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    Northfield High School grad; U.S. Army vet; Associates Degree; Independent sleuth with Wab. Co., City Police, '93-94; Commissioned acting agent w/FBI '94-95. Specialty-Detection of Gov. Corruption & Industrial Espionage, Detection of Assassination Setup.
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  1. At least two of us went to go into a forum, and saw the words EXCOMMUNICATED, having no idea why. Seems there was a glitch somewhere, which is getting looked into. So not to worry.
  2. A new idea I have started developing: Anyone within 100 miles of me who is interested in forming an investigative-security unit, contact me at [email protected] or 260-568-3021. I live near South Whitley, In, about 30 miles wsw of Fort Wayne. Time to get something going, at least an intelligence gathering & sharing unit. I'm going to look around and find a good, non-Google blog or something on which to have such a thing, where it can have multiple categories of discussion. I can't currently do so on my website without paying extra. I'm thinking, categories such as home & personal security, pro & anti Constitution business listings, pro & anti Constitution police, feds, informants & politicians, sources for laws on relevant agendas, short stories from members about unconstitutional events & pro Constitution events ,sources for personal security items, investigative & intelligence gathering methods, etc. Much like here except a kinda offshoot of the agenda here. It could include any Patriot from anywhere who wants to participate, then people who live near each other can get together to conduct investigative excursions, possibly form security units, once precise laws are determined. A viable security unit can be implemented without the use of guns. There is a country, maybe several, with police forces who don't carry firearms, and are quite effective. While in the military, for example, I learned just how effective a billy club is in the hands of an m.p. lol. They know how to use them. Concerning sections of blogs which list names, an additional password would be required, and accessible only to members whose identity is known, in order to avoid any malicious activity toward nefarious ones. There are cops and feds who will properly deal with bad informants and other bad eggs, so some concise rules need to be set. It is a good idea, in my opinion, for Constitutionally-minded people to know who shady people are, which helps keep their mischief to a minimum.
  3. I got a low c in college econ. To me, if there's gold to back currency, just as good. If not, it's Monopoly money. King Tut woulda been a nobody with a greenback- lined sarcophagus, lol. That's the extent of my econ knowledge.
  4. At Eustis in '84 there were two Pakistanis in our AIT class. Cool guys.
  5. Here is an interesting take on the Qnon thing. Sounds feasible, but hopefully the time frame is off, i.e., someone other Trump doing what is described, if in fact it plays out as such: https://avoidthemark.com/2020/03/17/what-is-the-mark-of-the-beast/
  6. Rascaldees, here is a potentially relevant to the issue research topic.: JFK a week prior to his death, or a few days, was going to sign Executive Order 11110 into law, which according to some economists, would gradually and eventually destroy the Federal Reserve Bank [a civilian entity of greedy, power hungry banksters, created [technically] illegally in, what was it, 1913 or 1923, which would solve the money problems. Some also believe that's why Kennedy was murdered. That's my understanding on it. What is your and others' take?
  7. In Wabash County, In, the meetings had good attendance for two? three? years, had people like Pat Miller from WOWO, Jim Banks, others, speak, local politicians and cops, lot of good shows, then, like you said, poof and gone, due to low attendance, lack of interest evidently, in important things, like freedom and liberty.
  8. According to online sources, there have been quite a lot of U.N. people [soldiers?] in the U.S. for a good while. Not necessarily good in my opinion. I'll have to see if there's info about that on a government website.
  9. Yes. Just tell the truth. That's still semi-legal so far. I think that protests, both armed and unarmed, are a big help, even if immediate results aren't visible. It sends a strong message. One thing the Apaches used to do on occasion, in the Old West times, was to ride single file toward the Cavalry, unarmed and at a leisurely pace, before the policy of extirmination was enacted. They'd ride right past them at arm's length, some of them reaching out and touching a soldier. Just a variation of the Indians' definition of the ultimate bravery in battles against each other: running up and touching the enemy in the midst of battle, sometimes taking domething from them if possible. Doing that to the soldiers was demoralizing, really freaked them out. People don't realize that the 'homo sapiens sapiens' race, the human nature, has NEVER changed, at all. People do the same things to each other now that they always did, except nowadays it is often in much more sophisticated ways. The threat of ANY government becoming brutally tyrannical is just as strong as it ever was. If every nurse and doctor, for example, who has witnessed or suspected a case of "euthenasia", I think the public would be appalled. During the late nineties, FBI Special Agent Neil Hoener my superior in Colorado, called me to tell me that they'd verified some main culprits in a case we'd worked, murderous ones. They were going to off them, and under those circumstances it was probably legal, as they were in the stages of preparing to murder some innocents. The part I disagreed with was that method of elimination was to be infliction with cancer. He didn't exactly agree with that means either, though he may not have tried to stop it. It was probably either that way or let them go. I think I let another FBI office know, but nobody stopped it. Doubtful those are missed very much, by any decent people who knew what they'd done. By the same token, there are some outwardly upstanding members of communities who are murderous scum buckets. My main objections are, why weren't they arrested and charged, and, what's to stop a tyrannical government-medical field-society from doing that to Patriotic/Christian people, or otherwise decent people? The first answer is, the culprits likely had it so sewed up that the feds and l.e. couldn't obtain enough legally admissible evidence for court, which usually means also, a number of complicit people involved, some perhaps unknowingly, quite common. Second answer is, US, the Patriots, militia or not. This country houses elements of creepdom that would make Dracula hang his head in shame. I know a lot, but full fledged FBI and CIA agents know waaaaay more about some of that than I ever will, having been just a commissioned acting agent, not having taken a secrecy oath due to circumstances [I respectfully objected, citing that the intricate nature of my main case was such that we might never successfully close it, which we didn't (due to corruption, not lack of evidence), and if so, I'd never be able to talk about it to anyone, gov or civ. They agreed.]. I'm just a little peon, but like many, have fought against the best, not so much physically fighting. So, while idiots think it's weird that I strive to be so secure that the Seals, Mossad or "U2" can't break in, I keep on keeping on, thinking, 'It's coming, fools'. Independent all the way, we protect ourselves and each other. ____ 'em! Incidentally, most people who have been involved in investigations [or on the other side] which include people who NEVER want events known, think that perpetual silence keeps them safe. Major logical fallacy. In that case, if only a few know, it is quite easy to be offed and nobody has a clue. On the other hand, if you let it be known, to at least a few trusted, in the event of your untimely demise, there remains a trail. Might take a human Bloodhound, but like Hoener used to say, "there's always a trail somewhere". He was Socialist-bent to a degree, hated me and was a prick, but he, and "Blackjack", were two of THE BEST. As for me, I'm always working at things behind the scenes, to protect myself and others, and for all of my errant ways, I believe in Jesus Christ deep within, so when my time comes, hopefully I'll see it as a welcome mat. It's a time appointed (Hebrews 9:27). Any danger to me and those I worked with was mostly negated years ago, so now I try to help others escape situations. God is a realist, not a prancing, pandering, health & wealth on demand, blab it 'n grab it, priss.
  10. I just know generalities. There are state laws pertaining to citizen arrest, which can be a bomb blowing up in your face. Just depends.
  11. You can't legally prevent someone from going to their employment, or obtaining gainful employ. You can't prohibit free speech, even if it's a lie, though legal action can be taken against certain lying, or something that provokes or instigates in some instances. Detaining someone has to meet certain criteria. Otherwise sounds good.
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