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    Electrician, because something has to pay for my hobbies. Current favorite is building AR-15's from 80% lowers. So far 3 in 5.56 NATO, 1 in 300 AAC Blackout and 1 in 25-45 Sharps.
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  1. Didn't say Trump doesn't have a chance, you did. I know the media is biased. Throwing your vote away on a third party candidate is a wasted vote.
  2. My wife and I will be voting for Trump. We have been building AR 15's from 80% lowers, they don't exist.
  3. Wenatchee and Quincy. The pic is of my Grand Daughter with a Taurus 500 S&W Magnum. Have a good friend who lives in Green Acres.
  4. Nice pistol, I see you are from Winatchee, love that place, beautiful!

  5. Washington State is a "Shall Issue" State. If they can't find a reason they MUST issue your CCWL. 0 shots fired for my wife and myself. That doesn't mean we don't practice.
  6. Somebody who want's to bring about the apocalypse will actually vote for that criminal.
  7. Go ahead and throw your votes away for someone who has absolutely no chance of winning. When the militarized police show up at your door to collect your guns remember to say " But I didn't vote for HER ! "
  8. With you on the 10mm. My alternate carry is a Colt Delta Elite. Have 500 .40 cal Rainier Ballistics JHP but don't have the powder yet.
  9. My Brother won the Eotech setup in the Eotech Millionth Sight giveaway and gave it to me.
  10. One of my AR's has an Eotech with a 3X magnifier that you can flip out of the way for close quarters.
  11. The wife's EDC is a Sig Mosquito in 22 LR. While the bad guy is trying to avoid my 45ACP she'll blindside him with it. Shoot what you're most accurate with.
  12. .45 ACP. 230 gr Hornady XTP's sitting on 7.4 gr of Longshot. 900 fps out of my Kimber Crimson Pro Carry II.
  13. For my 10th AR I thought I'd do something special. Built from an 80% lower in .25-45 Sharps. 20" stainless heavy barrel and topped with an ATN X-sight 5-18 daytime night time scope.

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