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  1. Only thing I disagree with is that America is a Constitutional Republic, not a Constitutional Democracy. Everything else you said is right on. A Democracy lends itself quite readily to Socialism, once they get certain concepts tainted and in place. A Republic and a Democracy are similar, but a Democracy lacks certain safeguards against tyranny that a Republic has. Ancient Rome was turned into a Democracy from a Republic, at least in practice, ultimately being the catalyst for it's demise, same as here in America.
  2. Nice thought, but that's kinda hard to do when men are being feminized, sound values are being trashed and the gov informants are trained to wage psychological warfare on us, not to mention the abundance of merging of church and state, condoned by a buncha panderers in the pulpit and played out by parishioners who won't read and understand the Book in which they claim to believe. I'm all for remaining peaceful [while training and preparing for the worst], but the militias need their own legal teams. None of us can rely upon the government to do the truly Constitutional thing. There is also no such thing these days, as the government tackling a crime against an individual or business, then once it's complete, saying to the victim(s), 'we got it taken care of, you can go your way and do as you choose in life'. No matter what, they seek to gain and hold control over people, and if they don't interfere in what someone does, they keep tabs and as often as not they have infotmants or undercover cops or agents instigate something, causing people to make reports, granting them access to even more people's lives. It's all orchestrated covertly. That's how it really works, often in conjunction with members of the organized church. And when it comes to domineering, unconstitutional abjects, much of the organized church is the worst, bring too ignorant to know two things: Christ is about freedom and liberty, not a systematic, programmatic, and thus problemmatic, set of devices by which to ensnare into a system of repetitive, monotonous set of "works" (earning freedom and liberty), and; the Constitution is in sync with Biblical freedom and liberty [when combined with proper values, in contrast to Obama's value system]. It's all been transformed into one huge farce of command and control.
  3. It'd be unheard of for the DOJ to be not investigating them covertly. Since they're not just stopping them, means they're honoring the First Amendment, hoping they only protest peacefully. What the potential secret remedies could be I won't say. I think we all need to prepare to defend if need be. If local cops are offered a militia's services, then each can do as needed. If not, I'd say create contingency plans in case of the worst. Applicable laws per state and locale need to be known. This is the legal way to proceed. Personally, I'm just waiting until it's clearcut self defense, so no legal hassles arise. The FBI is likely going to be mostly ineffective, as is the CIA, because they have too many Far Lefts in their ranks, especially their informants. Most all informants are just criminally/liberal/entitlement/New Age minded trash and should be in jail pr prison. My trust of personnel in the system of L.E. and D.O.J. is next to none. I think Antifa and B.L.M. have a lot of legitimate complaints, but they go about correcting things wrongly. You can't expect good to come by replacing sound values [which most of our government has discarded] with Socialist and other Far Left garbage.
  4. I think Dr. Shiva has shown that, the male running for Mass. Senate, and other doctors have as well. But it has to be given early on. If they wait too long it won't work. I'll post some references. At work right now.
  5. Well, now what the CDC is stating not only refutes what they're stating, and have stated, but it also reveals that what Dr. Shiva and others have said from the start, is true. Listen and deduce to the stats in the video closely. For example, now the CDC states that 20 million people have had the virus, but they think that ten times that many have actually had it, which equals 200 million people. Once you've had something, a certain strain, far as I know, you're immune to it. So now, they're shutting things down again, for 150 million people who haven't had a virus with a death rate less than the flu [according to the CDC's own figures], when counter measures could be easily taken now, including the FACT that, according to a number of doctors, HCQ has a 90-100% success rate, when administered when symptoms first appear [which remedy comrade Cuomo refused to allow to be administered]. So anyway, watch this video, which has supporting documentation, do a little research and the "math", and prepare to be either angered, or amazed at officials' stupidity (or acting ability): [A cousin of mine had a friend who knew an Israeli Mossad agent. Apparently, when interrogating terrorists, if one lies to them and they know it, they shoot 'em in the foot, and say, 'Next lie gets you one in the head'. Let's hire the Mossad to get the truth out of our Left-wing officials; I'm not joking.]
  6. No, Big Nancy will put a halt to that. Lol, dumb bitch. Nice explanation, makes sense. What about cycles and trends in human behavior? I know very successful hunters and fishermen who swear by the accuracy of the solunar tables. And it seems all mammals, including humans, share certain characteristics.
