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  1. We need to have a place to continue communications. facebook is deleting many accounts. 

    1. LetFreedomRing


      The place is right here:




      It's what this site was built for.

    2. Keith Boehmer

      Keith Boehmer

      I know trying to get others to meet up here . this is a great place for reference material and INFO.  

  2. All quiet here in Pocahontas county. We just buggin in for now
  3. I will get back with Freqs and times for radio net in the future along with clandestine link up SOPs I have no plans to "Bug out" rather I will be Buggin in right here in Pocahontas county. More to follow Keep your Eyes and Ears open.
  4. Pocahontas County RED6 Checkin in. All quiet here but eyes and ears wide open.
  5. keep your eyes and ears open signs are everywhere. Thank God West Virginia has Constitutional carry law. If your state doesn't, get working on it.
  6. Im looking for more posts from West Virginia, looking for county to county points of contact.
  7. Don't know why you would get kicked off its worked well for me for years. check with Admin.
  8. Gathering resources in a rural environment is all about knowing where to find what you need. many things can be left in place until needed but have a plan on how to access items when needed. Working on a list like a near by tower that could be used for communication and enough wire to place an antenna on it. Water storage etc.
  9. I don't have any training plans. I am just the point of contact for Pocahontas county.
  10. Need to put together a partisan link up network for WV. I am the POC for Pocahontas Co. Let me know who you are and where so we can set something up. Radio Frqs ETC.
  11. I am here as the POC (Point Of Contact) for Pocahontas Co. WV.  

    First responder and Partisan link up coordinator.  

  12. Happy New year Patriots 

    This is a great platform with a mass of information.

    Everyone has something to contribute and we can all learn from it

    Thanks to all my Brothers and Sisters In My Militia. RED6, ][ ][ ][ %er

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