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  1. I would be interested in the 'bases' you've covered. I have come to not trust ANY media, even media who are supposed to be 2nd amendment supporters do us more harm than good sometimes. My opinion is that anything less than our 'final approval' in legal contract form is suspect.
  2. I'm back, what does your schedule look like??? When is a good day to hook up?

  3. Sounds good to me, keep us posted as to time/place.
  4. Right on Fixer! I would like to say that parenting classes are needed, but who would be the teachers?? And for grownup kids who are passing on skewed parenting principles from my generation of parental slackers it's already too late.
  5. It's such a big deal now because the media, as usual, is making it a big deal, and getting a very small vocal minority to speak loudly through them. The media has ALWAYS been the inciter (if that's a word...if not, you know what I mean). PC is out of control thanks to them...in my opinion.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Of course ole Hil is gonna ban assault-defined rifles and over-capacity magazines, we all know that. But I suspect she will hit the ammo market really hard, either via taxation or some other means. In the meantime, the closer we get to November the more panic buying will set in. This has changed my immediate ammo acquisition and storage plans substantially.
  7. Unfortunately Tazz, you speak the truth. My family is in LE, and I worry about (1.) my LEO family members having to make that decision, and (2.) the possibility that I may have to face them from the other side. My family means everything to me but there will be decisions that must be made by all of us as to where we stand. I can only hope that I can convince them that standing together to defend freedom is more important than a paycheck from a corrupt government.
  8. A good responsible father should start his children as early as possible so that their safe handling respect for firearms is automatic . Good job fixer!
  9. I reload for my personal needs - practice, hunting, defense - .380, 9mm, 40s&w, 45acp, .223, & .308. For my needs and wants, I get a little nervous if my total on hand goes below 10k, so I will then start weekend reloading sessions. I'll buy .22LR when it's affordable and have approx. 5k.
  10. Hello, my name is Gary. I am a gunsmith and FFL in the Colorado mountains. Very happy to see the creation of this site. Its values align perfectly with mine. Thanks for the add. Hope to see more like-minded Coloradoans here soon.

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