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  1. Re my earlier post from Spinquark about "Social Government"

    PS... this is very serious and disturbing stuff that every American needs to be aware of.  It's this kind of crap that goes on totally "under the radar" of most people.  Unfortunatly, many people just have no idea how scary this kind of sh*t is, especially the young adults in thier 20's etc.  Hopefully, I have taught my 22yr old son enough that he has a clue.  But many young people are easily swayed by social media, some older folks too, unfortunatly...  I am not.  I probably shouldn't even be on here, but it's my only outlet so I stay but am always wary.

    You couldn't pay me to put  a smart speaker in my home, or anyother type of crap that is so totally able to spy on you.  And seriously, how lazy do you have to be these days that you can't do anything for yourself?.  Including researching facts about what is going on in this Country.  Don't fall into the rut of not paying attention!!!!!

  2. More important than ever to stay vigilant in SC than ever. Pay close attention to what our "elected officials" are doing. Sh*t will be passed and go un noticed if we don't. Ok so Mark Sanford is going to challenge Trump in 2020? Seriously? Yeah right. Anybody excited about re-electing Lindsay Graham, who supports and co-wrote the "red flag" bill with Blumenthal..... Seriously? If you don't know what that is look it up. No due prossecess and totally un-constitutional!
  3. TheBlackCat


    Will be praying for ya'll.
  4. https://www.spinquark.com/welcome-to-social-government/


    Everybody needs to read this ENTIRE article.  Scary and everyday that goes by, it gets worse. 


  5. Keep the Faith!  This should be the most important 4th of July ever!  Never forget the sacrifices that so many people have made, the lives lost.... 

    to make this the greatest country in the world. 


    1. jacklegg


      amen sister

  6. Pay attention to what is going on in politics right now.  Popular Vote bill?  Scary.  The dumbing down of America has been going on for years, however, it is at peak level right now.  Conservative voices are being silenced, every second of every day!  We are on the verge of losing this country.  Once lost, it is gone forever.   


    Always at the ready is one thing, paying attention to what the heck is going on in your state and the Country is another.  They both matter, but we must try to stop this sh*t before it gets too out of control.  Do you know how many states have adopted the Popular vote bill?  Look it up.  We the People need to stay on top of this!  Be informed, in more ways than one. 


    Should the SHTF, I will die fighting for the Constitution of the USA, and for the future of my son and my family.  This includes your families as well.  However, I would like to try and stop it before that happens.

    I worry that too many people are "armchair patriots".  Hopefully I am wrong. 

    1. jacklegg


      I totally agree black cat.i my self will die for the constitution and my family and my country and my fellow patriots.everyone must STAY THE CAUSE

    2. jacklegg



    3. WarFox


      I too will fight and die for the constitution and my country.

  7. I am sure I have posted this image before.  So be it.  But lets take a look at the government as of today.... Scary Ya think?  What the F*ck! 

    We Must Pay Attention Every Single Day.

    Lets just say....Hmmmm?


    Eric Swalwell (really dude, I don't think so), Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (dumb as a rock),

    Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (WTF) (disturbing that she even got elected),  then there is "Spartacus" (seriously?)  The freaking list goes on and on.... and then on some more!  Scary sh*t people!


    Google?  Amazon?  Facebook?  Do you want have or want a Siri or Alexa spy device in your home?  Is anyone that fuck*ng lazy or stupid?  How about a self driving car? 

    This Government is compleatly out of control, beyond over reaching, and you better watch out for the tec giants because in the long run, they may be scarier. 


    I'm downsizing to a Dumb phone asap, I still have a landline and won't give it up because they want me to.  This is insane.  I didn't want to do a rant so I'll stop.

    Don't get stuck in the groove and get unaware.  This crap is serious. 










    1. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      Agreed, going to thin down my profile.

  8. The sky just opened on my back deck. Some serious rain! Hope all are well, safe, ready and have a nice Easter weekend!
  9. Some sh*t going on in this country.  Very disturbing and we should be beyond concerned.  2020 is coming and I can't wait to vote.  Lindsay Graham out!  He can't stay on a conservative track. it still blows my mind how he can support and co-author the Evil Blumenthal red flag crap.  

    I live in district 3 so unless he is the only freaking Rebublican running I won't vote for his sorry ass.  Now is the time to be very aware of everything going on more than ever. 

  10. He needs to be voted out. Period. This anti-gun bill thing he is pushing is evil. Harkens back to the days of the witch trials. Don't like your neighbor? Hate your ex? Have a business rival? and many, many more similar things...just call them in and report that you believe that they aren't in their right mind or should never be allowed to have a gun and guess what happens next? You are on the red flag list and this my friends is a scary thing. No due process, nothing. It's a gun grab plain and simple. PS this is a Blumenthal anti gun bill that Graham is pushing that will only hurt law abiding citizens! Of course it won't effect Lindsay Graham, no matter how many guns he has, because the "elected" officials and "Elites" will not have to deal with any of this crap. Just like none of them were or have ever been affected by Obama care or any other bull sh*t they push on us, WE THE PEOPLE....... Just saying.. Vote him OUT!
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