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  1. I guess if you want to vote your conscience do so. And when Hillary gets elected remember what your conscience got us.
  2. Looks like a great deal. My old bag that I lug around everyday is falling apart. I could use a new one. You guys Rock here at My Militia. Where else can Patriots get free goodies like these. Definitely not from Obama!
  3. No doubt their taking their talking points from O's IRS. Harass and deny! Maybe conservatives should sue for discrimination.
  4. That would be like the Fox guarding the hen house. If someone is a Muslim, then their just not right in the head to begin with! Why would they follow a CULT that makes women second class citizens and believes it's OK to rape, pilage, vandalize, lie, kill or behead people because someone else isn't Muslim. Their morals are in the gutter.
  5. Robert are you an Obama plant in this group trying to divide and conquer?
  6. NRA rocks! Without them our gun rights would have been greatly deminished along time ago. Join today to help fight the never ending battle to keep those rights.
  7. Gadsden flag The Gadsden flag The Gadsden flag is a historical American flagwith a yellow field depicting a rattlesnakecoiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the rattlesnake are the words "DONT [sic] TREAD ON ME". The flag is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden (1724–1805), who designed it in 1775 during the American Revolution. It was also used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag, along with the Moultrie Flag. Contemporary uses of the Gadsden flag include political movements such as right-wing libertarianism and the American Tea Party, and American soccer supporter groups including Sam's Army and The American Outlaws since the late 1980s. History
  8. That was truly a question that I did not know the answer to. I heard some of the people defending those out in Oregon that the feds cannot on land. That's why I was asking. However I truly believe the feds have way too much power and the states need to take the power back.
  9. Question! Can the federal government own land? and should the BLM be able to curb a ranches income that they've relied on for 100+ years? Because of a tortus? Maybe it's time the states take back control from the feds.

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