  7. I believe that certain agendas and movements have been in the making and perpetuation for a long time, even thousands of years. But, rather than a particular group handing down the "baton", over succeeding generations, rathrr doubtful. Instead, I think that the concepts of those things simply keep surviving, dipping to dormant lows to active highs. Some things are forgotten about for a time, agenda-wise, then picked back up, expounded upon and refined, then placed into action. It's something along the lines of traditions remaining buoyant for x number of decades or longer, or trends. And it all starts with a personal bias, preference, prejudice or idea.
  8. It all sounds feasible to me, except the first part, about Antifa going to execute attacks. I guess you never know, though. But if so, I'm sure the FBI is aware of any such plans, and I assume that they would take appropriate action, including having at least the Natl. Guard on standby. Personally, I've been demonized so much for twenty years by the FBI and informants, the Militias are disdained by most of society, and the Militia unit I joined doesn't seem to trust me due to previously being with the FBI, I'm almost to the point of looking out for self and forgetting about it. They come to cause trouble at my home, I'll deal with it. Seems most of America now disdains the Constitution and the Bible, so let 'em fend for self. If they want to let America turn into another Bosnia, or a land where grown men can simultaneously use the same public restroom as their ten year old daughter, or they legally have to let their 15 year old boy act out his fantasy of feeling like a girl, let 'em all take a stand or receive what they've ordered. Wrong attitude, but I'm tired of it. It is what it is.
  9. This makes sense to me. All of a sudden, they start doing all these things, like censorship, new gun laws, touting vaccines, 5g necessity, national i.d., all over a virus which was superfluously inflated into a super villian, dismissing all the real medical facts:
  10. It don't get any more real than this. We need more people with the down to earth sensibility and insight of Ted Nugent. Go Ted!
  11. JITSI MEET is a completely Free and Open Source Software for video conferencing, not connected with Google [big brother] at all, part of the Linux family, totally seperate from Microsoft [intrusiveness via hidden code=back doors] con we have all loved for so many years. With JITSI MEET, the host is the only one who need download and install anything. Those invited simply go to the designated URL and type in the supplied by the host password. The number of participants is limited only by server capability. Another interesting app is PANIC TRIGGER, designed to automatically send sms alerts when a specified number is received. Granted, FOSS does not yet have nearly as many apps as Google Play, but is sufficient for all practical purposes and then some. Plus, again, it is safe from Google's prying and invasive permissions and accesses. The more people who support FOSS, the more they will develop. This depository app is for Android. Perhaps there is open source software for iPhone as well, seeing as how Apple is closer to Android than to Microsoft. Here is the depository for FOSS, with hundreds of various apps: https://f-droid.org/ Another source for open source apps, with many identical to what is found on Google Play, yet requiring far fewer accesses and permissions, is https://en.uptodown.com/. Uptodown is open source but not as completely as F-Droid. Uptodown is connected with Google but rather loosely. Installing and using the 'Exodus Privacy' app, comparing identical between Google Play and Uptodown reveals that Google indeed takes undue liberties in our devices. To cite one working example of the concept at work, one group I'm with uses 'Groupme', by Microsoft. I have 'Groupme' by Uptodown, works exactly the same. I will compare the two after while, the one from Google Play/Microsoft, the other from Uptodown, with 'Exodus Privacy' and post results. Someone who can write html code can have a security and customization heyday by implementing GITHUB, STEEMIT and FOSS. To those of you unfamiliar with Linux [THE open source platform], it's been around longer than Microsoft, having been developed by Linus Torvalds. If I remember correctly, Microsoft is a spinoff of Linux. Linux is far superior to Microsoft in the security and efficiency arenas, because it is open source. Since anyone can view all the source code (nothing hidden, as with Microsoft), it is probably 100% impossible for anyone to perpetuate a malicious [privacy-freedom robbing sub-program] app for any length of time. Linux is a perpetual motion "machine" of checks and balances. See also https://opensource.com/alternatives/skype.
  12. Dr. Shiva is one doctor who is disseminating facts and calling Fauci the fraud he is, it appears to be anyway, and dissolving the false rhetoric. Shiva is running for Massachusetts senate. There's a lot he has ougput, on Youtube and his website.
