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  1. Another gov entity which can be evil is the, I believe, Dept. of Energy. Yes, they have charge of protecting America's nuclear secrets, and, of course, send operatives out to spy on the enemy's nuclear capabilities. That's presumably good and fine. One problem is, that those spies, nicknamed U2's, sometimes are loaned out to entities such as the CIA, FBI, U S. Marshalls, even the police, and are often misused, sometimes knowingly, though to my knowledge they are usually upright, honest, pretty good people. Once in awhile, one will go bad, join or hire out to the Mafia or some such... The "U2" ops are like a CIA operative on steroids, much more extensively trained than even CIA, and do work also with the military. In '94 a boss of the U2s asked me to help them locate some wayward U2s who had allegedly went to hiring out for hit jobs, big heists, real bad; some are trained well in assassination. Though FBI commissioned then, I was still just a street agent, private eye on steroids, really, a nobody in the big boys' game. But, one talent I developed was a very keen eye and sense for identifying people in heavy disguise. My only job was to identify, positively, sometimes track a bit, under the U2 folks' supervision and guidance. I did understand, though, that when actively murdering/planning to, operatives/agents don't have to be given a trial, other than a few second, shake and bake process all rolled into one. If it's a bare bones, no mitigating circumstance, 100% cold blooded murder, I had, and have, no problem with that whatsoever. Well, after several successful excursions, a different U2 leader showed up, explaining that those ops were not murdering anyone, but rather were poised to blow the whistle on some type of government corruption. Hence, someone wanted those secrets kept. Too late for those, but what we did was to call the Marshals, and devised a plan. They would covertly be around, and I would say nay to the U2 guys on a pisitive, but give a secret signal to the Marshals. They scooped up a few U2s, hiding them away. The U2 spooks never had a clue. On one of them, the Marshals got delayed, and I gave no sign of a positive to the U2 guys, but had to run interference, so I confronted the hunted U2 like she was an old girlfriend, and quickly told her the lowdown. She went to the Marshals. So anyway, our agencies do murder whistleblowers, their most cherished, all in the name of national security, often America's biggest problem. The reason for so many operatives of that status out there in Colorado Springs, is because of military bases, and very prominent people, including the president then, went to a restaraunt/hotel out there, and ski resorts. Environments like that attract foreign, hostile operatives like a barnyard attracts flies. That said, another point to be made is, that certain people, in statuses where they know things that the government doesn't want out, which are detrimental to Constitutionality, corrupt things, usually clam up due to two things: secrecy oath, and supposed certain death if they tell, maybe imprisonment. Two problems with that. Number one, anything contrary to the Constitution does, in my opinion, make secrecy over it null and void. Secondly, I've no doubt that probably many, in that position who have maintained zipped lips, are ultimately rewarded for their loyalty by a sooner than expected death. Everyone knows that folks often reveal all when they're on their deathbed, or are on their way to it. And, as an assassin once told me, there are lots of better ways to kill someone than with a gun. If in doubt, shout, I'd say. At least by revealing corruption you won't be aiding and abetting tyrannical scum, and you might save innocent lives. But plan your security carefully.
  2. Back in 1973, I think it was, or a bit later, the FBI had an agent or informant infiltrate the 'Weather Underground', an extreme Leftist organization, which had plans to eliminate 25 million Americans and take over the government. (To show how ignorant they were, they had no real strategy on what to do once that was accomplished). Ironically, one of the leaders of that movement was, guess who? None other than Obama's alleged right hand man at one time, Bill Ayres. Last I checked, that report was available on fbi.gov, search for 'weather underground'. It was linked with, I think, the SDS, students for a democratic society, a Socialist movement organization. For those who think that 911 couldn't have been a pre-planned deal, check out 'Operation Northwoods', a nearly identical plan hatched while JFK was president, which he absolutely discarded and fired his chief of staff over. I wrote a 35 page essay on that while in college, in 2014, which I believe totally refutes the official story, a compilation of facts by many others: https://www.sleesecurity.com/911-deception-1.html
  3. People doing that are guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
  4. Well, whether or not any of that is true, it is fact that deadly viruses exist. Therefore, that is one big reason, amongst others, to put a stop to illegal immigrants. The Dems, as nearly everyone else, are aware of virus problems, and are committing felonious acts, indirectly, by supporting entry of illegal immigrants.
