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  1. Perhaps somebody could enlighten me concerning the coronavirus precautions/shutdown. I understand that to isolate yourself is a "voluntary" restriction of your constitutional rights. I also understand that isolation or quarantine is an accepted medical practice; and has been for well over 100 years. To date, as far as I'm aware, nobody has been prosecuted for throwing a party or such... even though it does increase everyone's chance of exposure to the virus; thus extending the time it takes to run it's course and increasing the number of infected. I read about a church choir practice that resulted in 2 deaths and 19? infections. I also read about a virus party where the goal was to spread the disease. So, my question is: why are some folks opposed to sound medical doctrine??? If the argument is over-control by the government, I would agree only if the restrictions continued long after the medical emergency was resolved. I'm all ears; enlighten me!
  2. Right you are!! Humankind has always strived to "better his condition", hence the modern world, where (paper/electronic) money makes all transactions run smoothly... you don't have to lug your chickens to the shoe maker. I read somewhere that what gives value to precious metals (gold, silver, platinum etc.) is what you can actually do with; how many uses for that metal, as well as it's scarcity. Silver has many industrial uses but is pretty common whereas gold has many uses but is relatively rare by comparison.
  3. True enough. If EVERYTHING goes to chit, you'll be better off bartering what you have for what you need. MONEY (gold, silver, sea shells etc.) is only good if there is still a functioning (economic) system, where a recognized medium of exchange is accepted for goods and services. If it's every being for themselves, then commodities will be currency: 3 chickens for a pair of shoes as an example.
  4. Exactly. I like junk coins because there's not much "homework" involved: just don't pay 100% silver plus "over spot" value... you can rely that it's 90% silver content (rounds can be "adulterated" with zinc, lead or such), and it's got a recognizable denomination that everybody understands. I like dimes or quarters personally.
  5. Gold is a great "preservation" tool. However, based on everything I've witnessed and read... most Americans are either deep in debt or woefully short on hard assets, like their house, auto, emergency fund etc. First priority should go to a food stock for emergencies: maybe 2 months (preferably more). Then a way to protect your food and family. After that, get out of debt... including mortgage, car loans, credit cards (top priority at 18%) etc. Only after all your obligations are met, should you think about acquiring precious metals. Do not buy "paper gold" such as gold stocks/shares etc. Only hard, solid-metal pieces in your hand. Then remember that gold is expensive, so tiny pieces will work better for most transactions... don't spend a 1/2 oz. bar for a bag of groceries. In that regard, silver would be easier to obtain, even though it's less valuable; it's still a precious metal. Just a few things to consider.
  6. Hmmm... checkpoints coming soon to a neighborhood near you!!? Papers please.
  7. Hello Ken, Militias are a bit like 'clubs" that you join voluntarily. This website is a bit like a flea market, where you have all the clubs on display, so to speak, for your selection. You can go to the top of page tool bar, click on the MILITIAS tab and choose how you want to review your choices: geographical by state, telephone area code etc. You can also see ACTIVITY for example, which shows what members are discussing right now. FORUMS let you pick what topic you want to explore. I agree it's a lot to digest.
  8. I believe the proper term is: Highly Motivated!! Good on you Mr. Slee!!! Must be contagious... Elkhart County Present and accounted for!
  9. Hello Chris, I'm not trying to tell you how to run your affairs, but a couple thoughts come immediately to mind. First, if you're seeking state endorsement, why not look into joining the Tennessee State Guard? If you're not familiar with them, do a little checking... you might be surprised at what you find. Second, if you're going to be outside the state's recognized chain of command, so to speak, why would they let you have heavy weapons (that they can't control)? Now I could be mistaken, but it was my understanding that the "local armory" and all it's contents was the property of the British Crown; that is, the property of the King. The weapons held there were to supplement the troops when the militia was called out. So, the Redcoats were reclaiming their property. Again, I'm not an authority here, but I believe nowadays all such weapons have to be de-militarized or "de-milled" before sale to the public.
