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  1. Carl I sent your request to ap3 Texas they should be contacting you soon. If not feel free to call me and I'll light a fire under someone
  2. Well I'm Shure there are some closer to you. But if you ever make it to Clovis I'd be happy to help you
  3. For Shure. You have my email or phone # ?

    1. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      I can send you my contact info via email

  4. I have land in new Mexico 1 hour West of Amarillo
  5. Thanks for the update. Sorry I missed it. Really wanted to go but didn't get notifications soon enuf. Hopefully next time
  6. Mrs Champagne has 1st sarget Kent reached out to you? If not email me @ [email protected]
  7. Portable x-ray, pig stick (water disrupter) hopefully have access to a ZEUS system in the future.
  8. Ar, ak, sks, m249, bolt rifles, semi auto pistiol, revolvers, and EOD systems currently.

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