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  1. For sure Black Cat, I am also picking my dad up and taking him to his precinct to vote, and then going to mine to vote; this is so important. Happy weekend to all.
  2. Perfect...jackprather2008@gmail.com or 706-449-1662. Y'all have fun.
  3. Oh, ok...about 2 1/2 hrs from me. I think there is a SC Light Foot in Lexington. I met some of them at the Columbia,SC "2nd Amendment" rally last summer. Maybe soon, we can meet halfway over coffee. It would be a pleasure, to meet another like minded warrior.
  4. Hey jacklegg, I am in North Augusta, near the Augusta, Ga line, but in SC. Where are y'all?
  5. Fun stuff, stay safe. My daughter and I love the gun shows. Please everyone vote. Let's all keep an eye on our southern border...God bless.
  6. North Augusta here, powder dry, Paramedic training going good and HAM training.
  7. Going to my place in Boone, NC next weekend to do some camping and training. I haven't been up in about 5 mo. now. I am sure missing that cool crisp mountain air. : )
  8. I like it; SCLFM did a great job helping to secure the area, when we had our public rally in front of the state capital this past summer.
  9. Sandlapper

    April Promo 2

    While we all appreciate other religions and we respect you and what you believe and thank you so very much for participating in our American cause, America was founded on the Christian faith, that is the point...Be blessed brother and lets fight the enemy together.
  10. Sandlapper


    Damn brother, that is way cool. I posted it to my Twitter. I hope you don't mind. : )
  11. Sandlapper


    A thousand "thumbs up."
  12. Stay safe y'all. I am in Carolina as well, but I am on the other side, close to Augusta, GA. We didn't get too much from the storm. Be safe and I pray for a rapid recovery.

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