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  1. Agreed. There's only one way to reverse the path we're on and that's to plant seeds of the Republic. Start with your family: your kids and/or grandkids. Give them history lessons about our fight for freedom, what it cost, and what resulted... NOT a simple democracy, but a Representative Republic. Make sure they understand that this country was founded on providing a place of opportunity for all: not handouts for everyone. Personal excellence provides the path to those opportunities, and the old adage "no work, no eat" is still a good theory. Give lessons on how our governments works (3 branches), and the Constitution, which was written specifically to LIMIT how much government would bother you on your path to success. Then you can expand by talking with like-minded friends, giving talks to youth organizations like the Boy and Girl Scouts, etc. Handle it like a sales campaign: you're selling the American Way... not some pie-in-the-sky (failed) socialist utopia. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but if you don't educate them, they'll never learn it because the schools sure as hell aren't teaching it. When you're comfortable, attend town hall, city council and PTA/school board meetings and make your concerns known. Even if your voice is in the minority, it will be like a magnet for true Americans. The only way we're going to reclaim this great nation, is by educating everyone, young and old, to the fact that our system only works if we participate in it.
  2. If you've ever been in the military, you know what happens to people who refuse to obey orders... whether or not they are "constitutionally legal". Unless their own families are in danger, I would suspect that 97% will follow their orders. Now, if they start standing US citizens up against a wall, that could well change: but it will depend on how well the troops have been briefed/indoctrinated before going into action. They'll be told again and again that racist Natsi militia are refusing to obey the duly passed laws, are trying to destroy our way of life that was established over 240 years ago, and it's the job of every red-blooded American to restore our democracy and the rule of law. What do you think the product of 30+ years of socialist education will do? Note that they will carefully avoid the Constitutional guarantees, or that even minorities have rights.
  3. "Stand your ground. Do not fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war; let it begin here." Captain John Parker, Massachusetts Militia, April 19, 1775.
  4. YouTube: Forest Brothers - anti-Soviet Guerilla War in the Baltics - THE COLD WAR
  5. Given the political tension these days, ranging from Virginia's pending anti-gun legislation, ever-expanding red flag abuses, and the Impeachment turmoil... I thought perhaps a look at some historical experiences, for minority factions, might be in order. Maybe we can learn something from others who were outnumbered, and perhaps think about how to improve our chances. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRD54WyAfc
  6. This message is aimed directly to Claimbo… and anybody else who has a "hit list" of elected officials. Get off this list; you are a subversive anti-American. Our Founding Fathers set up a government that has mechanisms in it to correct itself from "wrong headedness". If that doesn't suit you, then you should leave and find another country where violence is the approved form of government. Yes, there's even a provision in the constitution that provides for armed defense of our form of government, should it be necessary... but I assure that gangland-style "hit lists" ain't it. If nobody else will speak out, I will. And if the people on this forum do support such thinking; I'm out.
  7. I'm not trying to start trouble, honest, and yes most communist countries have been a flop. BUT China is a "new revised" example of communism. They have managed to blend some free market ideas with the "tried and true" principles… and they are eating our lunch right now. True enough it's our greed, and their industrial espionage of course, that sold them the technology to be #2 in the world, but here they are, none the less. So to say communism doesn't work is not exactly correct. Here's a little known fact: in the old Soviet Union, everyone was required to have a job; so you would see 2-3 older women sweeping the sidewalk in front of the public rest rooms, but they had a job. So you see, even in the shining example of Marxism, everybody had to earn their way. My only real point here is that you cannot stop "progress" (I use that term advisedly) and the more years pass, the further from our "point of origin" our founding principles, we get. The direction we go is being determined right now (and for the last 30 years) by the educational system and leaders: good bad or indifferent, that we have/are/will place into power. So, the … mental conditioning? of our people, combined with the influx of "new arrivals" (legal or otherwise) will have a big impact on our political climate in the very near future, as we boomers pass from the scene. I'm really not very optimistic about our future, but then I don't have too many years left either. That is why the Blue Infection will continue to spread. I'd suggest educating every young person that will listen, about the ideals our country was founded upon and what it was meant to be (a land of opportunity, not handouts) as a counterweight to the utopian ideals being doled out by educators today.
