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  1. simple.....Ban children...or maybe have a very high kid tax, registration, three year wait time and... extensive training to have children. ..ie must prove competency.
  2. alligatorr shirts, cant remember exact brand name.ut they made polo style wear. b
  3. Hey Desert Rat, I am looking for friends to shoot / train with. or just a meetup, or any ideas ? tanks, Dav
  4. Hey Desert Rat, I am looking for friends to shoot / train with.

    or just a  meetup, or any ideas ?

    tanks, Dav


  5. worked with county and privite land surveying in late 80s . I and Some carried.. just never talked about it. Most times we were deep in the woods and swamp...never Know who or what ya come across.
  6. EDC S&W SD9 uncle mikes IWB holster @ 4:00 2 mags. Some days, and always in the field a navy MK III knife. * what bothers me ?..... People shooting at me...not so much.... jumping over mesquite dune only to land on cactis ...!!$#@&*!!
  7. bad idea, it might bring investigation to ANYBODY associated, friends, COWORKERS, and the company itself. why be highlight yourself on the radar.
  8. EaglesNest , I am in Las Cruces N.M. Militia activity is scarce to none. No CCW, the local instructors charge WAY to much. I have posted to find local shooting training partners, but to no avail yet. I miss the swamps and deep woods, 1980-2005 I was all over manatee, Sarasota, charlotte, lee, Desoto counties. A regular on Pine Island and little pine island.
  9. SARoperator , Las cruces, N.M. I usually train 10 miles west, south of airport. mesquite dunes, thorns that go through boots, soft sand, dust storms, all fun.
  10. SARoperator, a little bit above my skills, I am 55 with bad knees, however I still x-country 3-5 miles twice week. limited income so I cant travel far. But hoping to meet locals to train and shoot with.
  11. Las Cruces, New Mexico, Hello to all, looking to shoot, train or just hike around. Or any ideas welcomed. Please reply... Thanks Dav Harzin
  12. Hey Warbird, maybe we can meetup, go shootin or a hike or...? Tanks, Dav

  13. hello to all, looking for people in Las Cruces N.M. area to meet and maybe some practical operations. please email, message me, thanks Dav


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