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  1. I am looking for hard working Americans who live in MS who want to be part of something more then themselves! So if you are interested and have a want to protect your state and Constitutional rights please hit me up! Thank you and have a great day!!!
  2. Miles Amos are u still looking for a new Militia?

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    2. Ghost_3%_SF


      I am also the POC for the NCCPA Mississippi group as well.

    3. Miles Amos

      Miles Amos

      Oh ok awesome. Man I’m ready to start this process anytime you are. My group disbanded around two or three years back, my only option lately has been CMM. I work nights, so I’m up and going around 1400 during the week. Is there a private message on this thing

    4. Ghost_3%_SF


      I work nights myself brother. Yeah I had gone to a CMM meeting before and decided against it for reasons I will tell u.


  3. I have started a new Militia in Mississippi and looking for good people who are willing to stand up for the Constitution and our way of life!!! So if interested hit me up! Thanks!!! Sincerely, CO Ghost
  4. I love my ruger precision rifle myself.
  5. K

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    2. Ripcannon


      so your were special forces what was your job bro

    3. Ghost_3%_SF


      I was Aviation Electronics bro. I scored to high on the test and they wouldn't let me go Grunt.


    4. Ghost_3%_SF


      But as a Marine we all trained in hand to hand and fun gun play. LOL. Were u in?

  6. Hey fixer I am hoping soon to have many more people from Mississippi on this site after the up coming rally! Can't wait! Also their is a huge rally going on May 5th in Richmond VA. Its a rally to stop them taking down our monuments. It will be a good stand off between Antifa/BLM against good old Americans!!! So if u want any information on it let me know!!! Semper Fi Brother!!!

    1. Ripcannon


      I am planning on being in Virginia i contacted you earlier I apologize lol I thought you were crazy but it was me.yeah def well have to talk there for sure.

    2. Ghost_3%_SF
  7. until

    This is covered by NCCPA. If you want information on it simply go to facebook and put in NCCPA and your state and it will give you the information. I am POC for Mississippi.
  8. Hello Sandlapper and thank you for the welcome. SF stands for Security Force.
  9. March 6, 2018 12pm too 1:30pm The link below is the Facebook page about the event. It will be in Jackson, MS to have the state flag taken down. Looking to see who else will be able to stand up too keep our state flag. Thanks! [MEDIA=facebook]1714341568586710[/MEDIA]
  10. A little about me. I am a USMC Vet. Served from 2000-2008. Looking for like minded people to help stop what is going on in this country!!!

  11. A little about me. I am a USMC Vet. Served from 2000-2008. Looking for like minded people to help stop what is going on in this country!!!

  12. Thank you all for letting me be part of this!!!

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