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  1. Over 100 isis members discovered in the invasian caravan from Guatemala. Those were only the ones caught. Stay vigilant
  2. Hello all. Just finished emergency special operation training in the DOC. I don't update much but there it is.
  3. We're officer's not guards. But I understand where your coming from.
  4. There's a difference in keeping people from there freedom and keeping societies most violent and unmanageable people away from others. We are on the same side though.
  5. Checking in. Got my badge today for law enforcement. Whoop whoop.
  6. I have. They claimed they would except me with a hand tattoo. Then never called me back and won't return my calls and emails.
  7. Welcome aboard Raguel.

    1. jacklegg


      glad to have u bro.

  8. columbia sc. No militia. Looking for one. Physically fit and trainable for anything. email is [email protected]

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