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  1. Time to stay alert and pay attention to everything! The sh*t is getting ready to hit the fan if things don't change.
  2. Sorry if I post a bunch of 'Intel' that you may or may not have...  Bottom line to me is that you can't have enough intel, because you don't know what the situation will be.  So the more the better.  Like it or not.  One day it may be needed. 

    1. fixer


      post away!

  3. Survival-Medicine.pdf
  4. Secret-Hiding-Places.pdf
  5. Homemade_Grenade_Launchers.pdf
  6. Home-Built_Claymore_Mines.pdf
  7. where-there-is-no-doctor.pdf
  8. Still here, still on the watch. Just 'cause I don't post much lately, don't mean I ain't here. Going to Myrtle Beach next week for a few days for a mini break. If anyone out there prays, my mother has stage 4 breast cancer, that has moved to her bones. Now you know why I'm quiet these last few months. I would apprecieat any prayers or good thoughts sent her way. Thanks! Stay the Cause!
  9. Pressure-Points-Military-Hand-to-Hand-Combat-Guide.pdf
  11. TheBlackCat

    Army first aid

  12. TheBlackCat

    solar cells

  13. Modern_Weapons_Caching.pdf

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As the de facto authority in american patriot militias we understand that we oversee a significant share of the publics perception of the militia, and with this many individuals and militias entrust their ideas, work, and data to our platform. We do not take this lightly as we mandate an extreme amount of responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. We will remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people. So help us God.
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