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  1. A good plan today is better than a great plan next week. Sent a group text to people you want to influence or educate ie  news anchors,  colleges, TV shows whoever, but do it today not tomorrow. We are at a pivotal time and you can play a part in our success. Get off the couch away from the tv and get engaged any way you can, it it all beneficial.  If you have not joined a local militia DO IT TODAY. Make a plan for your family just  in case their is a problem, Their are large groups and billionaire globalist that are not going to let our elections come and go without trouble. George Soros has 20,000 professionally trained trouble makers with plans to hire an additional 30,000 to stage mass disobedience and riots in major cities. The old adage is still true today; divide and conquer, together we are stronger and will be able to withstand whatever they decide to throw at us. What is your back up plan? Hopefully, nothing will happen and we will simply have made a few good friends but preparation is key to surviving a storm, flood, outage, etc. Do something TODAY!  Join Louisiana Militia today-- there is strength in numbers.

  2. Be proactive, make your voice known, email, text, tweet, they are working to pass this bill--- spend some time pushing back let them know your position!!!
  3. Our forefathers saw and history proved 100% of the time governments and people in power will go corrupt, as ours has. Our constitution is a thing of the past currently lawlessness, corruption, deceit and the desire to enslave the population is at full throttle. The liberal communist agenda for world domination is nearly complete. Its hard for most of us to get our heads wrapped around such an EVIL plan but it is the truth. Read your Bible For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. ACT NOW do something today stop procrastinating the enemy is not only at your door its in you phone, television, computer and every position of power. Failure to act equals assured destruction. While its easy to be consumed with the negative, focus on positive things you can do to protect the people you love your family, friends and neighbors. Get off the devices and talk with people. We are all in this together we can prevail however it will require the participation of everyone.

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