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  1. Dav, The Question That We(Citizens) Should Ask of Ourselves is: How is it that We The Citizens of CONUS allow The 1% to Dictate The Terms of Engagement to Us?  Now, under The Guise of National Security and Anti-Terrorism we find Ourselves now fighting for Our Rights, which we will not have for long and can only Correct through a Total Reset of Congress. Corruption is Running Rampant through Our entire Governmental Processes, The Representatives answer only to The Lobbyists who Pad their Salaries and only to their Constitutients every 2-4 Yrs at Reelection Time.  In order to reassert Control over Our Representatives we will have to Force The Lobbyists out of The District of Criminals. (2) Force The Congressional Representatives to Live in The Districts in which He/She Represents.  In the Case of Taxation there should be No More Sacred Cows; Soon all means of Production will be converted over to Artificial Intelligence.  If the aforementioned is True and it is maybe, just maybe that is the reason many in The Top Tier of Society consider those of Us not in that number as "Useless Eaters". In The Case of Further Cuts in The Economy; Let It Come Via The Congressional,Military-Industrial Complex. (3) Democrat/Republican are Two Wings on The Same Bird......

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