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  1. Hello everyone. I am Bo Perrin. I am an instructor in the Russian Martial Arts (Systema, Russian Combat Arts). I am presenting seminars to introduce the basics of the Russian Knife work. Here's the info.

    Knife Training flyer1 (Red Logo).pdf

  2. If you are a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT, that loves the UNITED STATES and our CONSTITUTION and hates the way the Left Wing Socialist Trash and the TRAITOR POLITICIANS on both sides are pushing their Socialist/Communist agenda on this country, then get up off your asses and off the couch and put down the cell phones, video games and computers and join with us and train with us as a free citizen militia and help us fight these evil bastards and keep the United States of America free and for AMERICANS ! Help us put a end to illegal immigration and help us defend our borders with any means necessary, since our elected government officials seem not to care about AMERICANS that have fought and worked, died,sweated and bleed for this country! We the People do not owe illegal immigrants one dang thing!!! People, we re heded for another civil war in this country and it is a lot closer in comming than you might realize! Our economy simply can not support millions of new illegal immigrants that are flooding across our borders by the thousands, bringing with them diseases, drugs,human trffickers for trhe sex slave industry supported by the rich! Gangs and Islmic terriorists are also slipping into this country thru our open borders by way of Mexico! Black muslim islamic immigrnts from Africa are now making way into our country thru Mexico! A bunch of them were caught in the last two weeks! NOW IS THE TIME TO EITHER JOIN UP AND MAKE A STAND WHILE YOU STILL CAN OR GO ON DOING NOTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE NO MORE FREEDOMS GUARATEED BY OUR CONSTITUTION ! President Trump will more than likely be the last Republican President in the country unless WE THE PEOPLE unite nd stand together as Patriots and end the Lwft Wing Socialist and Islamic Agenda! If you want to join our cause, contact me and I will gladly sign you up and welcome you to our organization, The Alabama Oathkeepers III% Militia! [email protected]
  3. Well, for all you would be Patriots that like to crow and talk loud about what you would do IF THIS OR THAT! Well folks, IF, Has already started in our own State of Alabama! The FBI busted up a Muslim Terrorist training camp in Tuskeegee, Alabama and arrested 4 Muslims that were training and recruiting kids to carry out terrorist attacks in this country! Since they are kids, I suspect a lot of those attacks were geared toward our own State of Alabama! People, it can't get any closer than that unless we are actually a victim of one of those planned attacks! We have no idea of what these people have already got in motion before they got arrested and we do not know how many kids or adults they already have trained! We are now just waiting on a place and time for something to happen! Patriots, Militia members, if you are sitting on your hands and not taking the serious threat of Muslim /Islamic control over religion, the invasion of illegal immigrants and the trouble that is bringing, such s drug, human trafficking, gangs and vast overcrowding of the population in this country and the spread of socialism and a one world global system with the United Nations as the world police force and the disbanding our Constitution, then you had better start training and get your equipment and supplies in order and get ready to defend your freedoms! If you are not a member of an active training Militia unit, JOIN ONE! If you are a member or members of a militia with two or three members, then find one with enough members to train, fight and protect each other and your families! If you are looking for a member in North Alabama, our unit, The Alabama Oathkeepers III% Militia would welcome you to join our group! The time has come for every man and woman patriot to come together as one and stand up and fight this mess in our country and send it packing to somewhere else!
