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  1. I should have noted that in most of politics, this short article is just the root methodology of how many of our legislators are deceiving us. The actual text they implement is on a much higher plain than what I've described. My explanation is mostly wording and definition; theirs is that, plus a veiling of intended concept, hidden by a thin veneer of what is made to appear as genuinely wholesome ideals.
  2. Here is a very interesting and informative discussion and debate between a Libertarian capitalist and a professed Marxist/Socialist, not the type who advocates tyranny, brutality or suppression of freedom. Both men bring out very good points, singling out flaws in the present system while also, in an underlying way, illustrating how that Democracy lends itself readily to creation of a Socialist society, while a Republic, which is what America is, does not. The weakness in both is called the misguidance of the human nature. In order for a Republic to properly work, the right elected representatives must be voted into office. The root factor of that success is for we the people to pay attention to politics, issues, current events and past history. Inattentiveness is America's potentially fatal flaw:
  3. I'd still like to know why the price of ammo has quadrupled since 1992, why the manufacturers have bowed the knee to the Leftist elements of the government. Who are they really working for? The Socialists? Their greedy selves? In 1992 you could buy a 500 count brick of .22 catridges for $5-$7, a box of 30-30 cartridges, reloads, 20 count I think, for $6-$7. The cost of supplies couldn't have went up that much, and definitely not overnight. And that dilemma has to do with everything, not just ammo. Why is it that Congress won't even consider the proposal by one Congressman to do the flat tax, I think it's called, which would supposedly erase the deficit, obliterate the national debt and put more money into the taxpayers' pockets, all the while not hurting other things?
  4. All too true. I know a recent graduate of Northfield High School in Wabash County who was expelled or had to do detention for looking at pictures of guns on the internet while at school during a study hall.
  5. Wow! I just read that article, can't fathom it. I'm sure satan is proud of the people enforcing those "laws". In that regard it is the modern day remake of the ancient Roman empire, especially thanks to Sultan Obama aka Nero, who couldn't quite aspire to the status of Caligula.
  6. That's how they're conducting investigations as well. The one(s) who actually performed the street work isn't always who gets the credit. They switch credit around to the dishonest ones. That way they can alter facts and manipulate truth. One person who can likely completely verify that is Wabash County Prosecutor's Detective Terri Weaver. Whether she ever will or not is questionable, for two reasons: she's had ties with mafia people, and; the FBI (in the form of Special Agent Neil Hoener) stood on her for it, severely intimidated her, I'm sure threatened her for it, and coerced her to at least keep quiet, if not be their puppet, in order to play their game, or at least Hoener's game, aka Socialism. Another FBI puppet is Bob Land, former Sheriff, who has also been federally trained, back in 1999. It's those kinds of things, once discovered, which are the real key to taking back county and state sovereignty, which is what the 'Agenda 21' (old term for it) is usurping. What they're creating is extreme nationalism, as opposed to proper nationalism, same thing Adolph Hitler did. The sheriff of each county holds more power than most people think, over unjust federal operations, statutes, edicts, protocols and methods. Problem in Wabash County is, a group of core thugs exist who are just as greedy of control as the corrupt feds, all of whom desire to be kings and queens over their area.They use their informants, also filled with selfish ambition and ulterior motive, to do it. The term in the article above, "renewable attribute", it's what George Orwell called 'doublespeak', one form of it, in order to deceive, to achieve the goal of power over the people. It's almost all a pack of lies, once they get done with any given phase. The mafia does have a few truly Patriotic people, but overall, the mafia is as power hungry as the government, and are in bed with Aunt Sam, who castrated Uncle Sam, whom Obama outfitted with pink panties and a dress.
  7. Another deceptive way that people play on words is a tossup. This customary usage of speech, and protocol, can be simply normal, harmless, commonplace, or it can be deceiving, and insidious. An FBI agent, CIA officer or operative or police investigator gets reports from various people who work for them, under them, or within their auspices. Investigators and/or informants A, B abd C detail how they: witnessed a murder, interviewed a suspect straight forwardly, and infiltrated a theft ring, respectively (each did one of those things). Now, technically, and it occurs operationally at times, the officer in charge can, perhaps legally under certain conditions, and they do, state that he or she did (what A, B and/or C actually physically did) those things. That happens in a court of law. That type of thing is illustrated in the Bible and elsewhere, even in history wording. For example, some king sent his armies out to battle. It is then recorded that King so and so went to battle against whoever, or, King so and so defeated the enemy. That king may or may not have actually fought or directed the battle on the scene. Some did. But whichever, it was under his authority, his auspices. George W. Bush went to war against Iraq, and defeated Saddam Hussein. Bush didn't literally fight or personally direct the war, but overall it was under his authority as commander in chief. What that does is to "push the door wide open" for a myriad of potential lies, manipulation of facts, connivings, misrepresentation of facts and even frame jobs after the act of whatever occurred to initiate an investigation. Plus, the respective government entity can, or at least does, at least at times, produce a stand-in for the original investigator/witness, claiming by way of statement or testimony, to have been the actual person who witnessed or investigated an event, occurrence or crime. In 1994 in Colorado Springs, since I'd told my federal superior that I'd prefer not to ever have to appear in court ( I never liked official, corporate-like atmospheres), they had someone stand in for me, a proxy, not necessarily anyone resembling myself. Once, Blackjack told me that in a particular matter, the stand-in had trumped the matter up, exaggerated, lied. I promptly wrote a letter to the judge, who resolved the matter, setting it right. The stand-in may well have been whom I know as Richard (Richie or Rich) Oswego from New Jersey originally, according to alleged relatives I spoke to in 1998, in New Jersey while trucking, who approached me for help in finding him. The feds never would tell me who the stand-in was, if I remember correctly. But Oswego, or whoever he is, was out there then, but I got the shady bastard chased away, or at least placed out of my view, nefarious, panhandling #%$*!