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  1. Definitely buying farms/land in extremely rural East Texas. And then closing it off with guard gates. I was shocked when I visited my home town a couple of years ago and saw this. Also, PBS attorney was video'd saying that children of Trump supporters needed to be de-programed asap. https://fb.watch/2_X5RpTmOk/
  2. Did you get in touch with someone at PAPN?

    1. RedneckGirl


      No.. Still trying but don't have a clue what next step to take. Can you help me?

    2. Tim W

      Tim W

      Yes.my name is tim wolfe.email [email protected] phone nmbr 865 602 0560 .try www.pa-pn.org. or try to google Proud Ametican Patriots Network.if that doesn't work let me know and I'll ask one of the rec ruiters if I can give you they're direct personal nmbr.the tn state commander and I are going to the range this weekend.if you get through and fill out your paperwork you're welcome to join us.its In oak ridge prbly.let me know. The tn state commander is a female also

    3. RedneckGirl


      I went to the website and filled out the member application. It wouldn't let me submit. Same thing for my husband on a different device. I emailed the contact email on the site asking for assistance but never got a reply. My number is 865.279.1865 if they want to reach out to me by phone or text.

  3. Bill.. I signed up for the site but when I filled out the application to join, something is wrong with the site and the bottom buttons don't work. Without membership, I can't see events etc. Is there someone to contact to get that fixed?
  4. In the Knoxville/Strawberry Plains area and would love to meet like minded Patriots in our area to network with.
  5. My husband and I would love to meet like minded Patriots. He's a truck driver and I was a nurse for years. We jeep and offroad. Both are proficient with firearms but would love more knowledge. My strengths are medical care, organization, and I'm a damn good cook. Any meet and greets?
  6. Husband and I are in the Knoxville area. He's a truck driver. I'm a retired nurse. Grew up an Army brat and proud patriot. We are both firearm proficient but would love to learn more. I'm also amazing at cooking for large groups if I say so myself. 😉
  7. I would like to have permission to comment on forums so I can ask about local militia meetings in my 865 area code. How can I make this happen?

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