  4. To all members and recruits or other Militia Units that want to come to our May31st-June 2nd Camp/meeting, please read the below memo! The location for the camp/meeting will be in Bankhead National Forrest at wolf pen campground! It is extremely primitive! No water or restrooms! Please make sure you bring plenty of water to drink and to wash off if you want to! You will need toilet paper or wet wipes also! There is a toilet down the road about a mile from where we are camping but it does not have running water! You will also need a lantern of some kind to light your tent area so you can see! Please be sure to bring a chair, notebook with pen or pencil .tent and cot or sleeping pad and sleeping bag! You will probably want to bring a cooler to keep your drinks and food in! Bring enough food for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch! Bring your pistol and your rifle and a minimum of 50 rounds of ammo for each one! You can bring as much ammo as you want to and shoot as much as you want to. They have extended the range to 100 yards and have improved the old wood shooting tables to nice smooth concrete shooting tables.( They have also done this at the Swan Creek shooting range in Decatur and have also put in a skeet range! ) When you get in camp at wolf pen campground at Bankhead forest, leave your rifles and shotguns in your vehicle, unloaded! If you have an Alabama pistol permit you can wear your pistol or keep it inside your tent! If you do not have a permit, leave your pistol in your vehicle and lock the door! Our vehicles will be parked around where we will be camping! I am going to get there early in the day and set up our camp and gather some firewood for a fire! Bring insect repellent and sevins dust if you have it to sprinkle around your tent area to keep the ticks away! If you have some firewood handy, bring some with you! The range is about 5 miles from where we will be camping! Use your GPS on your phone and type in wolf pen campground Bankhead Forrest and it will take you right to the place! If you think you are in the wilderness and your GPS has made a mistake, You are in the right place! There is a small white post with wolf pen campground on it that you can see, but look close! If you go to the bridge over the Sipsey river picnic area, you have gone too far! There is cell phone service there, but you will only get one or two bars! There is a $3.00 fee per vehicle to use the range! I hope to see everyone there and please remember to bring your money for your patches, $55.00 per person!
  5. Hello to all Central and Northern Alabama and Middle Tennessee Militia Units! Brother and Sister Patriots, Join with us and let us be one big united fighting force! There is strength in numbers! Small units cannot make it on their own in an SHTF type of situation! I have a plan to build the largest fighting Militia Force in North Alabama! It will be a force to be reckoned with! When an SHTF situation occurs and I think it could be as early as 5 years if President Trump gets re-elected and I pray he does, but after that who knows?? I do know one thing if the democrats get back in office many of all of our Constitutional rights are going out the window and the 2nd, our right to bear arms, will be the first to go and gun confiscation is very likely to start! I have already had posts removed from Craigslist and facebook trying to recruit members for our Militia unit! This is a violation of free speech! If you are a small unit of 20 or less, you can not stand alone and survive in an SHTF world! There are too many gang members and organized thugs that will be let out of our prisons because there will not be guards to control them, so they will be turned out to prey on the helpless! If you are just having a monthly meeting and just running around in your camo BDU's playing soldier in the day and drinking beer at night, you are just playing a game with yourselves! I