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  1. A good plan today is better than a great plan next week. Sent a group text to people you want to influence or educate ie  news anchors,  colleges, TV shows whoever, but do it today not tomorrow. We are at a pivotal time and you can play a part in our success. Get off the couch away from the tv and get engaged any way you can, it it all beneficial.  If you have not joined a local militia DO IT TODAY. Make a plan for your family just  in case their is a problem, Their are large groups and billionaire globalist that are not going to let our elections come and go without trouble. George Soros has 20,000 professionally trained trouble makers with plans to hire an additional 30,000 to stage mass disobedience and riots in major cities. The old adage is still true today; divide and conquer, together we are stronger and will be able to withstand whatever they decide to throw at us. What is your back up plan? Hopefully, nothing will happen and we will simply have made a few good friends but preparation is key to surviving a storm, flood, outage, etc. Do something TODAY!  Join Louisiana Militia today-- there is strength in numbers.


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