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    Northfield High School grad; U.S. Army vet; Associates Degree; Independent sleuth with Wab. Co., City Police, '93-94; Commissioned acting agent w/FBI '94-95. Specialty-Detection of Gov. Corruption & Industrial Espionage, Detection of Assassination Setup.
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  1. If we can attain to half this proficiency, then we can utilize dogs in environments with hostile people:
  2. At some point prior to 911, he stated on video that, to paraphrase a bit, 'by such and such a year they would confiscate all guns', by before now I think. It was referring to while terrorist Obama was still in office. They should have canned that old bastard furing the 70s. I remember my Dad talking about that old fink, not happy about him.
  3. I just found this article, stating that Haspel is fine and that no raid in Frankfurt, Germany happened. Could they be lying about one or the other? Possibly: https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/dec/03/tweets/no-gina-haspel-isnt-dead-or-jail/
  4. I just looked her name up, and didn't see anything to indicate she'd died. But for what it's worth, there are two things to note about sudden deaths, under certain circumstances: There's a drug called curari, originating in South America, if I remember correctly, which induces a coma, temporary I guess, wherein the vital signs are almost undetectable, and; Reportedly a 'Breitbart' gun exists, which shoots an ultra tiny dart made of dry ice. They have a drug which can be put into the dart, which causes a heart attack, leaving no trace.
  5. There is a new technology which the government is using, to track you thru your phone and intrusively gather data about you. This technology is definitely subject to misuse. Some would argue that systems like this are crucial to a safe and peaceful society, being conducive to law and order. But is it, and does revealing such information aid the criminal? The answer to both questions is no. In 1994-95, when I investigated with the F.B.I. in Colorado, nobody had cell phones, only a few had bulky mobile phones. We all used landline and pay phones, undercovers and inf
  6. The Leftists in all walks of life are constantly pushing all Patriots, either directly or indirectly, on and off this or any site, and Christians, many are both. They get taught how to get under people's skin, and it is so twisted now that they get away with it. Forty years ago, nobody would have put up with what's been going on the last thirty years. But Leftists have infiltrated the government, making out right to be wrong and wrong to be right. They are cowards, constantly being convicted by their conscience and God, but continue ignoring it. They will answer one day. Wh
  7. That bill was introduced May 1st, 2020. The sub-phrase "and for other purposes" provides an awful lot of leeway. Doesn't sound good to me. The Covid fear mongers can get bent.
  8. Jesse Ventura discusses factors which have corrupted American politics:
  9. https://www.justsecurity.org/69558/irans-murder-of-an-american-cia-contractor-bob-levinson-suggests-impunity-at-home-too/

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