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  1. James Comey is a total JackAss and that is an understatement.  Bottom line.  It was not wise of him to "Write a Book".   I'm sorry, but he is a stupid Prick, and he has just added to the pile of shit that makes him so lame, and it shows again how absolutly fucked up the people "in power" are.   I pray to God that the citizens of this Country see this crap for what it is.  Can the pile get any bigger???  I am afraid that it can and will.....and that sucks.

    Poor pitiful Comey.... I've never heard such a triffelin'  Ass spitting out such bull shit.  It's all  trite.  It's too much to listen too without, at the same time, laughing at the same time being very concerned. 

    Who in the hell are these  people and how did they get elected or selected for the positions they hold?  More importantly, how do we get them out of office , I mean seriously....


    Everything that is going on in the "government" right now should make "We the People" very concerned. 

    I for one am totally sick of it..................


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