  10. Half my brain says "keep your mouth shut on this" and the other half says "you need to speak up". So, with that in mind, here goes... I like the looks, and the concept of a pistol caliber (PC) carbine. Ruger makes good stuff, and I highly doubt this is any different. I thought about getting one as a "survival/get home" tool, for use by a family member or in emergencies. Upon closer examination however, I've decided against it. Obviously it comes in 9mm which can interchange with your pistol: one size ammo for both (magazines too). 9mm ammo is a little cheaper than 5.56/.223 but even if you double the range, like Let Freedom Ring points out, you're still at only 120 yards roughly. so, 5.56 out-performs. The weight of the Ruger PC9 is approximately the same as an AR, so if take-down is a make or break issue, then go for it. Otherwise they're about equal. Remember that the AR has an upper and lower. Prices for the PC9 and some AR models is approximately the same: PC9 carbines seeming to go at a premium while ARs are discounted, so there's not a lot of difference between them, price-wise. Magazines for the PC9, depending on what you buy (I looked at Glock and aftermarket), seem to be significantly higher than AR magazines (D&H from PSA). If you have two different weapons, you'll have to keep two different sets of spare parts. So, what's my point? I'm not saying don't buy a PC9 if you want one (I like them), but for most applications, given the relatively small price difference, the AR has better capabilities than the PC. If you're trying to arm several people, either family members or a unit; especially with militia tasks in mind, I think the AR platform clearly comes out ahead. In my case, I'm thinking about my daughter and daughter-in-law... If they're going to carry a shoulder fired weapon, it only makes sense to maximize that weapon's utility. Now, we've discussed the Ruger PC9, and aside from price and reliability of other makes, I hold the same view for other pistol caliber rifles/carbines. There. I said it. It's out in the open for God and everybody to see.
  11. I've learned that Joe Biden had brain surgery in 1988, for 2 burst blood vessels: one on each side of his brain. I don't think he's suffering from dementia as much as brain damage. He simply doesn't have the mental agility needed for the verbal combat of a debate. That said, I heard someone suggest that Joe, being more palatable to voters than the communist Bernie Sanders, is only a "clickbait" candidate. The real executive in the White House would be the Vice President. I think even the Democrats aren't deluded enough to fool themselves into believing that either Biden or Sanders, has any real chance of defeating President Trump in the election. Biden isn't quick enough to play the game, and Sanders is antithetical to every principle upon which this county was founded. My opinion, like anal cavities; everybody has one... is that the Democrats are only going through the motions and really are setting their sights on 2024.
  12. 100% agree... Regulating body temperature is vital. It can honestly become a matter of life or death. I might just mention here that "insulation" is created by having "dead air space"... that's what holds the warmth (air movement will suck it out of the unit: walls, gloves, hats etc). Moisture is another major problem. Traditionally synthetics like nylon and polyester couldn't "wick" away sweat from the body. Even cotton blends have trouble doing this, but nowadays there are some fibers that can do the job. The problem boils down to retaining body (moist) heat while removing that moisture (sweat conducts cold by evaporation). Our government has undoubtedly spent many millions on research, to improve on wool's capabilities: take advantage of it!! HEAD: ears, nose and top of the head HANDS, FEET need special attention in cold temperatures. Change your socks, gloves often to prevent cold-related troubles and ventilate your noggin to prevent overheating. Remember; wind and moisture are deadly in a cold environment.
  13. A backwards, hill-dwelling group of Muslims notwithstanding; let me play Devil's advocate for just a moment. If the shoe were on the other foot... say the US was occupied by UN forces, supporting President Bernie Sanders... would you ever quit trying to eject them from the United States? Even if the "Overall militia Command" agreed to stop fighting, in return for Bernie's undisputed control of the office of President and UN Force withdrawal, I think many of us would continue to seek Bernie's "forced" return to our Constitutional Republic. Now, I grant you that I'd probably wait until the UN troops were long gone, before resuming the mission, but I doubt I'd stop just because of words on a paper, that did away with my God-given rights.

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