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  1. My CCW instructor, a retired Marine Lt. Col, would agree with you. He said something along those same lines within 5 minutes of class lol.
  2. I thought Eric Coomer was bad....or Anthony Weiner. 🀭 I admit it, deep down I'm still 14....
  3. Firefox is also complacent in this bullshit, but I agree. Adblock the everliving fuck out of YouTube if you have to watch them. I'm currently using the Duckduckgo browser, it's like a watered down Chrome and I'm not sure if it has adblock features but it does have Tracking-blocker features. I'm still working it out as I go.
  4. Putting on my lawyer cap, I can see Tortuous Interference of a contract against Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple also being a valid case. I know they explicitly named Amazon, but there's potential for further courthouse carnage. 😈
  5. I have been registered Unaffiliated for my entire adult life. This election has more than reinforced why I did that, for reasons that are just as much valid now as they were at age 16. Honestly, I'm probably a lot more liberal than a lot of you here, though I voted straight Red this year....fuck you Thom Tillis. πŸ˜’ I think a better "requirement" would be something along the lines of a short form questionnaire- typical patriotism stuff, but also something that would help weed out the McVeighs just as much as the McDidyoujustassumemygenders. However, even that is a flawed
  6. Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, YouTube, Chrome....I have removed everything but my gmail....and only because I'm waiting on my CCW to arrive thru that specific email. Once I get it, it's getting axed as well. I'm not going to lie, not having YouTube is making me feel a bit "dope sick." I'm on day 3, and realizing just how much of my time I spent watching YT vids before. Rumble and Bitchute don't have nearly the same following at this time. But I'll get thru it: just means one less addiction to wrestle with in a world full of easily accessible dope-stims. Sally forth!
  7. I know that there are definitely members that are located in the Triad area, and at least two groups from around there that are doing some training this month. I'll let them chime in themselves, as I don't want to accidentally out someone or anything, but keep an eye on your inbox. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
  8. Hence why I said "explicitly illegal", as in making unregistered SBRs, explosives, putting on a klan hood, etc. Not that I even care about those kind of laws, I just don't want to associate with the people who could rope me down with them. I don't want to answer the door to some Alphabet boys snooping around without a good reason just because Canary-trap Jed over here made some ghost guns and C4 then name dropped me because I met him last week for some target practice. πŸ˜„ I live by the creed, "lex Malla, lex Nulla." (A bad law is no law at all). As far as I'm concerned, if the sword
  9. Exactly, when those fat cat Generals released that statement back in December saying that they won't support a Declaration of Insurrection, all I could think is 'it doesn't make a damn what you "support", disobeying the president is a court-martial and dereliction of duty.'
  10. I know times are twitchy and everyone is on edge and paranoid, but now is not the time for internecine strife. That's what these pricks want us to do: after all, a fragmented enemy is easy fodder. I'm currently a recruit for one group (I'll keep it confidential for now, as I don't know what exactly I'm permitted to discuss at this time) but that doesn't mean I'm/they're at war with any other Militia groups. If you're in or near Franklin/Wake/Vance/etc. Counties, I'm more than happy to meet up to train or discuss "tradecraft" per se, regardless of what group you fly with. I'm willin

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