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  1. chris smith

    chris smith

  2. how do we join our the groups 931 im following it but that's all I can do

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    2. Mac563


      Great! Thanks for that. It looks like you are about an hour from me in Manchester. How would you feel if as a group we found a somewhat central location for a meet and greet? I am thinking at some fast food place, a park, some place that is public but not so populated that we cant all sit down and get to know each other? I will be asking this same question on the forum.

    3. chris smith

      chris smith

      Im good with it as long as its on a weekend

    4. Mac563


      It will most likely be on a Saturday and/or a Sunday. As we get a few of these under our belt and are more comfortable with each other, the location and training. I would like to see us showing up late Friday, setting up a base camp, training all of Saturday and early Sunday. Then around noon on Sunday breaking down the camp. I know many of us attend church services on Sundays, so that would have to be addressed, probably by those individuals leaving after breakfast.

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