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  1. I’m in Myrtle Beach but can’t figure out how to join

  2. I'm in the boonies near Lake Murray on the western end.  I think using this site is a start for sure and using  private email is the next way to communicate etc.  Glad to know ya!  Might be cool to have a day for have like minded people to get together for a meet, greet and chat sometime.  Right now I don't know of any close by Militia groups, so I will just start one and obviously it will be only me at first, then I'll  see if more  folks are interested. 

    Strength in numbers if the shit hits the fan. Or someone needs help etc.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, I'll join yours.

    Take Care, TheBlackCat


  3. I am in the Charleston area. How many members are in the area?How do we communicate? This is not the most efficient method. Tswartzwald
  4. Tswartzwald


  5. Conservative Boomer. I know there are 1000’s of like minded individuals out there But how do they get together, or communicate. The original Guys did it by word of mouth On horseback or hand printed Flyer. I don’t know how I could raise a dozen men to confront the Chinese if they landed on Folly Beach.

    1. Reaperdownrange


      Hear you there brother

    2. jacklegg


      I am with you

  6. Is this militia an active group? Are there any meetings or get together soon so any type?

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    2. Sandlapper


      Howdy y'all...North Augusta, SC here.

    3. jacklegg


      I would love to meet also

    4. Tswartzwald


      I’m still out here guys but I’m not getting any younger.

      Has anybody heard of any plans to have a Militia meeting?

      i would like to think we would be able get together if there was 

      the need to assist our community in the event the SHTF.


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