@. With much or most of my investigating, it has been an ongoing endeavor. Once I quit with the feds, a proxy was put to doing my then duty. One problem has been that the proxy claimed the investigative activity and subsequent reports that I myself had undertook and submitted. And they get away with it if left unchallenged, which I vehemently did. If not, those matters would have been left skewed, revamped, manipulated, misrepresented and falsely portrayed. That is one big reason why I never left it go. I refuse to be a party or witness to innocent people being slammed or disrupted and the guilty go free, especially when they continue to subvert what is right. Mind you, in high school I couldn't have cared less about adverbs, pronouns, adjectives and the like. I passed English because the teacher graded on a curve, and I did well in oral and written book reports. In 1983, after listening to Ronald Reagan's speech announcing the invasion of Grenada, the value of learning the English, or one's native, language, became clear. Reagan explicitly stated, "...this is not an invasion, it is a vertical insertion by air...". Lol! Look up the words, it means invasion: euphenism. I think Reagan was a good President, but I think it faulty to have put it that way, which was because the American people didn't want a war, would have disapproved. In 2011 I took the prerequisite tests for college, to determine if I needed to take prepatory courses to be ready for college. I needed none, yet many, I mean many, people right out of and freshly out of, high school, needed to. That tells me I had good teachers, graduating in 1984, but the last twenty or so years, well, something is amiss, greatly. Study, don't just read, everything to do with what is going on, what has happened in the past and what may transpire. Use diligently a dictionary and thesaurus. Get to the core! Note: the dictionary I used for the above posting, for word definition, is Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, copyright 1963. The government can likely use any dictionary they want for word definition.
  8. Mark Stein, excellent in my thinking, on 'The End of the World As We Know It':
  9. Here, a woman originally from Romania tells about the evil Agenda 21 (now under another name):
  10. Just seen this video, of a professed Liberal who is fighting the NWO. I'll post others in replies as I watch them:
  11. What if, tomorrow, the headlines of newspapers read: 'The government has passed a law to make all non fully-automatic guns legal, and all gun owners may keep whatever firearms they now lawfully possess which are legal to own. Further, there will be no restrictions on bullets. Any cartridge desired for legal guns can be available by manufacturers, and the government will mandate that ammunition will be reduced in price by 75%.' No, I didn't read any such thing, obviously, but I am illustrating a passively tactical point, something important to be aware of concerning peaceful means of combatting unconstitutional laws, mandates, edicts and protocols. The following would seem like a farfetched example, but if anyone read much of Obama's health care plan legislation, has kept up on current and past events or has dealt much with certain elements of the government, the Left or Liberals, it could probably occur just as I explain it below. The importance of knowing one's nation of residence's language cannot be over emphasized. We are now living in a country of euphenisms and false realities. We got to reverse it. Let's delve into what the "headlines" statement could actually mean: Definitions could be used as follows: all (adverb)-so much, as much as possible; gun-something suggesting a gun in shape or function (COULD BE A REPLICA, A BB GUN OR A POP GUN); firearm-a weapon from which a shot is discharged by gunpowder; shot-blast (COULD MEAN THE "BLAST" FROM A BLANK); bullet-a small round mass, cartridge (THE PAPER WAD IN A BLANK COULD BE THE SMALL ROUND MASS); cartridge-an often cylindrical container of material for insertion into a larger mechanism or apparatus (THIS COULD BE A BLANK); ammunition-the projectile with its fuzes, propelling charges and primer, fired from guns (SOMETIMES, MAYBE ALWAYS, THE PAPER WAD LEAVES THE BARREL OF A GUN (THAT'S SUPPOSEDLY WHAT KILLED BRANDON LEE); blank-a cartridge loaded with powder but no bullet; law-(obsolete) mercy. Every word listed above has the indicated definition attached to it, as one of several. This is how they're legislating unconstitutionality into America, one way. It is also one way they make trumped up charges or illegal entrapments stick. This dilemma has to do with all facets of unconstitutional laws, methods, protocols and technique, not just firearms. We need to weigh every word that our politicians, DOJ, law enforcement, judges, informants, clerks, everyone, says, and exact from them just exactly what they mean. It all affects us, it's our dime that's paying them, and we have the right, reason and duty to demand the entire, unadulterated truth (meaning) of what they say.
  12.      How do you get to Intel topics, like Survival, Prepping, Bushcraft?

  13. This video is eye opening, tying in with the recent impeachment attempt, at least indirectly. Just who are they really working for?
  14. You know, seizing guns, or anything, without due process, is 100% unconstitutional, therefore illegal, tyrannical and really, an act of war against the people. If they start doing that, the time to talk, petition or reason is run out, and only action will do. Why not form groups of patriots to be on call, and soon as called upon for assistance against tyrants, the group goes and arrests the culprits, whether they be cops, feds or military. It could possibly be done without serious altercation. Any citizen can make an arrest if certain criteria are met, such as witnessing a crime. It wouldn't take long to have most culprits arrested. It's a radical idea, but some cops belong to militias. I think it's a viably feasible idea.

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