  13. Either way the ball rolls on this one, there is more than health concerns to the agenda:
  14. On a large scale I bet you're right. And it may be just one police department and one militia. But, as the old saying goes, "it only takes a spark, to get a fire going". There are many obscure, not so common events which not only never makes the news, but are vehemently denied as having ever happened. One example is the FBI from Colorado Springs recruiting Mafia members to help undermine a very nefarious, far left group which claimed to be Constitutional but wasn't. That happened, started, in 1999. I about guarantee that neither side will admit to it, and will likely deny it. But it is very true, and was quite successful.
  15. My answer to his question is absolutely! I sure support the rise of armed, right-wing militias, the same type of people who fought and won the American Revolution. I see others have viewed this video. Now where are your responses? Or are you all afraid of what the censor police think?
  16. Candace Owens holds a debate with Mark Lamont Hill, a teacher and participant in 'Black Lives Matter' protests. Both sides of this discussion put forth viable points, up until the closing topic, concerning LGBT, transgender, and gender identity, at which point Mr. Hill wandered into left field. Nonetheless it is an interview worth watching. As always, Candace Owens is outstanding: https://www.prageru.com/video/the-candace-owens-show-marc-lamont-hill/
  17. I suppose you believe that 911 happened like the official reports stated? That is nutty. Read my essay, check all the references, and tell me that it wasn't an inside job, you or anyone. Which, incidentally, makes it a prelude to forced globalization, just where they want the USA.. There are scores of professionals who say it was an inside job, or at least something other than what our government stated. The facts, natural, scientific, psysiological and spiritual, do not coincide with what we're being told: https://www.sleesecurity.com/911-deception-1.html https://www.ae911truth.org/
  18. I don't know if they bought head severing machunes or not, but it sounds feasible to me, given the other historic events and potential agendas: 1. Cutting heads off is probably the only way to be able to harvest organs intact, no damage. 2. Mass executions happened in many countries, including of course Germany and Russia. 3. Russian Joe followed Lenin's Socialist [Leftist] principles, which coincides with a certain mindset; reference the Leftists in American society and government, plus the Muslims, many of whom want all non-Muslims gone. 4. Muslims could be behind the Leftist movement, or tools for it; Hitler allegedly wanted to make Islam the national religion. 5. A human is a human has always been a human; a Leftist is a Leftist, and Leftists, including, reportedly [see 'Rules for Revolution' by David Horowitz] Obama and Hillary, others. They adhered to teachings of Saul Alinsky, who was a Leninist. 6. Devaluing of human life: abortion legalized, even in the third trimester, who made an uproar? Baby organs harvested, who raised hell? FDR knew the Japs were coming to attack Pearl Harbor, and let it happen, to gain public support for the war. The military uses soldiers as targets, to find the enemy. The attack on the U.S.S. Liberty was deliberate, pre-planned and covered up [other such or similar incidents have occurred]. Hideous experiments on Americans have occurred. Apparently, Bill Gates and others want to maintain the world's population at 500 million. How can it go from 7.1 billion, to even half that, outside of extirmination? 7. I've read that they are now considering using dead human bodies as compost, to make compost. If true.... 8. We've got many influential persons hinting around at such things- "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"-Jesus Christ. 9. Social media and search engines, and various physical aspects of society are banning, castigating and punishing for belief-practice of Christianity-Patriotism, and for speaking out against activity of drag queens, lgbt, Muslims, and other bad things. Tolerance for what is good is disappearing. I'm going to post qualified references to these or similar things.
  19. When I put a question mark at the end of a title, it means it's something that could be, but I'm not convinced is, at the time I post it, but is worth researching for one reason or another. Speaking of which, it's interesting, that the late Ted Gunderson, a regional FBI director who gave speeches for militias, claimed that the government has purchased some 30,000 gulitines and countless coffin vaults made of plastic. Some things he claimed, though, on his website, are far fetched, like extra-terrestrial things or something. Happened in Germany, could happen here, especially if the Muslims gain enough control in government.
  20. A list and description of the 11 best, privacy oriented search engines: https://itsfoss.com/privacy-search-engines/ Here are other listings to search thru, some for specific purposes: https://kinsta.com/blog/alternative-search-engines/ https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/best-private-search-engines-true-no-log-services/ https://neilpatel.com/blog/alternative-search-engines/ https://hackernoon.com/untraceable-search-engines-alternatives-to-google-811b09d5a873 https://gibiru.com/
  21. This Pastor, Brandon Houltaus, tells it like it is, revealing what is wrong with American politics, illustrating how sick a large segment of the United States has become. Note especially the insidious stance taken by Robert "Beto" O'Rourke. I agree with everything this Pastor says:
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