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  1. Ahoy Tom,


    My home of record is just north of the Toll Road in North Pointe Apts. but I live in Thailand now.  Hit me up if you want to discuss anything.


    John C.

  2. John Last

    John Last

  3. I guess this site has gone one step past my abilities to keep up... I posted a response to TOM on his desire to get a 2A Sanctuary in Elkhart County... Can't find it again; but there's a whole thread here that is unread. Now we have Militias by state, by area code, by affiliation (parent organization)... Activity is now broken down by read and unread, and once you click on the unread it disappears. Beyond me I'm afraid. Good luck with the improved My Militia page! I wish all of you the very best.
  4. Do a google search for: 2nd Amendment Resolution - Carroll County Va. That will give you the text of the document. Probably the first thing I would do is contact Gun Owners Of America or the NRA to get more tips: I'll wager they would love the challenge. Wouldn't hurt if you could find a lawyer to side with you. Then see if any of your County Council members would be willing to sponsor it. If not, you'll be forced to attend a Council meeting and convince them to consider it, and bring it to a vote. If it were me, I'd bring along plenty of people to support it, and have them all take a couple minutes to speak in favor of the resolution. Keep in mind, that measures like this may take several meetings, with attending discussion and debate, before it's ready to be voted on. Success will depend on how popular the Council thinks the measure is... the more popular support, the better. That's my thought on the matter anyway.
  5. If you can make your way to the My Militia Homepage, just below the big MY MILITIA you will see a tool bar: from left to right it reads... FORUMS, ALL MILITIAS, AREA CODE MILITIAS
  6. Since you first made inquiry, the site has added an "area code" (telephone type) militia listing... Look across the top of the page and you'll see a heading AREA CODE MILITIAS. Click on that and then scroll down the page to find your area code. That will show any units nearby. It's a new feature, so nothing may show right now. Check back often. If nothing is shown for your area code, go back to MILITIA LINKS, click on that and scroll down to California and click on that.
  7. Officially located in Elkhart, Elkhart County...but retired out of state in point of fact. I think Chappy is from Nappanee Town and Jim is from Goshen. It's a start
  8. Hello Mark, John Chapman here.


    I haven't found any serious activity in Elkhart County, in spite of what some people claim... no offense to anyone, but there isn't.  My hometown is Elkhart city, but I'm retired out-of-state.  I'd be happy to work with you to get something going, if you would be interested.  If you'd like to discuss it further, hit me at: [email protected]

  9. The only way to stop any/all of this is to get involved; and I'm not talking about just the anti-gun laws or the 2A. You've got to make your voice heard: at the school board, town hall, county council, and state (representative and Senator) level. You've got to advocate for history, civics and classes on the Constitution to be taught in schools. You've got to make sure that commies aren't teaching our kids. You've got to make sure textbooks aren't slanted against America. Examine your kids' textbooks to see what they're learning at school. Make sure elected officials know how you feel, and get others to also communicate their opinions. You've got to speak out against Agenda 21 or the newer Sustainable Development controls... which are nothing more than UN programs to get us lined up with the New World Order. You've got to advocate for the USA to maintain it's sovereignty in the face of "global governance"... that our Constitution is the supreme law of this country and anything that diminishes it, like the freedom to collect rain water, or drink milk straight from the cow, is to be resisted at all costs. You can start by connecting with your family, friends and people in your fraternal organizations or at church. It's a big job, but it's a lot easier to get up-to-speed on issues and speak out at meetings, than it is to shoulder a weapon and fight your fellow countrymen. Donate to Gun Owners of America or other organizations who will fight these battles in the courts. Politics is a game of maneuver; and right now we're being severely outplayed.
  10. John:


    Just wanted to thank you on behalf of the broader group for your continued support.


    It's been a great to help to us, and please know we're doing all we can to hold back tyranny...


    Thank you again sir!



    1. John Last

      John Last



      It's my pleasure to assist all American Patriots, especially A Company... only wish i could do more and be there with all of you.  Rest assured as long as there's breath in this body, I'll stand with you; in principle if not in person.


      Thank you and all the men of A Co. for your time and effort on behalf of the Constitution.  God bless our Republic!


      John C.

  11. February 10, 2020 The link was flagged by Norton as a dangerous site; maybe it's been hacked, but I think it should be avoided.
  12. If there is concern that militias are somehow outside the legal framework of the Constitution, and are really nothing more the "private armies", I would recommend getting in touch with your County Sheriff and get affiliated with his office, if at all possible. If you can get his legal blessing on a "county defense/emergency force", then I think the counter-argument will be pretty much moot: you'll be a legally sanctioned force. Note that this approach will only work IF your Sheriff is faithful to his oath of Office and the (state and federal) Constitution; a 2nd amendment supporter. So be sure to do your due diligence before making the pitch. Perhaps catch him at a civic meeting or make an appointment to discuss his thoughts on the 2A and the extra manpower for his efforts in case of emergencies etc. I believe most of them are faithful, but some think their obligation is to enforce the laws, even if those laws are unconstitutional, simply because they are the laws. Vote them out of office as soon as possible.
  13. I would encourage you to read a lengthy article by Sir John Glubb: The Fate Of Empires people.uncw.edu/kozloffm/glubb.pdf
  14. Yep. You can muster on the parade ground, get your mustering out pay... and if you do well enough, you can pass muster.

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