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  1. Never been in that position so I don't know, but; you could request one of the LEO's to be present when you get your kids or someone from child services so there is a witness. Notify child services and/or department of justice in Salem. Document everything-names,times, date, detail, reactions, and outcomes. Will pray for a good outcome.
  2. Good move and I would like to see it happen more. Money talks BS walks, and all these sniveling corporations care about is the bottom line. On a side note, I quit B of A almost two decades ago when they were actively giving home loans to known illegals (surely this had no impact on the housing bubble and crash ;)). They are the worst of the worst for banks IMHO.
  3. So maybe guns do account for the majority of suicides and I am in no way minimizing it's impact on families and friends- I've only known two people who have taken their own lives; one not very well and the other I hadn't seen in a decade after I moved out of the state. All that to say in the last year people in the area have stepped in front of trains, jumped off bridges, intentionally overdosed, probably cut themselves to bleed to death, etc. The point is that when people are that desperate they'll find a way.
  4. I often think about disappearing and going "dark" off the grid. I'd say 99.9% of the homeless I've run into and bums, addicts, or mentally ill. I do acknowledge that life on the street can make you crazy if you're not already, but I digress. What I think about for myself is more in line with the mountain men who walked out of society and chose to live a different lifestyle. It was a difficult life not for the faint of heart or lazy, like many of today's homeless. So many people today can't take solitude and are lost without either people around or an electronic gadget to keep them company. Ah, but alas I am a responsible husband who won't walk out on my family like so many others today do.
  5. I gotta say that the LEO's are one of the wildcards in any SHTF situation. I was highly disappointed by some local PD members I've known for years and their response to talk of 2A; one abruptly just walked away. The local Sherriffs deputies seem a little more aligned but not 100%. I attended a rally a couple months back and you could feel the disdain from some of the "peace keepers" who were watching attendees. As far as gangs, I believe some are certainly heavily armed and won't be squeamish in using violence. Hopefully they'll start by dispensing with their rivals first leaving less for the rest of us to worry about. Lastly, we can't even be sure how our friends and family are going to respond if the going gets tough. All that to say keep your powder dry.
  6. I'm confused; you're not interested in meeting and talking offline or no the original message didn't go through No big deal if you don't want to meet it won't hurt my feelings.
  7. Resister, just to clear up one thing; there is a difference between being anti-immigrant and opposed (or anti) to illegal immigration. I know you don't like or subscribe to the term "illegal immigrant" but it is the common parlance in this debate. I for one am not in the least opposed to immigrants or immigration. I'm married to an immigrant, was adopted by an immigrant family as a teenager and have worked with numerous immigrants of both varieties. The problem is the theft of your, mine, and every other posters' here property. I know you addressed that point earlier, but it is worth repeating. Sometimes a short term solution must be put in place while the long term solution is devised. Again, much of this is a moot point as you too have admitted we no longer live in a strictly constitutional republic and we have slim odds of coming out without a fight.
  8. Yeah that makes sense. I stumbled upon a white sepratist group who have a private housing community in I think Wyoming or Idaho. My stance is similar in people being free to associate with whom they choose, and vice versa. I believe it's more than skin tone though that really makes the difference. I know many non-whites who fully embrace American culture. Of course they're not the ones drinking the Kool aid supplied by the ever present hand of government. One thing people don't like is the idea of voluntarily being uncomfortable, and absolute liberty may well be uncomfortable. So it is up to the individual at that time to make a decision that they will have to live with, and that requires personal responsibility, and Shazam!! We're back to being uncomfortable.
  9. So Resister, do you consider yourself a white sepratist? Mind you I said sepratist not supremacist, as I believe there is a big difference. Also please keep in mind that I am not trying to call you names. I think you make some well reasoned arguments. I do want to hear more solutions to balance out the holes you've poked in wall/immigration debate.
  10. I don't know if I'm on board with everything you've written there Resister, but it's worth pondering. I've said for a couple decades the way to stop illegal immigration is to punish those who employ them, and I don't mean a slap on the wrist. It's like denying a fire it's fuel; it will burn itself out. The unfortunate thing is that depressed wages hurt everyone, except the politicians on both sides, whom it actually helps. I don't think a day went by as a kid I didn't hear my dad say "a hungry people will follow anyone" and today they're not really even hungry- just greedy and envious. Lord knows it'll be ugly when it hits the fan.
  11. I think there are two issues- the first is training. I too have experienced difficulty in assembling a large group or finding one that doesn't splinter quickly due to egos. The second issue, which Resister is championing, is education. On this, you can count the public school system out of any meaningful and productive outcome. Homeschool and parochial schools( for the most part), are the answer for the young. For adults you almost need a hook to get them in the door and then the interested ones you have a shot at. I had two terrific opportunities to educate a captive audience at a Christian men's breakfast. I wasn't activity recruiting cause I didn't have a group at the time, but I had great conversation and got people thinking. As for training, we vet our members pretty carefully. Two consecutive meetings with a quarom in town before they're invited to train on the range or in the brush. Eliminate the hotheads and racists right out of the box. We've never fielded more than 6 full members at a time and have remained at 4 for the last year and half. I would like a bigger group and I'd like to cross train with other groups, but the ego issue rears its head again. Good discussion I'm enjoying it.
  12. Resister, I read all of your posts you linked above and at first blush I don't disagree. I worked with local groups like the tea party, 9-12 groups, local political party, gave seminars ( best word I can think of for them), attended seminars, supported and opposed politicians. However I am torn, for I believe the proverbial ' horse has left the barn.' As much as I pray and continue to hold out hope for a peaceful solution, I fear it's too little too late. I'll continue to vote, make calls, send letters (probably the most effective means), and try to change minds. Keep up the good work.
  13. Slander, defamation, and yelling fire in a crowded theater cause or can cause harm to an individual. My unalienable right to bear arms causes no one any harm.
  14. Hey Jerald, I sent you a PM the other day. Maybe it didn't go through. I'm more or less in your area mid valley Salem so maybe we should connect for a coffee and talk.
  15. Good thoughts there. I agree and am often amazed/disappointed at the cult of personality for Trump that exists. Almost to a person this was condemned by the Right when Obama was the object of worship.

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