have a plan to train a large force and have a mounted horseback cavalry unit for long range scouting and foraging missions, a sniper/scout unit, an artillery unit that uses portable black powder cannons wit special made rounds to defend our camp and to provide offensive fire against our enemies until we can capture the real thing! I will have a mobile strike force that uses ATV 's and dirt bikes to hit the enemy fast and swiftly, then have an infantry close in and engage the enemy as our artillery units advance the small cannons and mortars forward and barrage the enemy! We will have radio operators, ham radio operators, logistic and supply personnel, Medics and Doctors and cooks and a designated force to stay with the camp at all times to defend and protect the camp and our families! I understand that every unit has its own people and knows them and what they can do, so I am going to make the heads of these other units, officers and have their personnel under their command if at all possible! I am not here to play Army like we did when we were kids! I am dead serious about creating one large overwhelming force of Militia Patriots of all sexes, races, creeds, colors, etc. with no discrimination! I would like to see an all-woman fighting unit! IF ANY OTHER MILITIA UNITS THAT READ THIS AND UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE A SERIOUS MILITIA GROUP AND ARE NOT HERE TO PLAY GAMES OUR GET INTO A PISS FIGHT OVER RANK< PLEASE NOTIFY ME! I ONLY WANT SERIOUS UNITS TO CONTACT ME! YOU CAN WEAR YOUR OWN UNITS PATCH, BUT YOU WILL ALSO BE REQUIRED TO WEAR A PATCH THAT ALL OF THE HEAD OFFICERS OF EACH UNIT WILL AGREE ON AS A UNITED PATCH SO WE CAN ALL IDENTIFY EACH OTHER AS BEING IN OUR ALLIANCE! OUR UNIT IS JUST STARTING OUT AND WE ALREADY HAVE 14 MEMBERS WITH MORE RECRUITS CONTACTING ME every day, INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR UNIT! I AM A DISABLED MARINE CORPS VETERAN, MACHINEGUNNER AND A RETIRED GAME WARDEN, GUNSMITH, BLADE SMITH<BLACK SMITH< HORSE TRAINER AND BASICALLY A JACK OF ALL TRADES! I AM VERY UP TO SPEED IN OUTDOOR SURVIVAL AND TRAPPING AND FISHING AND HUNTING TECHNIQUES< SHELTER BUILDING<FIRE STARTING<BOOBY TRAP BUILDING, ETC! BUT!!! I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING AND I HAVE PLENTY OF ROOM TO LEARN NEW THINGS!! THAT IS WHY I THINK AN ALLIANCE OF ALL THE SMALL UNITS INTO ONE GREAT BIG UIT THAT KNOWS HOW TO WORK AND MOVE TOGETHER IS THE BEST WAY TO GO! PATRIOT'S INDIVIDUALISM IS ONLY A WAY TO PERISH ON THE BATTLEFIELD! IT IS MY GOAL FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT IS IN OUR ALLIANCE GETS THE BEST CARE, FOOD, CLOTHING AND SHELTER POSSIBLE WHEN OUR COUNTRY COMPLETELY GOES TO THE DOGS, AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IF THE DEMORATS EVER GET BACK IN THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! WE ALSO MUST STAND TOGETHER AND STOP ILLEGAL INVADERS ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDERS! WE MUST STOP THE SPREAD OF ISLAM IN THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE IT IS A MURDEROUS PLAGUE ON THIS COUNTRY! WE HAVE GOT TO PUT A SUDDEN STOP TO THE PUSH FOR SOCIALISM AND GLOBALISM IN OUR COUNTRY! PATRIOT'S WE HAVE GOT TO UNITE AND BE AS ONE FORCE!! 10 OR 30 PEOPLE ALONE CAN NOT DO ANY GOOD < BUT A UNITED FORCE CAN SCREW UP A LOT OF TRAITORS!! I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A HUNDRED LIKES TO THIS POST! I WANT TO SEE A HUNDRED SMALL MILITIA UNITS AND PATRIOT AND PREPPER GROUPS TO JOIN THIS PROPOSED ALLIANCE! CONTACT ME AT [email protected], com IF YOU WANT TO JOIN WITH US TO FORM AN ALLIANCE! AN OATH FOR FREEDOM! AN OATH TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION! AN OATH TO THE FREE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES! AN OATH TO GOD ABOVE AND AN OATH TO OUR FAMILIES THAT WE WILL ALL PROTECT THOSE THAT CAN NOT PROTECT AND PROVIDE FOR THEMSELVES! I ALSO WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT WE WILL PROTECT OUR COMMUNITIES FROM THE HORDES THAT WILL TRY AND PREY ON THEM WHEN THE SHTF AND THE WELFARE SYSTEM AND FREE FOOD RUNS OUT! I ALSO WANT TO ADD THAT WE WILL NOT STAND WITH ANY CONVICTED FELON THAT HAS ROBBED, RAPED SOMEONE, MOLESTED A CHILD, OR KILLED SOMEONE WITH A WEAPON WHILE ROBBING THEM, ETC! WE WILL VETT ANYONE THAT HAS A RECORD!!! WE WILL NOT STAND WITH ANY CHILD MOLESTER, RAPIST, THIEF, MUSLIM THAT PRACTISES ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW< ANY GROUP THAT IS RACIST, OR ANY GROUP THAT IS ANTI GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND WE WILL NOT CONDONE ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY! I SINCERELY HOPE THAT EVERY SINGLE UNIT IN THE STATE OF ALABAMA AND TENNESSEE JOINS OUR ALLIANCE!! MISSISSIPPI UNITS ARE ALSO WELCOMED! ,
  6. Welcome Brothers and Sisters! We would be very glad to ally with your unit! Feel free to come to our meeting at Bankhead National Forrest on May 31st until June 2, at the double springs campground. We are just going to do paperwork, have some classes and go to the range so I can see who can and can't shoot, so I can help the ones that need help! I got a lot of things in store for our unit! I plan on having an artillery unit, a sniper scout unit, a mounted horseback cavalry/long range scouting and foraging unit, infantry and a mounted ATV and Dirt bike assault mobile unit! We will have cooks, logistic and supply people and radio operators and a ham radio station in the field. We are serious about starting and building up a large fighting force that will be hell to reckon with! If the SHTF, we will be the number one dog on the block in our area of Alabama! If we all join together, no one can defeat us! We will protect our own fighters and our families! JOIN US!!
  7. Hello, I am Earl Webb, The Commanding officer of the Alabama Oathkeepers III% Militia Unit! I want to personally invite any Alabama or Tennessee Militia Unit that is loyal to the Constitution of the United States and does not discriminate as to race or sex .etc., to become allies with us and train and fight together! Our unit has plans to have a horseback-mounted cavalry unit that will do long-range patrols and foraging for food and supplies, a mechanized ATV and Dirt Bike Fighting unit, a Medical team, cooks, communications team, logistics, and supply team, an artillery unit that will man small portable black powder cannons/mortars, sniper-scout teams, camp defense teams and of course infantry units a chaplain and we want to have the first all-woman fighting unit! LADIES THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHOW THE MEN WHAT YOU CAN DO! WHERE ARE ALL MY SISTER MARINE CORPS VETERANS??? IF YOU HAVE A MALL UNIT WITH JUST A FEW MEMBERS, UNITE YOUR UNIT WITH OURS AND YOUR OFFICERS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE OFFICERS IN OUR UNIT! IF YOU ARE A LARGE UNIT AND WANT TO FORM AN ALLIANCE WITH US, YOU CAN GO ON BORDER PATROL MISSIONS UNDER OUR NATIONAL ORGANIZATION UMBRELLA, WWW.OATHKEEPERS.ORG. THERE IS SAFETY IN NUMBERS AND A GREAT ADVANTAGE FOR UNITS TO TRAIN TOGETHER TO GET TO KNOW THEIR BROTHER AND SISTER MILITIA MEMBERS AND KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM IN THE TIME OF ACTION! A LARGE UNITED FORCE WILL SCARE THE HELL OUT OF THE SOCIALISTS OR UN PEACEKEEPERS THE GLOBALISTS CALL IN TO TRY AND ESTABLISH THEIR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT OR THE SPREAD OF ISLAM IN THIS COUNTRY! UNITS MUST NOT DISCRIMINATE AS TO RACE OR SEX AND MUST SWEAR AN OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES! WE WELCOME ALL OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS TO JOIN US!
  8. I knew the only job she was suited for was to dress up in lingerie, high hills, and a short coat and stand on a street corner in q red light district and solicit customers! CAN YOU SAY HOOKER?????
