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  1. The Lone Star Minutemen 

    Based in North Texas

    Who We Are:

    In response to the chaos and all the devastation  of lives, property, and of our historical monuments and ideals across the United States, like many others we wanted to join a group to protect others. Consequently, we are pulling together a band of patriotic men and women to render aid and protect our communities. Once we have enough members and the resources, we hope to travel around Texas to help protect and aid fellow Texans enduring natural disasters and other forms of destruction and hardship. On top of all this, thereisn’t much time dedication at all, like the name says, it is just supposed to be agroup that can be quickly ready to help others— just like the first American Minutemen.


    If you are interested in learning more or applying you can find us at: http://thelonestarminutemen.com

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