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  1. I think we're pretty much all agreed on that sentiment. The issue is what shall we do to prevent it's overthrow? There are several ongoing discussions on that very topic, if you will look around the site. Welcome aboard, by the way!
  2. The Chinese are smart and insidious. They buy movie studios so they can produce subtle propaganda disguised as entertainment (I watched the series Damnation where the socialists are the good guys, and the minister<religion> is a fraud). They fund Confucius Centers for Chinese (read communist) studies on college campuses across the country. They fund university research laboratories with lavish grants to professors/technicians and expect a return on their investment. They extend large infrastructure loans to countries who can't afford them, then collect the debt by taking over the project: effectively running that country and collecting the profits. They exploit greed and corruption in governments all around the world, including the USA. They have a 100 year plan to dominate the world, so they can negotiate away some small things like a trade deal, but never stray far from their objective. The last thing they want is armed confrontation, when they can exploit and infiltrate their enemies and subvert their moral and ethical principles.
  3. This is very alarming news!! Where are they located? How many of them are there...and when did they first arrive? Anything at all to share on the subject, or is it too secret to tell anyone about?
  4. Here's my take on it. THIS GROUP is not a "unit". It is a clearing house, assembly point, information center, bulletin board... on which you can find your state/area code etc. and look for a unit in that location. The uniforms they choose, and how they organize themselves is up to them. Personally speaking, if a unit does wear "active duty" uniforms, they run the risk of 'impersonating" etc. My personal choice for most areas of the country would be the obsolete, woodland pattern BDUs but, as far as I'm aware, each unit is free to make their own choice regarding uniforms. What we stand for... I think you will find that most of the people on this board support the Constitution of the USA and would be willing to defend it against all enemies. How they would do that is a question for discussion; and we do, on many threads here. if you want to know about racists and right wing fascists, there may be a few; but they keep it hidden from the rest of us. That ideology would not be tolerated, if known. Hope that answers your questions, Marine. Semper fidelis, John Last
  5. GONE. Near total lack of interest. Good luck Elkhart County.
  6. If you are interested GOING TWICE
  7. I refer to my post above. Did your teacher happen to say what differentiated the two systems? What made them so different from each other (making one far left and the other far right)? I remember my poli-sci prof saying that the only difference in his view, was the commies wanted to control your thinking as well as your behavior, whereas the nazis were content with controlling your actions.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, You are witnessing the historic disintegration of our Republic. What emerges from this existential crisis, will not be the United States of America that we grew up in. Pay close attention, as you must bear witness to our demise. A house divided cannot long stand.
  9. Of course you're right... I didn't think of that. Better to take it back by force.
  10. Shut off the food deliveries, electricity and water/sewage and they'll gladly give the place back in a few days.
  11. The "political spectrum" has been manipulated to look like this: Communist (far left)_________________________________________________________ Nazi (far right) The truth is like this: Anarchy (no gov't) ___________________________________________________________Total Gov't Control So, if you look at the actual spectrum, you'll see that communism and fascism/nazis are BOTH on the far right side of the scale: there's a reason nazis are called National Socialists. You'll likely hear the argument that under communism "the people" control the 'means of production' so there is in fact no government. The sad truth is humans being what we are, need governments. However, most socialist/communist governments over-control in order to make sure everything runs smoothly: hence no personal freedoms. This makes them blood brothers with nazis who have a "chosen" class running things the way they see fit. Neither system really cares what the people want.
  12. Greetings, I have opened a Facebook group: ELKHART COUNTY MILITIA, GOING ONCE
  13. I don't know all the things you will need to win, but I do know it will be impossible to win without popular support. That's where I'd start. How do you get it? You determine what you support and what you don't. For example, you might say we support Black Lives Matter... UNTIL they start burning and looting and hurting innocent people etc., which puts them on the other side of liberty and justice for all. I haven't done it, but you can easily find the socialist/anarchist guidebook for de-stabilizing regimes. Learn their tricks and go after their weaknesses: half-truth, innuendo and strong arm tactics... IIRC it's titled Rules for Radicals. Use their tactics against them: be deceptive and underhanded. For every antifa action show the innocent victims, etc. For every "failure of Capitalism" show them a failed socialist utopia. I guarantee you that every hard working, peace loving American will rally to the call if they understand what's at stake. And, believe it or not, that really is the majority of Americans, even if some have been sold a bill of goods by the media and one-world hucksters. We all know that we have shortcomings in our system of government, but disbanding the police, for example, won't change human nature or reduce crime. As they use half-truths, don't be afraid to do the same. Instead of government mandated Obamacare, why not a universal, private, bare bones health insurance plan. The basic difference is; instead of the government providing everything for us (which will cost you everything: Venezuela) the government will provide opportunities for everyone (Trump's economy before the virus was doing pretty well). That said, don't expect to achieve victory without a fight... so don't stop being prepared.
  14. I fully agree: no simple answer. It's going to take lots of effort, and I don't mean FTX type. First thing you have to do is identify folks who are with us, and are willing to speak out. For example: family, folks at church, men's fellowship, bowling team, concerned PTO parents etc. Get together with them and set some goals; like changing the textbooks at school, stopping over-reaching city or county laws, helping to elect constitutionally minded candidates. etc. After you have the goals, you need to make yourselves heard. If you think Agenda 2030 is abusive to our constitutional rights, make fliers saying why, and pass them out. Rent a table at the gun show or County Fair to talk issues and recruit for the militia unit or political action team. Speaking at PTO/school board meetings, city/county council meetings etc. I thought about renting a room at the local library to present a free talk on civics, our form of government, the constitution etc. If you make yourselves visible, I can just about guarantee you'll gather support... remember there are always those who will disagree and try to disrupt your message, so have a plan to deal with them (security for the speech for example). Most people are simply waiting for someone to step up and show them the way forward. Sun Tsu would be proud that you choose to fight the battle where no blood is spilled.

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