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  1. You know if there is any cause that will hurt or damage America, that putrid bag of vomit will be backing it. Too bad nobody put that scum bucket in the ground 50 years ago.
  2. If I may... One thing that occurs to me is the "segmentation" on this site that (in my opinion) seems to hinder wide spread communication. There's the "Activity" page, The Militia page, the Area Code Militia page etc. etc. I'm not tech savvy, but if you went to the "main board" (which I assume is the Activity page) and created a "new topic" headlined as ATTN: TEXAS or such, then make your appeal. I don't know if that would reach any further than going to the Texas Militia page and trying to coordinate with each of the units. Trying to contact any given unit in "pick
  3. John are you going down to Indianapolis Saturday if so when and where are you going to leave from I would like to attend.💪🇺🇸

    1. John Last

      John Last

      No, I'm not going.  In fact, I wasn't even aware anything was going on...  I've mentioned at different times and several places, that I'm in Thailand.  I try to coordinate things when I can, and I keep some gear in Elkhart if I'm truly needed.


      I hope you can find a way down, and good luck!

    2. Brave Rifles 1948

      Brave Rifles 1948

      I didn't know your status , they are having a MEGA rally in Indianapolis Saturday and antifa are planning to shut down major Highways and disrupt ralley so I'm going to be there helping with security. Thanks for the get back be safe . Happy Thanksgiving.🇺🇸💪

    3. John Last

      John Last

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too sir, and if I can be of assistance in any way, please keep me advised!  Best regards, my friend.


  4. Unless they can prove the software actually switched/juggled votes, I don't think there's much that can be done. If the "questionable" ballots (fakes dumped by the box load, disqualified absentee/mail-ins etc.) are mixed into the pile, there's no way to ID the bad ones and correct the count. I doubt seriously if the Supreme court will be able to fashion a remedy, unless they're willing to simply throw out ALL the votes in the affected areas... and that amounts to a pretty heavy thumb on the scale. They might order a re-canvas of every ballot in the 6 states, that only shows a vote for Bide
  5. Give it a little time; not everybody checks here daily. I'd say at least a week to ten days, then you'll know better where you stand, participation-wise. Then, have you contacted any units/leaders directly? That could speed up dissemination and the response rate of those who are interested. What is your contact information? How can people find out more from you? Who, What, Where, When
  6. I didn't watch the whole video, but enough to get the jist. I think the pandemic is allowing them to, what we used to term "mark time". It gives the globalists time to hammer down any nails still sticking up through the boards of globalism. A mopping-up operation, if you will, for places like the USA. If they can get Biden into office, they'll get the green new deal, approvals for various UN treaties, and monetary programs that will suck the waelth out of the USA; thus smoothing the way for their continued advance.
  7. What you say is true for the most part. Don't forget however that they had a very powerful weapon INSIDE the United States. It's name was public opinion. The VC never won a battle, and their losses were staggering. So much so, that the North Vietnamese Army had to bulk up their forces. Also, their popular support among the population was very good. As a fighting force the Viet Cong had their place, but the war was won by Jane Fonda and her like. How are today's militia perceived by the general public? Do you think they would donate food, shelter/hiding places, money, medical
  8. Do a little research into Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union, what the Chinese Communists did after taking control, or how the North Vietnamese handled their reunification... That's the blueprint for what will happen if Biden (Harris really) gets control of the United States government. We will all need to be "reconciled" to the new system; through force if necessary. There were a few good Chinese communist ideas, if you're working your way up from being a dirt-poor, 4th World country: but not if you're working your way down from a world-leading, free society.
  9. You kids be careful out there... Somebody might get hurt.
  10. The most reliable way to lose a war is to fight it half way. Do you want to destroy your adversaries' means and will to fight or not? If he's operating factories for example, do you take down the power grid or let him continue. Every war has civilians who are collateral damage... sucks to be them.
  11. I would refer you to the Dick Act of 1902, or the Efficiency of Militia Bill "officially" classified the militia into Organized and Unorganized status. I understand some people do not accept this law as law, but it is commonly accepted as such. The Organized Militia became the National Guard; under state control (Governor) but could be called into federal service. This was done to ensure that the quality of training and equipment for the state militias, was up to snuff. What's left is what I consider to be the "traditional" militia... all able-bodied men, between 18-4
  12. You may have hear about the Pennsylvania Postal Carrier who blew the whistle on the USPS backdating election ballots. The Postal Service has decided to go after him; intimidating him and denying him legal representation and threatening him with job loss and more. Right now, this Marine is standing alone, against the odds. Let's help even his fight. You can help with his legal expenses. GO FUND ME took down his original page and confiscated the funds. Now, a Christian page has set up a new fund for his legal defense. Please help fight the Marxist election fraud no
  13. I'm glad to see we're all big enough to see different sides of the situation and settle differences amicably! Well done gentlemen! Speaking of logistics, one way to help alleviate shortages might be to have "friendlies" do some of the shopping. Have your in-laws or elderly supporters for example, pick up a box of ammo every time the go out shopping, or fill an extra gas can while at the gas station etc.. If you can get several sources to supplement your stores (even better if they're willing to pay a portion), you can speed up your operations... be sure you can trust them. Ther

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