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  1. I get it. I just don't care. No one wins in a fight with governments. All you can do is take out as many bad guys you can before your ticket gets punched. Anything beyond that is a pipe dream.
  2. I carry a Ruger "lc380" my wife carries a Glock 42, but I just saw a sig "p365" 9mm double stack 10+1rds. 1 inch thick, just over 17 oz empty. I think I'll be getting one (or two).
  3. I don't think that would fly, as much as i wish it would. If the city of Madison won't spend the money to hire more police to deal with the crazy amount of gun violence Madison is currently experiencing, i wish they would call up on militia volunteers to patrol some risky areas for pedestrians walking to car/home from... whatever. Most local venues are posted gun free zones. That makes civilians soft targets. Lots of gas station robberies in high traffic areas. I like the idea of a state militia app. that would make it real easy to do group standards, meet & greets.
  4. The question is will N. Korea hit us hard.
  5. For HF, I really recommend an off center fed "windom antenna". As long as you have a little bit of a yard to hang it up in. Just look it up, it works. I am in Wisconsin and I can hear italy. No tuner or crazy b.s, and its on the cheap. my dad has done this stuff for 30 years, he gave me a HF radio when i got me tech license. otherwise i would never have $700+ to spend on it.
  6. I can mostly agree to that. I wasn't thinking the extreme of physically disabled, but i can think of jobs that a physically disabled person can perform to add value to a group. Who speaks another language? Who trains in hand to hand combat? During the Rodney King riots in L.A. it was about communities protecting itself when the police couldn't. any one that can hold a gun up adds value there. Standards are good and fine. I just don't think people should be rejected from militia if they can't do 200 pushups and run the mile in under 7 minutes. People are a resource. I was a mover for 10 years, i have lost some endurance in the last couple years. I would like to get the combat vest out and do some hiking/jogging. Put things in perspective for the fight. Not sure where i can do that without drawing the wrong kind of attention.
  7. The great part about firearms.. You don't need to be a rock hard spartan to be an effective fighter. I am not saying being in shape won't help, but not all battles will be conventional warfare.
  8. A Great read. Not as exciting as kicking in doors and Ambushes, but maybe a more realistic approach leading up to CQB ops. http://www.constitution.org/mil/witweb.htm
  9. For sure! Even if there were repeaters available where im operating i don't think i would want to broadcast any further than my teammates location(2 meter handhelds are perfect no matter the brand). I wouldn't rule out use of CBs depending on what you need them for but a HF radio and a windom antenna(20, 40, 160 meter bands) is all you need for long distance.
  10. I'm on the fence here. I can't afford 7 million dollars worth of gear and 4 million in training. I will use a shotgun and a Nra hat if that's what I got. I thought the whole idea of a militia was to educate, cross train skills, cohesion, team effort. Some guys wanna be big swingers. Fine by me, that's how groups fall apart.
  11. Good and relevant information. Hopefully a guy doesn't get boxed in by other cars.
  12. i will be printing a few of these out! hahaa
  13. My wife is awesome, I don't try to avoid her. But if I really wanted to avoid her I would play guitar to some metallica or megadeth.
  14. Hi, Im looking for a group or a few individuals. I live in Beaver Dam. I work in Madison. I tend to shoot in Antigo. I have my technicians ham radio license, studying for general license and i have HF gear. 608-381-4149

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