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  1. Somewhat new member here, just recently become active again. Wanted to know if there was anyone in the Delaware/ Maryland/ Virginia area that would like to start a Maryland constitutional militia. If you're a taker, you may DM me at any time, or send an email to "[email protected]".
  2. I've got at least 5-6 cases of MRE's stocked away where no really knows about. Sure, they could be found if they looked, but. Food is food, I have a handgun, and all I need is more ammunition and I'll be alright. Other than that, I've been taught how to fill the bathtub with water (actually looking to buy a liner, because today's level of superbugs is unacceptable), and I need to get ahold of some respirators. Maybe some body armor plates that aren't USGI. Otherwise I'm straight for a while.
  3. Required here too. Active Duty always makes you get them, and then they wonder why more than 3/4's of the battalion is unable to do PT.. ??‍♂️
  4. I've got several RATS, and I've yet to use them. Anyone opposed to them?
  5. Re-read that good sir. "Pre-conditions". This is media hype and has nothing for us to worry about. I simply googled "coronavirus", and I've looked into WebMD, the CDC's page, and a few other sites for verification. You tell me it's something more serious. Secondly, the coronavirus is a family of virus; meaning it could be as simple as a cold, to something as severe as MERS or SARS. Apologies on my part for not previously mentioning that. Again, 5 minutes of research usually does someone some good. Don't jump immediately to the fact that we all need to be going grocery shopping in full CBRN equipment with full kit. That's silly and excessive. However, what @ KCS said is partly true. Yes, you need to be strengthening your immune system. Best way to do that is hydrate, have plentiful vitamins and minerals, along with Vitamin-C and Zinc as more of a priority.
  6. There is nothing to worry about here. I just spent 5 minutes of research and found that the coronavirus causes cold-like symptoms only.
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  8. Well the first idea could be used if you didn't have a wall to tack the bottles onto. And the second could be used if you and a few "survivors" per say, were holed up in some trees.
  9. Although heavy with their plates, I have seen lots of GREAT reviews for products from AR500 Armor Systems. Still deciding on what level of protection is necessary/ viable; level 3+ or 4?
  10. Very viable. I foresee more applications that what you have depicted. String a line between two trees, load a number of these on said line. Slide one or two down a zipline, covertly through the trees to a nearby outpost or other treeborne establishment. Just two ideas I could come up with.
  11. What up cannon fodder

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      Welcome to your very first forum with me, old man :)

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