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  1. If you are not on a list by now you are doing the Patriot thing wrong.
  2. I am in the central Virginia area and can operate on any band 440mhz to 1.6mhz, I also have a radio shop among other things I do so if anyone is looking or needs some advice I will be happy to assist in anything that promotes our movement. Here are some suggested frequencies to get started with: 80 meters after 1700est: 3.818 LSB 40 meters Day Time to 1800est: 7.242 LSB (At night this band can travel from coast to coast for long distance comm's 7.168 LSB) There are many other frequencies available that depend on solar flare activity so the communication
  3. I never said we should perpetrate violence, if I were to promote violence it certainly would not be in a public forum scrubbed by AI. Please dont make assumptions of my intent. If we were to take action maybe we should all dress up as blm or antifa? Remember the first casualty of war is the truth. Finding work arounds and out of the box thinking leads to success.
  4. With all respect, I dont think we need to cool off at all. The media will always lie, the first casualty of war is the truth. We need to be angry and stay angry at what is being done to us and this country. The elections no longer carry the peoples will, some of us are Taxed at a rate of 38+% while others not at all. Our representatives are supposed to live to higher standards and look out for our best interest yet none of this ever seems to change and actually elevate the basic standards of freedom that is rightfully ours. It has been proven time and time again that we are only a nation of la

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