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  1. I should add that I'm not saying all state cops are unconstitutional, but it don't take but one or two with a sizeable informant network to cause a lot of damage, especially since Obama essentially twisted Constitutionality a lot, with new edicts and reversals, which many blindly follow.
  2. After years of observing what I believed to be nefarious and often malicious activity by FBI informants, occasionally an acting agent, I discovered recently what the actual dilemma probably has been: Indiana State Police informants, and at times bad handlers. Select State Police troopers are picked to attend a course at the FBI academy, learning federal tricks of the trade, which includes ways in which to deceive others, without outright lying, part of which includes psychological ploys and warfare, a sub'product or attribute being somewhere between entrapment and frame jobs. For example, on the light side of it, if you tell an agent that their informers are out of line, they check, discover that it's ISP informants whose handler is FBI qualified, they'll likely just reply back that it's not the Bureau's informants, a half truth. It's highly probable that the chosen police officers are taught, among more normal federal tactics, how to conduct "black bag" operations, which is highly subject to abuse. Many of their informants somehow acquire those skills, including computer hacking techniques, and largely abuse them, also employing a variety of psychological warfare tactics. Anyone trained federally can be "grabbed" by a federal or international officer, for any number of esoteric tasks, where they learn via ojt all sorts of clever techniques, not always Constitutional, at all. More later, time constraint presently; I found online about State Police attending the FBI academy.
  3. Gotta tell this, could be helpful. I rebuilt my Chevy 350 in '98, 9 to 1 comp, World Products S/R heads, low to mid range cam for towing, distributor curve kit, and that adjustable cam timing gear. Summer '99 I ran out of gas a mile from home. Didn't want to walk, so I dumped a gallon of kerosene in the tank. Started and ran, only 30 mph, pinged just a bit. Topped off with gas, ran that motor hard until 2014, hauled many 4,000 pound loads of firewood with it, once hauled a load of sand, 4,200 pounds, with 2.73 rears I was experimenting with for mileage, once grossed 23,000 pounds with a trailer load of scrap 14 miles. Tough motor, had it in my van for the last few years before selling it for a race motor in 2014. Didn't use oil, stopped spinning soon as you turned ignition off. Boiled the water out once when stuck. I said all that to say, I'm wondering, if, in case of bad conditions and gas shortage, if you couldn't use kerosene with a 10 to 1 or higher, the right cam timing, dist. curve, and hd heads. A turbine helicopter engine will run a good long while on kerosene, and a couple hours on straight gas, then a complete teardown is required. Just something to think about, just in case.
  4. A horse or mule, esp a mule, because they can eat what goats eat and thrive.
  5. Sounds like good arguments on both sides. I'm somewhat undecided based on most arguments, but for two things I would reject women in combat: if they get captured by terrorists, the chances of them being raped are far greater than men being sexually assaulted, and; I think that women who think they need to prove that they can be as masculine as men have an inner issue. Men and women are wired differently, including physically. Howbeit, women can excel as much as men in some things, especially academics, and in martial arts, where physical strength is not the deciding factor. But trying to make men and women equal in all regards is upsetting an intended and needed balance. Men and women are not equal, never were, never will be. Each gender excels over the other in certain things, with some overlap and exceptions in some cases. The issue is another of liberals trying to implement more Socialist, anti-God thought. I have read where some countries, N. Korea, I think Russia, a few others, train women in the infantry and special forces. So be it. If so, then it probably should be either all male or all female units. I seen a video once, a movie, supposedly based on fact, of an experimental, all female, special forces unit in the Vietnam Conflict. Would be interesting to find out if that really happened. In the movie they were all killed. Who knows? Carlos Hatchcock shot the infamous "Apache Woman", a very cruel and barbaric, Vietnamese warrior, who was a greatly feared sniper and torturer, more feared than the males. Imagine that. The old adage, I think ought to be considered here: "Just because you can do something, doesnt mean you should". On a practical note, what male wants to live with and climb into bed every night with something that is no different than they are, other than physically? Maybe being combat trained and battle hardened doesn't warp them, I don't know. Been there, done that, just not in war, and all I can say is, it doesnt do you justice once you've killed, other than giving you more appreciation for life, especially your own.
  6. This is my best answer, and I like Fixer's answer/explanation as well. An article I wrote 9 or 10 years ago: https://www.sleesecurity.com/nationalism-defined.html
  7. Killing bad people is easy. Living with it is the hard part, even when there was little or no choice. The Maker, though differentiating between killing and murder, did not wire us to kill other human beings. Watching a loved one die who was ready isn't so bad, good in God's eyes (Psalm 116:15), but missing them later is, of course, rough. The constellation to rubbing out bad people is, you saved innocent lives; better them than us.
  8. Tamping a post tonite in the dark, while battling the lock on button on my light, it dawned on me what America's biggest economic problem is. A lot of businessman move their company overseas to some third world country, and pay some headhunter, who can put an arrow up a monkey's ass at a hundred yards, a coconut and banana per day, to do a job they won't spend money on for training, and once the product is over here, they charge a premium. Not the native's fault, he's just trying to better himself. On the other hand, here in America, they pay the workers for quanity instead of better quality, and have little quality control inspection. By the same token, if I was skillful enough to relieve a monkey's constipation with an arrow or flick a fly off my cow's ear at 60 paces with a boomerang, I could probably get richer than working in a factory.
  9. I did fail to include in the posting that due to virtually promoting the sensual and steamy realms, while simply observing much of the crimes at times like hacking, extortion and blackmail, and due to the "modern" form of street communication used by informants and undercover personnel, the backdoors for terrorists/subversives infiktrating American society continually swing open. Remember that terrorists only need normal, everday data about people and places, and ease of access to that makes it easier to discover more hidden info: https://www.sleesecurity.com/the-crypto-explanation.html
  10. Wow! https://www.thenation.com/article/five-corporations-now-dominate-our-privatized-intelligence-industry/>
  11. Here's a new one on me, had no clue: https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-private-intelligence-agencies-right-now
  12. A little bit on CENTAC: https://www.nytimes.com/1986/06/29/books/biggies-bureaucrats-and-the-world-drug-trade.html And https://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-17-intelligence-agencies-20170112-story.html

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