  9. Are you the Unit That Contacted our unit, The Alabama Oathkeepers III% Militia about becoming Allies with us? I lost the message somehow and have been searching for the unit! I am Earl Webb, The Founder/Commander of the unit! Please contact me at [email protected] if you are the group or if you are interested in forming an Alliance with us! There is strength in numbers and we have plans to have a horseback-mounted long-range patrol/foraging unit, artillery unit that will use black powder cannons/mortars, Snipers, Medical personnel, cooks, Mechanized ATV unit, a chaplain, and a search and rescue unit mounted horseback and ATV that will work with local authorities! We are also training a unit to go to the Arizona border where we have been asked to come. We are covered under the www.oathkeepers.org National Umbrella! I hope to hear from you soon! We will have our next training session at Bankhead National Forrest campground on May 31st until June 2nd! We will also go to the range there to do a little hooting so I can see who needs help and give a firearms safety class!
  10. HELLO, This is Earl WebbmnCommander of the Alabama Oathkeepers III% Militia! I want to let everyone know out there that calls themselves a Patriot and are willing to join a group of recruits and start training to deploy to our Southern Border to stop illegal aliens from pouring into this country! We will put a stop to the drug traffickers, sex slave traffickers, gang bangers and Islamic Terrorists that are infiltrating in with the huge caravan of over 10,000 illegals that are on their way to our border and funded by the globalists that want to spread socialism in this country and Islamic Muslims whose goal is to take over this country and force Islam and sharia law in our very own country! The Pope himself gave $500,000 dollars to help fund these illegal invaders, along with rich movie stars, George Soros, and other rich people in high up places! People, There is no more time for Armchair Patriots that talk the talk but are NOT WILLING TO WALK THE WALK! It is time for all Patriots to produce action instead of words! I am a disabled Marine Corps Veteran, retired law enforcement officer, gunsmith, bladesmith, blacksmith and horse trainer as well as the founder and commander of our Militia unit! Patriots, we are trying to put together a trained detail of Militia members to deploy to the Southern Border to assist the overstaffed and overworked ICE and Border Patrol Agents! We are asking for volunteers to join our unit that is interested in stepping up and defending your country against this POISON that threatens our Constitution and our Free Republic of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! If you would like to join our unit, we are having a camp of instruction and training session on Friday, May 31st and will end on Sunday, June 2nd around 1:00 pm. The camp will be at the Bankhead Forrest Campground at Double Springs, Alabama. We will also be going to their firing range on Saturday and have a firearms safety class and do some shooting so we can see who needs help and who don't! Interested persons should be at the campground between Friday 31st of May at 6:00 pm until Midnight! We will start training on Saturday morning at 9:00 am so everyone will have time to cook and eat breakfast and get their gear together! You will need a rifle and 60rounds of ammo, pistol and 50 rounds of ammo! You can bring as much ammo as you want to shoot! You will need a holster rig with spare magazines, tent, sleeping bag, cot or sleeping pad, flashlight, bucket and soap, and water to take a bath in and towel and washcloth, flashlight, toilet paper, small cook stove or you can cook over fire ,mess kit, food for the weekend and plenty of water and Gatorade and snacks, folding chair and notebook and pen or pencil and any personal items and medication you might need! There is a shower down the road in the RV parking area but only running water and a composting toilet at the campground we will be at, but you can fill up a bucket with water and lock the door and take a sponge bath! I want to post this again that we are looking for horseback riders that own horses that are interested in being search and rescue units, A and being long-range scout /foraging patrolsTV owners, Artillery persons that want to man small 3ft black powder cannons we will be building, sniper/scouts, demolition experts if we ever need them, and GOD help us so we don't"! medical personnel such as EMS, Paramedics, EMT, Nurses, Doctors and helpers, cooks, people with legally registered machine guns or sub guns to be designated gunners to lay down cover fire for our infantry personnel! Welders, computer people, logistics people, and a secretary and treasurer! ALL PERSONNEL WILL BE REQUIRED TO