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  1. If I remember correctly, he represents a district in or near San Francisco...so the looney liberals there are not likely to recall him: probably give him some sort of "congressman of the year" award. Please note that you will NOT be successful in defending your rights from your front doorstep. When the cops arrive at your house in force, you're screwed. You can however, begin now by coordinating with other gun owners in your neighborhood and organizing a "neighborhood defense force" where an attack on one is an attack on all, and act accordingly.
  2. Call this number and they will direct you to the closest available. 1-334-821-8600
  3. Obviously he can't just launch nukes at anybody...but his sentiments are deadly serious. When he talks about finding "common ground" for a debate on gun control, what he's really saying is give them all up, or we will send tanks, helicopters and air strikes to get them: and that he can manage. Remember Waco, Texas or the Maryland Red Flag killing last week??? Fortunately, the more conservative (but I still doubt "constitutionalist") Republicans have a slim majority in the Senate. However, on any given issue they could side with Democrats and pass an outright ban on so-called "assault rifles" or all semi-automatics, for that matter... and still claim to be within the limits of the 2nd Amendment. Part of the cost of freedom, is constant vigilance. Remember: it's a short walk from surrendering your rights to the line forming for showers.
  4. Rep. Eric Swalwell Democrat from California has threatened to use nukes on American citizens who do not comply with proposed gun confiscation laws. It looks like the end game is approaching much faster than any of us were thinking.
  5. Maybe it would be worth our while to develop a strategy that lets the left battle the right if SHTF and take on the survivors of that conflict... let them do the heavy lifting, so to speak.
  6. I debated if I should even respond, but I will try. Rip; I'm pretty sure I catch your meaning, but I have to say something about the terms you used. Right-wing means something different than "Constitutionalist". Political ideology runs a spectrum, like from cold to hot: from state controls everything (communism) to no government at all (anarchy). Technically, Nazis and Commies are close kin on the scale, but most folks accept that right-wing means Nazi, Fascist, KKK etc. (superiority) and left-wing means Socialist, Communist etc. (working class masses). Without doing an in-depth analysis, I'd say that Antifa are close to the anarchy end of the scale; they're trying to destroy the government... and I assume then link up with the globalists. It's enough to give you a headache. I want nothing to do with "right-wing" militias. I may be putting words in your mouth, and if I am, I'm sorry. I understood you to mean that there are militia units who love the principles upon which this country was founded; personal responsibility, equality, freedom to choose our government etc. (Constitutionalists as I call them,) and other militia units who want to dismantle our system of government. I'll stand with those who support the Constitution, any day of the week: period. My ethics won't let me march in a "unite the right" parade where some of the units are carrying swastika flags... won't do it. Now that's just my position, and again, if I misunderstood what you were trying to say, I apologize. What I think (there I go again) Hatchet was saying is that some attention needs to be paid to what is correct and acceptable when it comes to war as opposed to our personal belief system. I can tell you I've thought about killing unarmed prisoners and probably nobody would have turned me in (or maybe they would have), but that's not how it should be. Things like chain of command, personal conduct while on duty, uniform requirements, treatment of prisoners and civilian population, if and when to "pull the pin" in a crowded marketplace, whether or not to shoot civilians if given the order etc. need to be examined and taught to every militia member. Did I get that approximately correct BuryTheHatchet?
  7. You could start with a google search. Read, read, read. Several years ago I saw a book on establishing a guerilla unit; from recruiting to conducting combat operations. Sorry I don't recall the author, but IIRC he was a military man (Colonel somebody). There's no shortage of books on conducting guerilla operations. I would start with intelligence gathering techniques and build from there... assuming you have a group already. If not, I'd start with recruitment. Baby steps. Remember that even Guerilla units are bound by the International Rules of War, otherwise you'll be branded as common criminals, terrorists or even war criminals.
  8. I think I would have to agree. While it's vitally important to have transport available, it may not be a good idea to have a dedicated motor pool... for a couple of reasons. I guide everything by this one adage: the more stuff you have, the more stuff you need to maintain. Since militia will likely be the "target" of any operations when things head south, you don't want to have to defend a fixed installation from a superior force. As hatchet said, if you are readily ID'd as militia, you'll become a target for all kinds of unwanted attention. Lastly, as I see it, there's no sense pouring resources/assets into a fixture you will be forced to abandon sooner or later. Having said that, your logistics/combat readiness could be well served if you had a "transport committee/team" that ORGANIZED the resources of the unit. Each member of the team would make sure that (designated, individually owned and dispersed) transport was working and available for use by the unit. You could even allocate funds for that purpose if available, but verification would need to be made as to condition/serviceability of the designated vehicles. Priority-wise, I'd probably put it fairly far down the list, since there are bound to be more pressing issues for the unit as a whole, and most everyone will already have their own transport.
