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  1. Back Channel Intelligence:  I am forwarding The Following as "Food For Thought" and "FYI".  All Topics were covered on "Google" which automatically makes one Suspect and the same time Serves as a Primer or Insight into what a lot of Folks may be Contemplating.  6 Reasons Why A New Civil War Is Possible and Terrifying. www. cracked.com/personal experience-2403-6.  A New Civil War Is Coming I Rights & Liberty Vanish.  Secure.Outsiders Club.com/Civil_War.  What A New US Civil War Might Look Like- Foreign Policy.

    1. Ripcannon


      Not if I can help it how do we stop a civil war hmmm win the fight before it starts i think we learned Americans shouldn't kill Americans along time ago.

    2. Calvin Champion Woods

      Calvin Champion Woods

      @ Ripcannon, I thought so too.  It remains to seen whether or not "The Establishment" understands that they shouldn't kill their fellow Americans.  If both The Land and/or Naval "Jade Helm" Exercises are any indication of what "The Elites" should of Learned; although I am inclined to be in Full Agreement with you, you still have to Wonder how far that "The Establishment" is willing to go to Achieve it's Agenda.  I am not willing to Wager my life on Congress saying anything as an Elected Body in support of Our Constitutional Right, I am not "Casting" a wide net here I'm aware that there are still some Stellar, Stand - Up Members of both Houses, however, the Vast Majority are "Nay Bobs".


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