  8. A few random thoughts, in no particular order, to throw into the mix... "Political evolution" doesn't go backward, only moves forward; in our case, toward the left and away from the Constitution.[ If there is a "civil dissolution" it's likely to look more as a checkerboard, than a "dividing line" between factions. Large cities may control the politics by virtue of large populations, but they are nothing more than death camps if they are cut off from sources of food (shipped in fresh daily) for any length of time. If there's a total complete collapse (grid down, EMP, back to dark ages) even gold and silver won't be worth too much. It's only good for an economic crash where a functioning system remains. The military doesn't have the resources to enforce "martial law" over many large areas (states/cities) at the same time. There is strength in numbers; little can be accomplished by lone wolves. People are "social animals" who function better in groups. As the United States of America, we've been the sole superpower for roughly 30 years... there's only one direction to go from the top. I'm in the process of reading "The Fate of Empires" by Sir John Glubb. You can find it online for an interesting free read.
  9. If you're pinching pennies, there's lots of Boy Scout packs on ebay with a "best offer" on them. You'll certainly want something more suitable (versatile) in future, but as a bare minimum to put food, a poncho and dry socks into, they'll do.
  10. When somebody says "duffel" I picture a cylindrical bag, nowadays with 2 shoulder straps, like a backpack. Trust me these are horrible to carry... at least get something with a "flat side" to go against your back. Duffels were made primarily for storage, not for carrying. There are literally dozens upon dozens of backpack choices available. The first thing to do is figure out what you want to use the pack for: 3-day patrol, 2-week bug out, leaving home forever, etc. Military surplus is good quality gear at reasonable prices, but brand-name gear can be really sophisticated and more comfortable (price will reflect this). Design technology changes over time, so a WWII, 1944 German rucksack (good in it's day) won't be as functional as a 3-day molle assault pack. I had a French rucksack once with a steel frame, and the pack/frame alone weighed over 8 lbs... way too much. Modular systems are good, as you can add additional capacity to the bag as needed. If you don't have the money now, save up and get a good bag. Better to spend money once, than waste funds on a bag you can't or won't use... trust me on this too. Personally speaking, I use a US 3-day assault pack. I can add a fanny pack, sleep bag stuff sack, and other pouches if needed. I also have a shoulder "gym" type bag that can carry optional gear, ammo, food etc. (my own re-supply), but drop if necessary. Last I checked, a functional, used 3-day pack could be had all day long for about $35.- delivered.
  11. I've always considered that IF your County Sheriff is Constitutionally-minded, it would be a good idea to establish good relations with him and his Office. Sheriffs are elected, whereas Police Departments are not. Mutual support is a strength, and you never know when having local "government" backing, could come in handy when faced with peculiar circumstances. It lends legal weight and public credibility to your unit's existence.
  12. Any Rod and Gun Clubs in your area? Any gun shops? Anything in the Classified Ads in your local paper? Any hangouts known for 'outdoors" type people? Any "conservative" clubs? (local chapter of the NRA, GOA etc.) Any kind of neighborhood watch? Any friends from work, church or school? Any Veteran's Organizations: DAV, VFW, American Legion, AMVETS etc.? It looks like you may have to be the "founder" of any group... Once established, you can always choose a more qualified leader. You might start your search at a YouTube or Facebook page, where somebody might know somebody in your locality. Keep in mind you don't have to start out with making a Militia unit... it might just be a few guys who are concerned about the overall situation and want to make their voices heard. Maybe start with a City Council/Town Board/ Town Hall meeting and see who stands up to make a statement on some local policy or other. In liberal areas, the minority conservatives tend to keep their heads down and go un-noticed, but I'll bet a nickel there are lots of people who are concerned citizens, just like you, who are seeking a way to connect with others. The key is finding them.
  13. Yessir: divide and conquer. Some of the smarter guys on this forum should jointly develop a "standard response procedure" for Red Flag situations. Obviously the authorities will paint the victim as some kind of lunatic, thus reducing the chance that anyone will come to his assistance... but that is exactly when we should come together to support a patriot as well as "keeping them honest" when performing their illegal confiscations. Establish an early warning signal as well as develop a SOP for monitoring the incident.
  14. My Dad took a couple pictures of a German airfield with an interesting twist. They planted rows of cabbage to look like a farm, and painted the runways with neat rows of cabbages to protect from aerial recon. Here's an interesting article from California during WWII. As a side note, the Japanese-American internees were tasked with constructing camouflage nets a some of the camps. https://twistedsifter.com/2012/01/camouflage-cali-hiding-air-bases-factories-plants-netting-wwii/
  15. Hammer3sf makes a good point... Get your cold weather gear in order. It's highly unlikely that any conflict will be scheduled for our convenience. If you think you can "hole up until spring" you'll be easily bagged.

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