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  1. This is Sandlapper KN4JQL. Good morning to all my NC friends.
  2. I like Midway, they also donate to the NRA. I got my Colt AR from Cabela's, I love it! I got my daughter's Mossberg Plinkster .22 from there as well and my wife's Ruger .380 from there.
  3. Just my humble opinion, I do almost all of my shooting and camping shopping at Cabela's. I luuuuuuuv me some Cabela's and online at Midway for Ammo.
  4. Not really the grip angle as much as my hand goes past the end of the grip. Like it has a shorter hand grip.
  5. A buddy of mine, he is a police officer, he swears by his Glock 9 but I don't like the way the Glock feels in my hand. The hand grip is too short for my hand.
  6. My really cool side arm that I just bought and haven't even shot yet is a 1936 German Luger, all matching numbers, even the magazine. All of the markings are on it, even the German Eagle. it is a 9mm as well of course. : )
  7. I bought my wife a Ruger .380. It is ok but it has a long trigger pull which I don't like for her.
  8. I love my S&W M&P 9mm, fits awesomely in my hand.
  9. Nice AK...the wood work is a lot darker than mine. Beautiful piece of machinery. : )
  10. Very nice, I wish we could have great cooperating and active folks like that around me here in SC. Great job brothers, looks like y'all learned a lot and had great fun. : )

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