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  1. Thank God for Lindsay Graham today at the "hearings" about kavanaugh.  Note:  Lindsay Graham is not my favorite senator in SC by any means, however, he at least showed some balls with what he said today at this farce of a hearing.  This is some seriously bad crap going on in this country.  It makes me sick and very concerned.  I hope everyone votes this coming mid-term.  We have to also stay prepared, that isn't an option any longer. 

  2. Good day out here in the woods of the Saluda/Newberry/Lexington corner of Lake Murray.
  3. The NRA may not be perfect, but I am a proud Life Member and I think that we have to understand that they, other gun rights groups, militias and WE THE PEOPLE are up against an out of control government. Especially from the compleatly insane left.
  4. You need one of these! Had this hanging in my kitchen for a long time. I got it at a local thrift store after two years of begging them to sell it to me, they finally did. If you would like to have it I'll donate it to you for the cause. Just contact me privately for mailing info and stuff. If you don't want or need it. that is cool too 'cause I really like it. But it seems it may need a new home now.
  5. I shall be back in July. Taking care of some personal/family business.  See ya'll soon!


  6. Yes everyone does need to Think! Born in the USA, have a SS Card?.......Then you're Born on the list. The way things are today, there is almost no privacy left. If you have a "smart" cell phone, you are so easily monitored. No choice these days, really. Try to find a good cell phone that isn't a smart phone. Oh, you may say, why don't you want a smart phone? I can think of a million reasons. Texting all the time, why can you just call a person? Your conversations are easily available to all that want your info. Google owns Android, and the Android OS! I-phones are no better. Unless you want to go to the trouble to root your phone (android only) there is no way to remove all the pre installed crap that automatically is tracking everything you do, where you go etc, and it's still not enough. Sure you can cut off location, sometimes... see how that works for anyone, try to delete some of that crap. You can't. People are giving up serious personal info and more in the name of "Convenience". All these Convenience items are not only spying on you, they make people lazy. You could not pay me to use that Amazon Alexa crap. Really? Why do you think all these companies are fighting for your business? Smart TV, only Internet TV, nothing but on-line connected shit right?, etc.... , etc… Do you really need a “smart” refrigerator? Just another spy tool in your home…. I have an antenna for TV, and that is all the TV I need. If I don’t remember whats in my fridge when shopping, oh well... Who out there wants to ride in a self driving car? Never for me. This shit is totally out of control. Pay with a card that has all your personal info on it and leave a trail for all to see. Pay with your phone, even worse. Even your drivers license is coded and now we need a "real ID" too? Next we might as well allow ourselves to be bar-coded or micro chipped. Think they do not wish that they could do that now? Think again. Yes, Think about all this. Sorry for the rant, but this crap really concerns me.

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