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  1. I need to read more, but possession of weapons? Unless he was a felon or otherwise adjudicated as being unable to possess weapons I fail to see any justification. Without knowing where this took place I suppose the weapons in question might be illegal but either way, sounds like excessive force.
  2. I picked up a Gosky 12x50 monocular for around $50 on amazon last summer and I like it a lot. Not heavy, fairly compact, and good clear definition out probably 250 yards (?). The one downside is no strap. It has a cheesy wrist strap but I'm in the process of figuring out a different system.
  3. Still stuck in the williamette valley, still looking for work in Idaho. Plenty of others now too with the massive layoffs and what I suspect will be the second Great Depression our country will endure.
  4. Fortunately I'm well north of the AO Klamath Falls. All the psychos, racists, and low IQ loudmouths are the reason the lamestream media can continually beat up on the militia. Shows the importance of proper vetting of any and all members.
  5. Hello h53jolly. Welcome. What area are you located in?
  6. So it looks like no one's been here from Idaho for a while. I'm planning a move to the Boise area in the next few months before the end of the year. Hoping I can join up with a group for regular training and community involvement.
  7. Does anyone remember what forum, category, or whatever heading the copies of the Field Manuals is listed under? Thanks.
  8. Good thoughts and words Fixer. My plans for 2019 are to make all my preps deeper in anticipation of TSHTF. I was thinking about it just today that the political left are openly calling for violence against those they disagree with. This won't end well. It's only a matter of time before the violence escalates and lives are lost. Then what? One side or the other will have the perceived moral authority to quash the other side, which will be like throwing gasoline on a fire, in my opinion. God help us all at that point because once that train leaves the station it ain't slowing down for a while. Pray for cooler heads to prevail but also pray for the resolve to stay the course when it gets difficult.
  9. I'm in the beginning stages of starting a new group. There is an active group north of me in Portland and I know of at least one more militia locally that does not have a presence on this site.
  10. Hmm. Watched the ad and I think I only recognized 2 of paid liars. I think I'm as disconnected from homowood as they are from real Americans. Not to worry though, they'll be safe no matter what with their armed security.
  11. Any Salem area patriots interested in starting a Bible study? Let me know if you're interested.
  12. Never been in that position so I don't know, but; you could request one of the LEO's to be present when you get your kids or someone from child services so there is a witness. Notify child services and/or department of justice in Salem. Document everything-names,times, date, detail, reactions, and outcomes. Will pray for a good outcome.
  13. Good move and I would like to see it happen more. Money talks BS walks, and all these sniveling corporations care about is the bottom line. On a side note, I quit B of A almost two decades ago when they were actively giving home loans to known illegals (surely this had no impact on the housing bubble and crash ;)). They are the worst of the worst for banks IMHO.
  14. So maybe guns do account for the majority of suicides and I am in no way minimizing it's impact on families and friends- I've only known two people who have taken their own lives; one not very well and the other I hadn't seen in a decade after I moved out of the state. All that to say in the last year people in the area have stepped in front of trains, jumped off bridges, intentionally overdosed, probably cut themselves to bleed to death, etc. The point is that when people are that desperate they'll find a way.
  15. I often think about disappearing and going "dark" off the grid. I'd say 99.9% of the homeless I've run into and bums, addicts, or mentally ill. I do acknowledge that life on the street can make you crazy if you're not already, but I digress. What I think about for myself is more in line with the mountain men who walked out of society and chose to live a different lifestyle. It was a difficult life not for the faint of heart or lazy, like many of today's homeless. So many people today can't take solitude and are lost without either people around or an electronic gadget to keep them company. Ah, but alas I am a responsible husband who won't walk out on my family like so many others today do.

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