CARRY A WEAPON AT ALL TIMES TO PROTECT THEMSELVES! EITHER PISTOL, CARBINE, RIFLE, SHOTGUN depending on age! We will take all persons 16 and older but no one under 21 will carry a handgun unless the real deal hits the fan and rule of law goes out the window! Persons under 18 will be put in positions defending the camp and assisting in camp activities unless they have a parent or guardian 21 and over with them! We were a woodland pattern BDU uniform and can be ordered cheap off of eBay or at any Army-Navy store! If at all possible, please wear your BDU uniform when you arrive at the campground! Please bring at least $20.00 with you for parking and paying your park fees! PLEASE BRING YOUR MONEY FOR THE PATCHES SO I CAN GET THEM ORDERED FOR EVERYONE BECAUSE THEY ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER! THE TOTAL COST FOR PATCHES IS $55.00 PER PERSON! IF YOU ARE A PATRIOT AND CAN NOT PERSONALLY JOIN THE UNIT AND GO TO THE BORDER, THEN PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO OUR UNIT SO WE CAN PURCHASE RADIOS AND HELP MEMBER WITH GAS AND FOOD COMING AND GOING ON THE MISSION TO THE BORDER! ALL MILITIA MEMBERS THAT VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME TO HELP PATROL THE BORDER PAY ALL THEIR EXPENSES OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS! THEY DO NOT GET ANY TYPE OD FEDERAL<STATE OF FEDERAL, STATE OR LOCAL FUNDING! PEOPLE IF CONGRESS WILL NOT HELP THIS COUNTRY, WE MUST DO IT OURSELVES! YOU CAN TEXT ME AT 256-577-9261 FOR QUESTIONS OR SEND A DONATION TO OUR UNIT!
  11. The dates are May 31st to June 2nd! I thought the 30th was the last day in May! I corrected the post but wanted to let you know in case you did not receive it!
  13. I made a mistake on the dates. The training is on Friday, May 31st until Sunday, June 2nd!
  14. Hello to all my Brother and Sister Patriots that are looking to join an active training Militia Unit I am Earl Webb, The Commander of the Alabama Unit of Oathkeepers III% Militia. We are having our May meeting/training session on May 30th thru June 3rd. We will be camping at the Bankhead National Forrest Primitive campground at Double Springs, Alabama. We will also be going to their public shooting range on Saturday where we will have a firearms safety class and then do some shooting so that I can get an idea of who can handle their weapons and hit what they are aiming at and give those that need help the attention they need to make them good shooters! All-Patriot minded persons, male or female and all races and religions are welcome to join us and become members of our unit! Our only qualification to join our unit is that you swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic! You must be loyal to the Free Republic of the United States of America and not be a convicted felon of certain heinous crimes such as armed robbery, murder, child molestation, theft, rape or sexual assault or being a terrorist or a Muslim that practices Islamic sharia law! If you are a felon and do not fall in any of these categories, contact me and explain your situation and be willing to take a background check at your expense and we will vote on you get to join our unit! WE DO NOT ALLOW CONVICTED FELONS TO JOIN OUR UNIT OR MUSLIMS THAT PRACTISE THE ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW! WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE AS TO ADE, RACE, CREED OR POLITICS! YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN A SWORN OATH TO DEFEND AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! IF WE DECIDE TO DO A BACKGROUND CHECK ON A PERSON, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR IT! LADIES AND PERSONS &! AND !^ WILL SLEEP IN A DESIGNATED AREA AND NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO VISIT THEIR TENTS UNLESS THEY GET PERMISSION FROM ME DIRECTLY! We will have a full weekend of training! Persons should bring a tent, sleeping bag, and cot or sleeping pad, water and food for the weekend and Gatorade and snacks. You should make sure you have canteens or bottled water if you do not have any tactical gear! You should bring your rifle and 60 rounds of ammo and pistol with 50 rounds of ammo and an empty cardboard box and a pack of 10-inch targets to shoot at, flashlight, toilet tissue, notebook, and pen or pencil and folding chair! Please leave all firearms in your vehicle unless you have Alabama Pistol Permit then you can wear your pistol! Remember we will be on Federal Forrest Land and can not have a rifle or shotgun loaded on the property except on the firing range! You will also need $15.oo for the parking for the weekend! Please check in on Friday afternoon from 6:00 pm until 12:00 midnight! There will be somebody up to check you in and assist you in setting up your tent. We will start training