally like to thank you for the chance at joining this fine group. I’m really wanting to see if we will be a good fit. I’m currently looking for a solid trustworthy loyal group of like minded individuals that have had enough of this BS that these disgusting baby killing election stealing far left snow flake punk pussies are trying to shove down our necks. It’s time to fight y’all it’s time to load them clips and be prepared for what is coming because guys it’s coming! Right around the corner I believe that they will start kicking in doors to take our guns and I just flat out will not allow that to happen not while I have a single all American,god fearing, my country ‘‘tis of thee fucking breath in my body. Zero hour is apon us boys and now we fight! We show these cowards what it is really like to fight! What are they going to do when our ex military our brothers and sisters of arms start smoking these rejects out one block at a time! 
    holyshit I feel like a lightning bolt just struck the tip of my penis!

    GOD bless this country and all of you!!

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