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  1. I have land in new Mexico 1 hour West of Amarillo
  2. Thanks for the update. Sorry I missed it. Really wanted to go but didn't get notifications soon enuf. Hopefully next time
  3. Mrs Champagne has 1st sarget Kent reached out to you? If not email me @ [email protected]
  4. Portable x-ray, pig stick (water disrupter) hopefully have access to a ZEUS system in the future.
  5. Ar, ak, sks, m249, bolt rifles, semi auto pistiol, revolvers, and EOD systems currently.
  6. Awesome price. If you get one I can help you build it Vicki champagne.
  7. Outstanding Vicki. Heart is the biggest thing then comes knowledge. If you ever make it up we have a plenty of differentweapon systems we can train you on. Thanks for keeping in touch

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