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  1. I am sorry your doc is put in that position, I pray it wont affect your health. I kinda saw this coming , I had a surgery coming up ...and called my doc and explained my concerns..we got the surgery moved up 20 days. Just ahead of the hospitals getting swamped.
  2. Hopefully your range is open, they closed the one in las cruces
  3. miller guns , here in las cruces is open, guess why... they sell to LE
  4. any intel on NG movements ? I had local reports here LC that they were staging, but they had left before I could confirm. the armories were slightly above normal activity when I went by. The town is quiet, less traffic of course, gun shops where packed and very busy. stores are better than than a week ago, but still a little hard to find the basics. PS if I drop off its because this site kicks me out , SO FRUSTRATING I know its my comp it barely runs.
  5. Las cruces , dona ana county, chekin in, if your in the area give me a shout, we need to get together now before its to late.
  6. March 23, 2020 Is Global Tyranny Inevitable? By Mike Konrad Maybe it is just being home, locked down because of the highly exaggerated coronavirus panic, but I have been looking at some recent documentaries and developments, and the future does not look good for humanity. Present-day technologies will impel most of humanity into acquiescing to a worldwide tyranny. The flavor of that tyranny may evolve from place to place, but it will be tyranny nonetheless. As I explained to a friend, roughly three decades ago, the problem lies in human nature. As we get more technologically advanced, the ability to avoid the inequities and wrongs in any system -- and no system is perfect -- will decrease. From the beginning of time, those societies which organized themselves better usually survived and conquered those who didn’t. Hence, the highly organized and well-disciplined Romans swept almost all those before them. Over time, technology has added to that edge. By the 17th century, the scientific revolution had given Europeans a technological edge that enabled Western Europe to literally conquer the world, an edge which lasted right up to the end of World War II. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/03/is_global_tyranny_inevitable.html
  7. “Adapting To Survive”: Firearms-Part 3, Advantage Arms-Glock .22LR Conversion Kits The ability to use another cartridge in a firearms is a huge advantage. For that second cartridge to be cheaper for training and better suited for things like hunting small game, well, that makes it a practical necessity. For the Survivalist, acquiring tools that performs multiple functions well (Not just “making do”) is not only efficient in terms of space savings and costs, but also practical for field use. Well over a decade ago, I bought Advantage Arms .22LR kits for my Glock 21 and Glock 30, .45 Automatics. After using them for years and putting well over a thousand rounds through each of them, I can tell you they are one of the best investments I’ve made. https://www.americanpartisan.org/2020/03/adapting-to-survive-firearms-part-3-advantage-arms-glock-22lr-conversion-kits/
  8. Welcome Aboard**

    1. WonkaWarrior


      thank you! glad to be. anything I should know about? very new to this but Im just a patriot who cares about America and my family.

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