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  1. https://www.npr.org/2019/07/02/737977542/nike-pulls-shoes-featuring-betsy-ross-flag-over-concerns-about-racist-symbolism
  2. Lol! I've had a shitty week, but this made me laugh. Thanks! Lol! I'm assuming it's a joke by someone like us. Wouldn't be surprised, though, if real.
  3. Believers of all Christian denominations, including Catholics, who study prophecy, are in agreement with this: Note: this was posted on Youtube eight years ago.
  4. https://www.tactical-life.com/lifestyle/military-and-police/sniper-carlos-hathcock-vietnam-apache/
  5. Not a real exciting report, but very informative and relevant: https://www.hagmannreportlive.com/laws
  6. I've been saying for years that the majority of churches have gone anti-Biblical. Here at last is a real preacher, one who proclaims the truth about many things, one of the few ministers in America who isn't a seminary taught, bought and controlled parrot, training parishioners to fit into a system, rather than teaching the salvation of Christ. Not to mention that so many parishioners are in league with L.E. and the DOJ, casting down those who oppose false, denominational beliefs, plus performing many acts of entrapment, coercion, intimidation and other unconstitutional acts. The modern Gospel church has become exactly what the O.T. prophets spoke against. This video brought out something I'd never heard of before, that the NBA or some aspect of it is subsidized by taxpayer money. That doesn't sound right:
  7. Boo to them! They might be able to keep it up by having content that is objectionable to the Nazis on a pw protected page, until they can get a site run by liberty minded people, instrad of Hitler and Mao worshippers. There is a way to claim internet space for a site free, and build one, but you have to know html. Might also be able to build a site on the "black" web, and still have it easy for anyone to access. I'm looking around for some resources, but in the meantime, here is an interesting site: https://uncensoredlibrary.com/en https://www.hostingadvice.com/how-to/best-anonymous-web-hosting/ https://www.ma-no.org/en/security/the-best-pages-of-the-deep-web-onion-deep-web
  8. Just wanted to share something with other believers in Christ, which can be helpful, and which you will not likely hear in church, as so many have veered from the true Word, that is, meanings. Most parishioners are told, 'Have faith' and 'Don't let doubts and unbelief into your mind'. They also teach that believers always love reading the Bible, that true believers never have the thought or will to want to get away from God, that if they do, then they were never really converted to Christ to begin with. Those are merely religious axioms and are far from the truth, much displaced from human reality and are not consistent with God's knowledge. The original apostles who walked with Jesus Christ while He ministered had doubts and unbelief, though they were eye witnesses to the miracles and teaching (Matthew 17:14-21), and had been empowered to do what Jesus did (Matthew 10:1). After the resurrection, once Christ appeared to the disciples, they didn't at first believe it was Him, and thought that Mary Magdalene, who first saw Him, was seeing things or telling tales when she told them she'd seen the Lord (Luke 24:1-11). To make ourselves believe without doubts is to attempt to attain to belief by human effort, which is works, and of no account concerning faith > Romans 11:6, Galatians 2:16, Zechariah 4:6, Hosea 1:7, Ephesians 2:8,9. The mind is part flesh, and partly spiritual, neither of which can be fully reigned in to the Lord's ways by strictly human effort > Romans 10:2,3. The apostle Paul tells us in his writings that it is impossible for the human side of us to be perfect or even fully reliable, and this he wrote decades after his conversion > Romans 7:12-25. Romans 14:23 shows that anything not of faith is sin. Can we have faith and doubts or unbelief at the same time? The answer is a resounding yes, explained in two ways: a saying of John Wayne was "Courage is being afraid but saddling up anyway". That would explain St. Peter when he got out of the boat to walk on the water to go to Jesus; he was surely afraid at least some, but he exercised what faith in Christ he had. A man took his epilectic child to be healed of Jesus, and had some unbelief that he would or could be healed. But he exercised what faith he had and asked the Lord to help be rid of his element of unbelief, and his little boy was healed (Mark 9:17-27). Likewise, we need to admit to ourselves and to God when we have doubts and unbelief, asking Him to help rid us of it. He rids us of it by the Holy Ghost, which teaches, comforts and reproves (John 14:11,16,26, 16:13,14). What about if or when we just want to forget about God due to persecution or terrible burdens? Does that mean we never really had Christ in our hearts? No, it doesn't. Jonah tried escaping his calling, but did finally submit to the will of, what, others? No, to God. Another mighty prophet once wanted to be estranged from God as well, due to persecution and probably depression, even thinking that God had deceived him. He admitted it to God and after a time resumed the Walk (Jeremiah 20:1,2,7-18). There is one person whom the Lord tells, inputs into the mind and heart what any given believer is to do, or not to do. That person is each believer, not another > I Kings 13:1,2,14-30. Note also that the Lord works with us even if we're overtaken in a fault, a sin, helping us to overcome. Everyone has issues. The problem is if we refuse to change to His ways.
