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  1. Very well said fixer. It is OUR own responsibility to keep ourselves in shape physically, mentally and spiritually. Do some sort of workout, anything everyday. Read something (useful) everyday and make sure you are good with your spirit because at anytime we can meet our Great Warrior in the sky.
  2. WOW!!! That is impressive. Sounds like it is in his blood, thank God he was around to help and is in your life. God puts people on our lives for a reason. : )
  3. @Chris-the-plumber, so true. That is another reason I am attending a local tech school learning basic EMT, then advance EMT and the Paramedic. I will go as far as the SHTF will hold off.
  4. Hey brother, I tried to make a donation per the link that fixer gave us but a message pops up saying there is an issue with the receiving account...fyi


    1. fixer


      he is in route 

  5. LOL, why would they call you that? You are not doing anything wrong anyway.
  6. I tried to donate. There seems to be an issue with their account.
  7. I have e-mailed my reps and senators. My NRA web site gave me the e-mail addresses of all of my state's reps and I contacted all of them. I strongly urge everyone to let their voice be heard/read.
  8. President Trump knows what he is doing, the other politicians don't see it. We need the steel being made in our country for a few reasons. One reason is that the Chinese are selling us inferior steel and if a war did break out, with guess who...China or their buddies Russia, we are at a disadvantage. They could also "cut off" the steel during a conflict which would leave us vulnerable as well. We also will be able to hire workers for the steel industry again. Yes the hiring and firing of US citizens will probably be "a wash" because other countries will put tariffs on some of our products like oranges and Harley Davidsons and workers may be laid off there but we need steel for our Country's protection, not oranges and motorcycles...just my opinion.
  9. Just a thought, I find that it is a great idea to help out around our communities with clean ups or people in need or whatever one can find. It helps to show the people in our locales that we are good, peace loving people who only want the best for our families, friends and communities and we love our Constitution.
  10. I love my Colt AR...M4, that one of all my guns is my baby. : )