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  1. New Mexico says , Welcome Aboard**

     Glad to see more NM's  .

    Are looking to join a group

  2. Welcome Aboard**

     I lived in Brad for a time, and miss florida.

  3. AAR..... The FTX went ok despite having a newbie go missing during a night patrol prompting a impromptu SAR mission .YES lessons were learned, gear chek, buddy team, and SOP for mission break / missing man , ETC. The next day of white board Land Nav / map reading class was well done and the newbies were devouring the info, as well a great refresher for the rest. A short practice of medical man carry / evac showed , we need a much more work in this area. A great thanks for all that showed and helped , and for those that did not make I hope we can get together next time. Dav ..OUT
  4. It happens a lot with new groups, just keep posting training dates and little at a time the numbers grow.....but even when some what established 20 will say there going 10 will actually show up.
  5. Yep , I too am lookin for a group / land , off grid etc
  6. I searched for this but came up with several...can you post a link please.
  7. Las cruces , dona ana county if your in the area send me a PM. Lets get together now , Before its too late

  8. Hey Killbird, Hope your doin OK, me ok,  tryin to get some groups together.

       Best, dav

  9. when I start / open a new tab , at the header it says 'existing user / sign up' ...and doesnt show my profile icon. and sometimes I get a page that says, 'oops you dont have access to this page'
  10. yes ... something else I noticed I dont get kick off quite as often, if I check the 'remember me' box
  11. ""manage permissions. enter the root address of the website"" thanks it didnt seem to work ..got kicked off while responding to a messg...nothing like doing a messg over when the emotion is gone....AAAAUUUGGG(*&^%$$#
  12. this is the only site I have problems with / get booted off. some low budget commerce sites dont load .....FB is real slow to load though. firefox browser with duck duck search as home page.
  13. I am sick and tired of constantly getting booted off the site and logging back in, why it seems I am the only one this happens to... soooo frustrating, I might have stop TRYING to visit.

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