  9. Although the fight for liberty and freedom and it's maintenence at times requires physical altercations of mass proportions, a.k.a. war, there is a softer, yet just as threatening, aspect of the battles which perpetually rages. A myriad of ways exist by which to undermine Constitutionality, one of which is aided by spies, investigators and/or informants, the often problem these days being that it is the Patriots and other freedom minded people who are the subject, unjustly. One specialty I utilized with the federal government in 1994, and later also, mostly for security purposes, was positively identifying people, subversives in those cases, while they were incognito. The following link is a really good instructional, in large part, for recognizing someone when in disguise, though that is not actually the article's intended purpose, and is quite viable as identification methodology whether the claim of a stand-in is true or not: http://hugequestions.com/Eric/TFC/FromOthers/Paul-McCartney-Italian.html
  10. Same here, and here in Indiana it's been very lenient concerning restrictions. I made it a point to go somewhere every day after work during the entire lockdown. Our governor's edict provided for a wide variety of reasons to go somewhere, and I took full advantage of it. I will not be restricted in my activity over an illness with a 0.04 % or less death rate, perpetuated by a bunch of God forsaken globalists, carried out by a bunch of Leftist doctors in the farce called CDC and WHO, believed and followed by a bunch of fearful sheeple. I think we've all had that WuFlu, Kung Flu, Covid Cold, Wuhan Woe, Fauci Flim, Gates Goiter, Bat Shit fever, and they're just using it as an excuse to initiate a totalitarianist regime. It's obvious. Like Broer said, why is it they allow thousands of protesters without masks, yet no more than 100 people are allowed in church, when at all? They rightly named the H.R. plan 6666. Surprised they didn't just call it 666, because that's what they are, and the whole thing is antichrist, big brother, the fourth reich, everything evil. People have been transformed overnite into less than a bunch of kindergartners, afraid to even speak their mind in public. This country is gonna be like a buncha drowning rats in a barrel. This country's people ain't worthy to lick the boots of the founding fathers, 90% of 'em, especially the likes of the pathetic mainstream media and the politicians like comrade Cuomo, Fur'er Fauci, Gestapo Gates, and nazi Northam, Fakebook, Rusetube and Twitter Litter.
  11. Another great purview by Ted Broer, though what seems very apparent as the globalist's goal is enough to make a billy goat puke. I can't believe how that, within just a few months, the majority of the American, and other, people, have been turned into a bunch of sheeple; no critical thinking, no will, no sense, no independence, no spine, no bravery. It's like, seems most Caucasians are apathetic, do nothing. The Blacks are the only ones who raise hell. Bad thing is, they keep shooting themselves in the foot, burning and destroying things. There's a right path for the situation, somewhere in between. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/05-27-20/id1050535625?i=1000475945179
  12. Informants, undercover cops, CIA, FBI and doubtless other gov personnel, are resorting to some old tactics of conjuring up excuses to investigate Patriots, devout Christian believers and/or otherwise anti-Globalist-NWO-Leftists. Then, when the subject tells anyone about it, even the authorities, they attempt to nail them for exposing covert gov personnel. I say, that's just tough. They can lump it or leave. One agent in particular who has orchestrated secret maneuvers against select people, mostly just to, as far as I can tell, disrupt those persons' lives, is FBI Special Agent Steve Kell. Another is former Wabash County Sheriff Bob Land, federally trained in such exploits, or he has before anyway. Normally, ones who do as such secretly team up and play the good guy-bad guy routine. A good counter measure to a fairly wide spectrum of unconstitutional, tyrannical, activity is to determine what businesses are interacting with L.E. and the DOJ, without having a visible need to, such as when a crime occurs: THERE ARE MANY! The public has been cajoled into believing that for their safety or security, that they need to keep up a steady rapport with the police, all the time, and that is how they keep tabs on people, and how they manipulate select people via their informants and confidants. Some fuel for that are indicators of one or another type of crime, used errantly, indicators which are the norm for things other than crime. Not to mention the bag of tricks which slick cops, agents and informants use to create artificial environments that make it more likely that the subject will react/behave in certain ways. The FBI is very good at that. Often, a shady investigator, if working on something for you, will, during that process, equate you as one of the culprits, sometimes as a means of coercing you to investigate and continue making reports to them. The FBI and state police are quite good at that as well, being no strangers to psychological ploys. Indications, evidence and testimony/statements from FBI people and cops I've conferred with over the years, reveal that both Kell and Land, and others, delve into such cons. Determining how investigators should work cases and operations, AND how nefarious ones actually do, can greatly help curtail unconstitutional activity, thus tyrannical moves.
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