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  1. Megatron - "Islamic Jihadi Cop" If you can make the jump, from what I have said to THAT conclusion, then you are completely batshit and live in your own little reality. I'm done. Do a little victory dance, growl at your reflection while flexing, tell everyone ya chased me off but I have no intention of going back an forth with someone si delusional. Ripcannon - "friggin FNG is pro=muslim". First of all, why the double "F"? We all know what the "f" in "fng" stands for and it negates the need for "friggin". Second NO I am not "pro muslim", I am Muslim. Oddly, not an apologist, either. I do not make excuses for Muslims who commit atrocities, I generally advocate their quick execution. But yes, I have lots of muslim friends, pray at Mosque, and avoid bacon. I guess that is reason enough to ignore the other attributes of mine, like - spent many years honoring an oath I took to uphold the Constitution, posted my county of residence, and made efforts to contact "militia" for the purposes of preparatory training (never heard back). WMD - your link is silly. I think I have seen all I need to from our "militia". Good luck and God speed
  2. Yea, I have lived all over Florida and it is very different, from area to area. I've passed through Texas a bunch of times. I never lived there, but stayed a few days here an there.
  3. I was originally born there and had spent about the last 20 or so years in a row there. Had nothing against the place, but never really saw anything special about it, either, compared to anywhere else. Got offered a job in a state that seemed like it would be a good place to live and, so far, it has been. It is weird, I don't miss Florida at all.
  4. No, I just missed that one on the list, I'm actually going to sleep. Don't say "sharia law" thats the same as saying "PIN number". If I'm not mistake, it is like saying religious law law. I follow sharia, to the best of my ability AND I see to it that my family does as well. God's laws are not mine to enforce, He really doesn't need my help. In fact, there are VERY FEW places in the Q'uran where man is responsible for dishing out punishment for sin. Seriously, almost none, read it. In fact God specifically tell the Prophet Muhammad that he is simply a warner. As for denying pleasure, you are confusing two different procedures - cutting off a girl's clitoris would be the same as cutting off a boy's penis and YES would most definitely make sex less fun. What is far more common is female circumcision in which the clitoral hood is removed which is the same as cutting the foreskin off a dick. I am opposed to all of it. I don't think God forgot to finish the job. Kinda think we should leave his work alone and keep knives away from babies' genitals
  5. As for the mutilation of women - I differ from most of my "brothers" in this regard. Male circumcision is considered compulsory, by most Muslims. This stems from a Hadith. I have read verses in the Q'uran that lead me to believe it is actually forbidden (ironic, eh) and I am not alone. There are other Muslims (albeit a minority) who do not believe we are meant to be circumcised. In my opinion - genital mutilation is the same, regardless of the baby's gender. It is not somehow OK for boys and evil for girls. Slaves - the Q'uran makes it pretty clear God is not a big fan of slavery. While He does not out right ban it, He seems to suggest "freeing a slave" as penance for SEVERAL different sins.
  6. According to the Q'uran, that are not. Again, it is very important to distinguish between the Q'uran and Hadith. This is actually where the division, in Islam, occurs. This would be like saying people who pluck out their eye are following the true teachings of Jesus (Matthew 5:29). Or tying a millstone around the neck and drowning (Luke 17:3). I do not think I would say that the folks who do these things are the "true form" of Christianity nor would I expect Christians to reform their religion to prevent such madness.
  7. Oh you'll find no argument here about there being violent and evil Muslims. I don't believe it is exclusive to our religion however. I've been a cop long enough see that no particular race, religion, political party, etc has a monopoly on doing heinous shit. People tend to confuse the culture and practices of people in an area with their religious beliefs, tho. For example - I used to work in a no BS str8up GHETTO. Kids murdered for tennis shoes, the whole deal. I dare say 80%+ of the people in that area identified as "Christian". However, I don't say I worked a Christian neighborhood and have seen how trashy they are. As weird as it will sound - don't let "Muslims" ruin Islam, for you. All of us are different and view the scriptures from a different perspective. Also, when looking at an "Islamic" belief or practice, determine whether it it's from the Q'uran our Hadith. There is a BIG difference. Salam
  8. It's all good, y'all believe what you want. I'm not trying to change anybody's opinion. I will correct you on one thing, however - "You're not fooling people here" and "....from your lies". If you actually knew me, you would know - I never lie or seek to fool anyone. It is actually one of the things that makes me considered odd - 100% honesty with absolutely no fear of the consequences. Been that way forever. So, you wanna hate Islam, hey rock on. But if you think I am liar, you are way off base. Like flat earth off base
  9. So.... You've read the Q'uran? Do you know the difference between Q'uran and hadith? Or what sunnah is? Or how any of these things govern the way a Muslim is supposed to conduct him/herself? Do you know why there was "Taqiya" or what it was actually intended for? Not trying to be a dick but you really are demonstrating a HUGE misunderstanding Islam and perpetuating myths that I'm guessing you just heard others rattle off when they were cherry picking verses and "facts" for an anti Muslim rant. Be very careful what you allow yourself to believe. Think about it, for a second - if you knew nothing about guns, how many YouTube videos would you have to watch, about the evils of "high power military grade weaponry in the hands of civilians" before you were convinced the AR15 has no place in our community the same way you are convinced "Islam is not compatible with Western values"?
  10. This!!!! 100% On right wing sites I have seen far too many people believe in: FREEDOM!!! (for every who shares my particular ideology and is not what I would consider odd) I get it. Tyranny ain't so bad.... as long as yer rollin with tyrants. Personally, I find that slope WAY TOO slippery and stay off if it. I'm quick to say "leave them alone" (so long as they haven't committed a (legitimate*) crime. Liberty means accepting that others have a right to do things you find offensive. * "legitimate crime" is one in which a "tort" can be shown. Have I hurt another? Have I taken or destroyed the property of another? Then I have not committed a "crime"
  11. I'm sure that has something to do with it. Especially seeing as how most "decent" folks are always like "oh we're gonna wait until she finishes college, before having kids" or "after we put down on a house" so... Yea, I'm sure that is some of it BUT there is more to it than that and I am an example. I was raised in a Christian environment. My parents were laid back about it, I listened to rock, my dad drank beer, but it was a Christian family and the idea of right/wrong was instilled in me. I married a Buddhist, later in life. Not an American Buddhist, either, I was married while in S.E. Asia. Here's the odd part - I eventually reverted to Islam. I had very few Muslim friends, there never was any pressure or even suggestion. There were Christian influences and Buddhist influences, no Islamic influences. I just naturally gravitated towards it because I was definitely a mono deist and the explanation seemed so much more realistic to me than what I had heard in Church. I was never able to accept that Jesus was a Deity or wrap my head around the Trinity. Islam gave me a way to practice the same values and worship my Creator without subscribing to things I did not believe were real. My point - There are other reasons Islam is gaining popularity.

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We are a community of concerned patriots who are not overly confident in the current direction of our society, from the wild political climate to what can be summed up as a lack of morals or a complete void of integrity and pretty much a blatant disregard of respect..... Respect for our past, respect for our future and respect for each other. In order to protect our constitution and life as we know it, we decided to not be the silent majority anymore and pull our selves up by the bootstraps and make the world a better place. This website is to unite people like us, people who want to make a difference ... and do it the right way, Little did we know that in doing so we would create the number one militia community online. Here we are. Enjoy.


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