at 9:00 am on Saturday morning! We will wrap up our training and dismiss around 1:00 pm or earlier on Sunday! All persons male or female ages 18 and up can join our unit! Persons 16 and 17 can join our unit under our young Patriot program we have just started but they will not be allowed to carry a handgun unless it is a black powder revolver. They can carry a rifle or shotgun at the range and while we are training. They also must have a signed, notarized permission slip to join our unit from their parents or guardian! They will be limited to training operations and will not be able to go on missions where they can get hurt! They can also participate in search and rescue operations! When we camp, the person below 18 years old and females will have their own designated sleeping areas and nobody will be able to visit this area unless they get my personal permission and they must state their reason for the visit! We are also seeking special persons to fill new categories in our unit! If you fall in any of thee categories below, we want you to join our unit! It is our goal to raise a group of Alabama patriots to defend our Constitution, the United States, the State of Alabama and our local communities in the wake of civil unrest and to defend and protect each other and our families and move to a secluded location near water and set up a camp until law and order is once again obtained! I hope to see a large group of people that come to our meeting and join our unit! Feel free to bring anyone that might be interested in joining with you! Members 25 posts Report post Posted Friday at 04:28 AM Hello Brother and Sister Patriots! I am Earl Webb, The Commander of The Alabama Unit of Oathkeepers III% Militia. I am posting a special invitation for special Patriots that fit in any of the categories that I am posting! We need you bad as well as any other person that wants to join our unit! Please contact me immediately if you want to join our unit and fall into any of the categories I am listing! You do not need any experience to be an artillery person, we will train you! We will also train you to be a spotter for our snipers! Please read the memo that I will be listing on other Militia sites! We will have our required meeting on May 30th thru June 2nd at Bankhead National Forrest Campground and will go to their firing range on Saturday the 1t of June. Persons should log in from 6:00 pm on Friday evening until 12:00 midnight. We will start training at 9:00 am. This will give everyone time to get up and eat breakfast and do whatever before the meeting starts. Persons will need a tent, sleeping bag and pad or cot, food and water and drinks and snacks for the weekend because no one will be allowed to leave after they check in unless of an emergency! Persons should bring a folding chair, notebook and pen or pencil, pistol and rifle and shotgun(optional) 50 rounds for pistol and 6o rounds for rifle, a box to shoot at and a pack of 10-inch targets! !6 and 17-year-olds are welcome to join our young patriot program but will be limited to the training and missions they can go on and they will have to have a notarized and signed permission slip by their parents or guardians to join. 18 and up can join but only 21 and up can carry a handgun and must have an Alabama pistol permit! All long guns must be kept in the vehicle and pistols unless you have a valid Alabama concealed pistol permit because we will be on a National Forrest! You can however use your long guns on the firing range! I want to reach out to any person that owns a horse and wants to join our Militia Unit, please contact us! We are going to add a mounted long range scouting/foraging unit to our unit! The person can be age 18 and up, male or female! Please, no stud horses! We also are looking for any ham radio operators ages 16 and up for our unit! You will be over communications for our unit! We are also looking for persons 18 and up that are interested in being artillery personnel! You will man the cannons and coehorn mortars that we will be making. They will be black powder and perfectly legal! We are also looking for persons that would like to be snipers for our unit! You will be tested on your long-range shooting skills! We are also looking for spotters for the snipers, and you will have to learn the ballistics chart and the wind shear and range calculations for your sniper that you will be paired with! We are also looking for persons that have legal, registered machine guns or sub-guns to join our unit and be our gunners for supporting our infantry troops! PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU FIT ANY OF THE ABOVE CATEGORIES! I AM THE COMMANDER OF THE UNIT AND I WILL BE ONE OF THE MOUNTED SCOUTS MYSELF!

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