  5. . When you take real life events, or scenarios, which are not real but could be, such as a movie not based upon a particular, real-life event, but could be, analyze methodology, cause and effect, the physical and untangible environment, actions, the offense and subsequent reactions, applied remedies, all factors, just completely, in a clinical way, dissect everything, then you can come up with viable preventative measures, defenses and counter-offensives. . Why this is underlined I don't know. Stupid digital technology ain't always brilliant, and I hate these tiny keyboards and automatic response mechanisms built into these so-called smart phones. 'Bout read to start carrying a pc around instead. . Back to the point of government ineptness and corruption, which is making me angrier all the time, maybe we the people should select and hire a bunch of East German Stasi and Russian KGB who want to defect, or maybe who don't, to investigate and prosecute our bad eggs in government. They sure can't screw this country up any worse than our own jackals are doing. . Back to seriousness, I need to find some militia people who live in the Chanute, Kansas area. I'm trying to help a victim of some severe police corruption. Sounds like they're setting up a base of operations in a large neighborhood for a drug and prostitution operation, even using teens. The guy living in the midst of it can't get anyone to listen, they're all bogus. I can also be contacted at specialsecurity@protonmail.com, or 2605683021. Thanks.
  6. There are yet many alive who were in some valley in Vietnam, having observed a battalion of Vietcong descend from a mountain and form a series of lines on three, maybe even four, sides of your U.S. Military compound. How many of those present deducted that the Oriental Army was preparing to throw Ho Chi Min a surprise birthday party? I would say zero. Yet, elements in our government and it's civilian subsidiaries expect us to believe reasonings about activity which is just absurd. Anybody who has been in combat arms knows that for every given tactical maneuver, there are only so many reasons for such. Given that, why would our government provide us with reasons for bills, laws and protocols which do not match any sensical thinking? Plus, they now have a fairly viable force of people from sixteen years old up to around forty, who were severely indoctrinated by eight years of a hellishly spiritual nightmare a/k/a the Obama presidency. The biggest and worst thing he did was to undermine people's critical thinking ability (see item #1 at https://www.sleesecurity.com/concepts.html). Whether it's a military, political, investigative or law enforcement issue, a certain proper protocol and correct methodology accompanies every action. Here is an easy to understand example: dept A has 3 parts, and each part has a pallet jack. Jackfor 2 is a narrow one, jacks for 1 and 3 are standard and identical, except jack for 1 is slightly bent and lowers slowly, and rolls harder. One Saturday, #1 crew works but nobody else. Mike forgets the jack in the storage area after placing a skid there and going to the break room, returning to his line without it. Larry grabs #2's jack, the narrow one, later on, to use. For Mike's next skid, he uses the narrow jack, seeing their normal jack when he stores that skid. He takes the narrow one back to #2 and returns to storage. He notices #3's jack, and switches it for theirs, since #3's is smoother and lowers faster. It does have the words 'do not remove' written on it, presumably meaning to leave it in the department anywhere, not just #3, at least a good excuse. Now, come Monday, Mary comes in to start work in part #3, and notices the wrong pallet jack soon as she goes to use it. It has the right dept written on it, but is not #3's jack. She has to figure out where hers is, has time only to retrieve it if it's close, not to hunt for it, and is aware of these factors: Only part #1 Dept A worked Saturday, and the right jack was there Friday when she left, end of day shift; second shift worked Friday night, and is good about keeping things in order; there are several depts but theirs is at the end of the building; the dept adjoining theirs has their own equipment and neither takes from the other; Mike and Jim are both nice guys, from dept A part 1, but are both a little bit on the maverick side; Mary knows about the damaged jack for part 1, but nobody ever complains. Here is what Mary doesn't know: John, the supervisor, locked the door Saturday morning when he left, after giving instructions, so nobody could enter the building unassisted. Given this, there are not many possibilities. You can come up with a couple or three reasonable ones, and a couple of not so sensible ones. Try to think of a couple possibles which make no tactical sense, and how a detractor from the real reason could, with some cover by a shady management employee or two, could push it thru, overriding the real story. Let's also throw in that Mike is favored by one of the shady management people. This is one scenario which happens all the time involving truth seekers, the truth and corporatist/Socialist government people. Let me know if this makes sense, in the context of explaining what is happening in America.
  7. I might as well note, that in 1994, while in touch with the U.S. Dept. of State, per their orders, after I told them that my FBI superior was hiding most of my reports at home, after a time, the State Dept. told me they obtained copues of all of them, via a "black bag" job by U.S. Navy Seals. So, the feds and cops can lie all they want, but their big boss is well aware; they keep tabs.
