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    Factory Worker, Dog Trainer
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    Northfield High School grad; U.S. Army vet; Associates Degree; Independent sleuth with Wab. Co., City Police, '93-94; Commissioned acting agent w/FBI '94-95. Specialty-Detection of Gov. Corruption & Industrial Espionage, Detection of Assassination Setup.
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  1.      I tried for years to get the DOJ circumvent various forms of government corruption in the law enforcement and DOJ arenas, and they could have. But in reality, all they really did was to "roll" culprits, most of which were police informants, and utilize them for their own agenda, training them in all sorts of wiley ways, creating a network of subversives who undermine Constitutional venues.

         A few years ago I decided to begin publicizing what has been going on, for over twenty years in my view, to better equip 'we the people' to throttle back the more covert areas of the shadow government.

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