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  1. I totally agree. Where do we start and when? I could make calls paperwork anything. We could wait and let the dems fight amongst themselves. We would gain more Patriots.
  2. Sounds good but someone needs to organize this. Will you? I will help someone had to start something. I’m also at the ready for civil military action
  3. Yep but no physical revolution can work without the military. I believe most would stand behind us but the big G’s don’t like Trump. They are trained for war so they want war but not on our soil
  4. Damn I see how we have been infiltrated. We would have a long run at retaking these groups. We’ve waited too long. Choice is starting from scratch or full out assault. But seriously I hear more voice than action. We have become too complacent. I wish someone would give me a place to start changing things. I may be older but I am capable. Please don’t let this happen to our grandchildren.
  5. Have you looked at the aclu page. ?? OMG they are ranting against trump. Our American civil liberties Union. Our against our civil liberties. My god if we don’t take some kind of stand we are lost.
  6. On telegram @bugshome. I’m confused how it works but I think you can find me this way.
  7. Not into bible much. Just god. But god has nothing to do with what’s happening. Screw the other countries we need to save ours first.

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