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  1. A local surplus store here had a couple of the old Italian MTN packs that fit perfectly, and wouldn't you know when I decided to get one they ran out and don't know when they'll get more.
  2. Syria would make an amazing parking lot, for the new "Six flags over rubble" amusement park.
  3. That region has always been unstable, and most likely always will be, no matter who goes in power. If one bunch is happy, there's always at least two that's not.
  4. Assad's days are numbered. You can't hide from everyone all the time. It could just as well be one of his so called friends as a enemy.
  5. You'd think as much info that leaks out these days somebody would be squealing. But we may be discussing these points years from now.
  6. I remember watching the video the first time. That just didn't sound like a AR15 with a bump stock.
  7. I knew a guy once who had washed out of basic. To hear him talk he knew all things military, but couldn't even demonstrate a simple about face.
  8. My yeti crap just got used for target practice.