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  1. Now what’s the story with this group? Any information I could get on this..Looking for a organized group to join..

  2. I’m sure Fixer would have a process in mind to be explained. Or, I’m sure methods and ideas are welcome. This is definitely a process that MUST be in place.
  3. Not an officer but with AP III. Will communicate with you. Talk tactics, trainings, groups, meets. Let’s put working units together working and communicating closer. Acting and reacting. Your thoughts? Duke
  4. I’m in. Remember. Defend against Foreign and Domestic.
  5. Plymouth,ma. firearms show this weekend. we can be with our people.

  6. Ok. Let’s keep in touch. Also. Other rally’s ahead. I’ll keep you posted. Throw me out info when you get it. Maybe we can meet at an earlier one. Pleasure talking with you Patriot Brother.
  7. In West Virginia? Not sure as of yet. But I am leaning that way. Great cast of speakers.
  8. Excellent. Than you are aware of the groups. People from all walks of life getting involved. Legally. Good Patriot groups with great trainings. Classes in everything from First Aid & CPR to cooking. Stocking of foods. Bug out bags on and on. Maybe we can get together sometime for conversation or better yet meet at a Rally or event? That would be good.

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