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  1. All the gun ownership associations in the world can't stop this crap that is going on now. Although I am an NRA life member, what have they done lately? It is really up to WE THE PEOPLE !!! Never forget those words! So many are not prepared at all, and too many are overly prepared. And who knows how prepared is enough or too much....? I say we all be prepared in our own way and lay in wait for the time that probably, unfortunately, may come. In the meanwhile, vote. Which may not mean shit these days but do it anyway. Pay attention! Stand up for your Voice and rights every chance you get in the old school way. If you are a guy, be a gentleman, etc... if you are a woman, be a woman and be a damn strong woman. Sorry if that offends anyone, but that is how I was raised. Man or Woman learn how to do some shit, to survive. Keep your guns, buy more guns, stock up on ammo, be creative and make weapons of necessity just in case... Think about food and shelter but don't overly think it. Don't be p****s, but don't be assholes. Pay attention. Fly your American Flag every day. I doubt the liberal left really have a clue how many people have actually read the Constitution, much less understand it. And yes the f***ing government is way out of control, that would be an understatement. There is a reason for the 2nd Amendment. But it's also time to stop, think, and choose the way to handle this shit. Underground networking is good. We don't need to be seen as the ones to start anything, but we had better be ready to react and have made the choice to defend this country from our homes and everywhere else if it happens. It's a thin line going on here now. As we have already seen...anything deemed patriotic in this country is "suspect" to the left, too bad..... The more American flags I see the better. But then I live in SC and fortunatly see lots of American flags. Never give up, don't become sheep. And I will say lastly, that I don't' think any of us honestly know what the fuck is about to happen and or how to perfectly deal with it, but something probably will happen and I will never give up... I am willing to die to make sure that my family, friends or anyone in this great country never has to live under socialism, communism or in a police state! *as a last comment, think about how social media has fucked up this country..... Anyone know how to set up a Ham radio? Because something like that or other will be needed, no cell phones etc ...Communication may be an issue in this day and time. think about it.
  2. Anything you can get your hands on can be an "assault" weapon. This crap is all meant to distract. I could duct tape a steak knife on the end of a stick and it would be a weapon. the word "Arms" isn't limited to scary looking guns or even antique muskets. The right to bear Arms means exactly what it says. Arms... Look it up, unless you use google that is. Who knows what you will get on that search. Armaments.... I don't recall it saying guns or "assault" weapons. A revolver is just as deadly as a semi-automatic pistol, depends on how you look at it. How about rocks, spears, arrows and sand in the eyes? come on.. a 1950's single barrel shotgun will put a hurtin' on ya. Is that an assault weapon? Machete, axe, dining utensils? And they wonder why terrorists are using cars and trucks to kill people. Stupid gun laws won't do anything but hurt the US law abiding citizen. I wish people would get a brain and wake up, and realize that freedom is at stake here, our rights are on the line.
  3. I see lots of things in this document that are problems. It is also unfortunate that these "bills" "laws" etc.... are written behind closed doors and We The People have no say in it or rarely even see these documents. The people we elect are unfortunatly almost all corrupt. It makes me sick everyday to hear these "elected" officials talk about what is best for the people or this Country. And the worst part is that no one seems to give a shit! In a perfect world I say clean the slate and get rid of them all and start over, but that won't happen. But I am certain that everyone must stay alert, and be prepared for what may come! Maybe every "elected official" should read the US Constitution for once in thier lives. Then they must watch George Orwell's 1984, oh and by the way, all liberals should read Boris Pasternak's book: Doctor Zhivago and tell me how delightful it is to be a comunist. Sorry, I got off track, but this country is going to Hell in a Hand Basket if people don't pay attention.
  4. Happy New Year! 

  5. Military-Manuals-The-Worst-Case-Scenario-Survival-Handbook.pdf
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


    marilyn gun.jpeg

  7. I found that "article" kind of scary. It seems too much like how the liberals justify the things they don't like in our constitution. I assume that is what it is. Correct me if I am wrong and we can discuss it. Who are these people that write these articles? I can understand how some people just don't understand the United States Constitution, since it's not part of the educational system these days, at least not as it was written if at all. The liberals change the meaning of the Constitution at will if it is not inline with their agenda. Yet they use it, as needed, to achieve their goals, no matter how corrupt. I blame much of this stupidity on the sorry educational system in this country and the horrific media. How many people in this country do you think actually know the history of this country? Aside from the basic liberal propaganda that is? I am willing to bet... not that many. The left believe that it is not a problem to change and make up history. It is Veteran's day. Do any of these people even know what sacrifices have been made to secure their right to be morons?
  8. Thank You to all Veterans!  This includes those currently serving, that have served and those that have given thier lives.  We owe everything to you...


  9. Last shout out! 

    If you don't vote tomorrow, then you have no right to complain and or whine about shit!


    And if we don't win as many seats as we wanted, then we keep on voting and fighting.  Not fighting like the liberal morons do,  but by keeping the faith and preparing for what may happen. Because it may come to an actual fight. Last resort.


    Personally, I  don't want to lose my country,  but I think we have lost too much of it already by not paying attention to the slow chipping away at our constitution and values by these liberals.  They are hiding right before our eyes.... in the media, Hollywood morons and even worse in our schools! 

    This is the worst part of it.  Education in this country is in a sorry state. 

    Take care, vote and stay ready.


  10. VOTE on TUESDAY!! Everyone, needs to do it this mid-term and any other time we can. This one in particular is supremely important! I will try not to say it again on here, but I might...that is how important it is. Take care all and be prepared for the worst and be thankful for the best!
  11. The Modern Survival Retreat.pdf

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