  9. My opinion is that this is a very worthwhile endeavor!! The facts are that when the balloon goes up, there will be little if anything we can do to stop the "occupation" of our cities and towns. The "others" will have the armor, air support and heavy weapons, to go where and do as, they like. I might suggest some reading on the French Resistance during WWII, as well as books on guerilla warfare for some ideas, if and when the time comes. Keeping tabs on the "others" and tagging them when they are most vulnerable will be the best tactics. To that end, I believe city-type training will be much more beneficial than squad field tactics. The militia will nearly always be the "lesser force" and as such, needs to use every advantage available. In a stand-up firefight the militia will almost certainly lose every time... unless maybe it comes up against some Italian troops. As far as actually "constructing" a simulated area... maybe hanging cloth fabric from "clothesline" cord in whatever maze-type design (stones or cans of soup could hold the bottom edge secure), would be pretty easy to set up and very temporary; plus the fact you could re-arrange it however you choose. A little more effort and cost will give you "stagecraft sets": light wood frames with cloth stretched across and stapled in place. You can assemble the panels as desired and brace them from behind.
  10. I'd say you're exactly correct about today's young recruits not knowing anything much about our form of government. They simply don't teach it in public schools anymore. Regarding getting to know your local Sheriff, that's a good idea, for a couple reasons. First, he's the only ELECTED law enforcement officer in our system. Add to that the theoretical militia rosters are supposedly maintained by the county; the Sheriff would be the logical keeper of those records. If part of the militia's mission is to assist their communities in times of emergency, the Sheriff would be the best place to get your "marching orders" as he's responsible for the entire county. If I had a militia unit, I'd try my best to partner with the Sheriff whenever possible, so he would be sympathetic to our situation should anything unconstitutional transpire from higher up. A few years ago the Feds tried to stop a local farmer from consuming (and selling?) raw milk. Our Sheriff stepped in to protect that farmer's right to drink what he liked. However, before trying to affiliate with the Sheriff, I'd find out where he stood on the limitations of federal power/abuses of our Constitutional rights.
  11. So, anybody can ask the court to remove your guns, for whatever reason: thus depriving you of your 2nd Amendment, God-given rights... and shoot you if you don't comply. Land of the free indeed. No due process or day in court - just done. So much for the Constitution.
  12. I agree with you 100%. Having said that, how many do you think will actually disobey a direct order by their "commanding officer"? Don't forget that prior to starting the operation, they will have been told that it's the "safety and security of the community" that requires this drastic action... I'm sure you must have seen the videos of the old woman being assaulted as she handed over her revolver to the police in New Orleans after Katrina, or the video of the armored vehicles and storm troop Police going house to house in Watertown, MA. There may be one or two who refuse, but most will obey: it's what they're trained to do. We were talking once long ago about MPs specifically, but the consensus was that they wanted people smart enough to follow their orders, but not smart enough to question them. Now, given all that, plus the fact that militias everywhere have been branded as racist, anti-government hate groups: what do you think the chances are that 95% of LEOs will not follow their orders? I could be wrong, and I hope I am, but I don't think so. Let me also add that this is in reference to the first few days/week of "engagement". Once word spreads that the populace in general is resisiting, I think there will be many more who see the light. Initially however, I think they will do as ordered.
  13. According to CNN's Don Lemon, this was not a mob... just a group of angry, dissatisfied people voicing their displeasure, with great zeal I might add. Antifa displaying the absolute essence of it's being: blind mob violence.
  14. Like anyone in the military or public service, LEOs must follow their orders. As a "whole" they don't care about your situation, your political ideas, or preparedness. If they are ordered to confiscate weapons and/or foodstuffs, that's exactly what they will do. The only exceptions I can see, are those individual officers who are "aware" and affiliated with mutual assistance groups, militias etc. They may be able to send a signal before any "operation" kicks off. If a LEO wanted to join my group, I'd want to put him on "probationary" status until I could determine where he/she really stood on the issue of Constitutional rights and liberties vs. government's obligation to "keep the peace" (at what cost?). Theoretically, the Militia rolls are maintained by the county. Therefore, your "local authority:" would be your Sheriff... but he may not necessarily be on board with personal liberties, and could very well be leading the charge of curtailing your rights and liberties.

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