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  1. Why does anyone care if the question "are you a us citizen" is in the census?  Really, do you think anyone that is not a citizen would even answer that question honestly, or at all?  I am a us citizen and I never even get the oportunity to fill out one.  Nor do I ever get polled.   It's crap and does not in anyway end up with reliable information.  But the California "polititians" show thier hand and it tellls us all that illegal voting is a huge issue if they want to stay in office.  Personally, I think illegal voting is above and beyond what we think it is.  This is a Problem. 

    1. Cliff Hanger

      Cliff Hanger

      I agree. The fraudulent voting is off the charts if the truth was fully known. I've been voting since I was 18 and never been polled once


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