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  1. I started a group and had about 36 people now we are down to 5 do to drugs and alcohol theft in trouble with the law those are things I don't put up with. others have left because of different beliefs. I'm not one for online chat some people sand bag sites like this so if you would like to know more [email protected]
  2. That's not to bad I'm kinda new to TN I been here for 4 years now. I have been looking for a group since I've been here I have met some good and some bad. What kind of group/training are you looking for?
  3. Sinister


  4. I'm in wane county TN I don't know how far you are from me
  5. I'm looking for a group to train with a brotherhood a family a friend ship I'm new to the area wayne county laudermal county I've met some people that only talk talk talk and I've met some that get drunk/high and that's not what I'm looking for I'm straight edge and don't want no part in that I do belong to a big group up north but now I live here

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