  8. I seldom mention the United States Marshals, but they have had/have a faction which can be counted just as bad, if not worse, as the corrupt elements of the CIA, FBI and other, even more hidden intelligence agencies. What I see signs of having sprang back up is a repeat of what occurred during the nineties, which the FBI did actually remedy the best it could, to their credit. There were several rogues from the Marshals' protection division who, in collusion with some CIA rogues, were unnecessarily placing (coercing, pressuring, forcing) witnesses to extreme corruption by cops and informants, into the protection program, having manufactured an environment of danger to begin with. This was as an alternative to murdering them. I, and several FBI agents have, over the years, not only spoken with a number of those victims, but have gotten some out of the clutches of the unjust, usually completely free of needing protection. It appears to have came back to life, and the real catch-22 is, just what are they hiding? This question can be asked in view of the fact that the corruption could have been successfully dealt with. Hoener and Blackjack, with the aid of myself and others, had that end easily obtainable, but it was thwarted. Interestingly, the Wabash County Sheriff's Dept. has, for years, worked much more closely with the Marshals than they ever did with the FBI, and has become secretive to the extreme (as of the end of Bob Land's term). Plus, key corruption in Wabash County has never been remedied, including undue interaction with the mafia by public officials. I have beefs against the FBI, but I will assert that I will always be proud of their endeavors during the 90s on that. I am pretty sure that the mafia and rogues in Wabash County have undermined good things (that part is quite verified) and made the FBI look worse than it sometimes or often is. Those bad eggs were/are part of a group masquerading as militia people, who are the real provocateurs, and make true Patriots look bad.
  9. Here is another link where I post unconstitutional activity. I am fed up with the domineering, hoity toity, malicious, conniving, deceiving, Nimrodian, cowardly bastards in this country, and done trying to get the law or DOJ to thwart them. It needs to be like 30 years ago; someone wants to be a bully or a consistent pest, you go clean their clock, beat their ass, problem solved and the cops would tell them to suck it up and go their way. Now they pander to them: https://m.facebook.com/KeepingConstitutionalityinBalance/
  10. I am firmly convinced that our law enforcement and DOJ informant networks, along with specially chosen and trained officers and agents, are a large reason why twenty veterans, daily, die of suicide. Republican Senator Jim Banks recently got a bill passed for increased funding for that very thing, as it has turned into a hugely overbearing problem, as understaffing prevents adequate care, counseling, prevention and rehabilitation.
  11. Here is another link to my site, which ilkustrates the kind of people our law enforcement and DOJ utilizes as informants. The ones who did anything to me were doing so while I was not even investigating or anything, just living and doing my own thing. They intend to undermine, uproot, subjugate and destroy. A lot of it was also instigated by select government abjects, tyrannists. In this you can find their methodologies and protocols. People in the Wabash, Huntington, Miami, Whitley and Koskiusko Counties area might find the names particularly helpful, gaining a path to discovrr more nefarious informants, cops and agents: https://www.sleesecurity.com/distinct-case-data.html
  12. It's worth noting that for a year or more, actually some since 2015, a number of Wabash County/City informants have been running in Koskiusko, Whitley and I think Huntington counties, causing problems for select individuals and rooting into other informant networks, tainting what isn't already corrupt. There is a url for where to go on the Wabash County/City government website, which lists all informants, probably each county has one, so I've been told. I don't have the link, but will try to find it. There are definite signs of a gearing up to encroach on yet more Constitutional Rights, as has been an obvious, ongoing situation. Here is a link to my special security site, the info of which should prove helpful. I haven't updated for quite awhile, but hope to do so soon. I used to keep the feds updated on errant informants and any undue mafia activity, but no longer do, and have'nt for a few years, with the exception of a bad team of five female CIA operators in 2017. Seems all the feds do is yank them away from their masters and utilize them for their own sinister purposes: https://www.sleesecurity.com/security-menu.html
  13. Last I knew, you could order one or more of a variety of fully auto military rifles, but the receiver is cut in half, only way they can sell them legally. You half to weld it back together. Gun dealer told me that, certified or whatever, but small time.
  14. I should add also, that the quality of duty performed by informants has drastically declined, and often the informants conspire against what genuine justice is, for the sake of greed and power. I've warned both of those feds in the past about theirs, and others', informants, but sll they do is send 'em back out to harass, intimidate, steal, connive, even murder if they can, doing little or nothing when they do catch them. I finally decided some while back, just to publicly expose them. If they feel like they've been endangered, it's because they turned into public menaces against what is right, while misusing the system. They can go, and not let the south wind tickle their ass.
  15. From a number of years experience investigating, mostly free lance but at times commissioned by the FBI, which they deny, I am certain that the FBI and CIA have secret sub-entities which do nothing more than hassle, undermine, subvert and intimidate, usually covertly, outspoken Patriots and Christians, as well as any investigators, gov or civ, who tackle gov corruption and unconstitutional agendas. Two of the worst I know of are Neil Hoener [ret, supposedly] and Steve Kell, maybe still active. Both have done many things which peg them as snakes in the grass.
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