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  1. Originally posted on California State Militia's FB page. Should be appropriate for the audience here as well. 8/20/18: A Republic on the Verge – Part 1 For any of you that have come to frequent our page, I hope that I have given you the impression that anything I post is going to be vetted for truth or at least noted as “Here is the information available at this time, it might change”. In other words, I hope that when you see my call sign “DeltaWhiskey” with an article or at the end of something I have put together that there is an association of trust with the information that is provided. In these times that is very important because what is happening now has to be revealed in truth, accuracy and completeness. It will likely take a few of these posts over the next weeks and months to define it all. Some will be long like this one and I apologize. But we need to move away from the instant memes which lack clarity and depth (though they can be funny as hell or poignant as a knife to the ribs) and become well versed as a Patriot community. I and others in our community believe we are witness to one of the greatest threats to face our Constitutional Republic ever. It is a viable, alive and growing threat that will lead to the ultimate destruction of the Unites States of America if not confronted and pushed back against in every facet that it rears its ugly heads… and this serpent has many. It is not ISIS or any type of religious extremism by any faith. Not terrorism as we have come to know it. It is not a massive military backed by any of the countries that threaten world peace and balance. It is much more deceptive, much more alive and very much ingrained and accepted in this country already. We are the perfect example of forgetting our past and repeating history. Last Saturday, a small contingent of Delta Company continued an ongoing mission of fact finding and Intel gathering. This time, we were in downtown San Jose, California. This was the latest clash between simply put, the “Left” and the “Right”. It was small, didn’t really make very many headlines or even much on the local news. It was not a Berkeley or Portland event (Both of which Delta Co has been involved with in different ways). Yet it was still eye opening. The following is what we observed. Ground zero was the Convention Center where a literary Sci-Fi convention known as World Con was taking place. The reason, World Con faces accusations of supporting and promoting pedophilia. READ THIS: I have not researched the facts on these accusations and myself and the CSM does not have an opinion of its validity currently. What we did want to see was how the 3 groups on the Right were treated. One group was there in protest of the accusations of pedophilia; the other two groups were there in protest of how supporters of then candidate Donald Trump were treated when he spoke in San Jose and to protest the rise in Marxism and violence from the Left. It is very important that you understand the group dynamics of these three protests that came together, not from their FB pages but from what they looked like in person, live on the ground. The “Right” group was made of whites, Latinos, African-Americans and probably other races that weren’t as evident to the eye. Nobody broadcast their sexual orientation but suffice it to say that there were cis male and females and transgender people in the crowd on the Right. All of these folks were dressed in a variety of ways, many sporting Red, White and Blue or other patriotic clothing. Some did wear clothing or hats in support of President Trump, others did not. There was additional optics, U.S. Flags on the barricades, Trump Banners, a “Stop Pedophilia Save Our Children” banner. There was not a single swastika, there were no Confederate Flags or burning crosses and there were no Aryan symbols. One person had a flag of KEK but that seems to be more trolling of the Left than any hate group representation (KEK or Kekistan is a movement from the early anti- Trump protests in what appears to be direct trolling of the constant screaming of anyone on the Right being Nazis). The Left was Antifa. They had a wide-diverse population as well, no doubt there. Dressed mostly in black with a few wearing other types of clothing, they approached the venue mostly in groups of 4 or 5. When they reached the venue and gathered underneath the flagpoles a transformation happened. As a group and as each group would do after arriving, most members pulled out black cloth and covered their faces bandit style. Think about this. A large group of individuals come into a public space being used by many individuals and collectively “mask up”. I would hope that most of the readers here would immediately be going from condition Yellow to condition Orange (See Cooper’s Colors if you do not understand this). Regardless, this is not the friendly way to enter a public space. The claim for the need to mask up is that this prevents their identities from being known so the Right can’t dox them or ruin their livelihoods…a tactic actually practiced much more on the Left. This is a form of economic dislocation as well as intimidation and the Left has been a master of it for the last couple of years. The signage that was displayed included a black banner with silver writing saying “Smash Fascism” and included the Antifa logo (for anyone on here that wants to claim it wasn’t Antifa but a loose gathering of individuals). Another banner read “End ICE and Borders”. Can there be a U.S.A. without borders? It was the aggressive actions of Antifa that should be noted. They openly provoke antagonism. In fact, in their doctrine they believe that violence must be used against fascism and discrimination. A noble sentiment until you realize that anybody that disagrees with them politically, socially, economically or ideologically will likely be labeled a fascist or at least a Nazi or White Supremacist…regardless of your actual race or beliefs. They aggressively shout down anyone that they see as a threat and that is pretty much everyone. If they get the chance they will physically attack an individual. This is not speculation, this comes from being a Medic at one of these rallies and seeing first-hand the damage being done (Yes, the Right has on numerous occasions used physical violence as well. As far as I can tell this almost always happens after an attack by the Left). But why are they a threat, much less the greatest threat to the Republic? Because they are only one head of the serpent and they are winning the battle for deciding what is in the definition of a label or a name. As individuals past by they made comments. Most, though they didn’t always agree with Antifa, felt that since they were against President Trump, that they were at least OK if not totally doing good work. They easily referred to those on the Right, the Patriots, as “Alt-Right” and White Nationalists or “Trumpers” (and Lord knows being a Trump supporter is a sin now). That was just the common citizenry, is there a larger issue? Yes, the media has definitely picked out what makes the best stories and has placed groups like the KKK, Aryan Nationalists and Neo-Nazis into the same camps as the Right. The media completely ignores story after story of protests where members on the Right force members of hate groups out of their protests. I was at Berkeley 2; I saw how the Patriot groups pushed Identity Europa away as much as they could. I have seen how other rallies separate themselves from these hate groups that keep trying to go mainstream into the Patriot movement. But that doesn’t sell ratings; the fear that the entire Right is somehow completely mired in Neo-Nazism, Klan meetings and Aryan nation death squads is much more titillating. They don’t need much to play on that speculation, one or two Nazis or Confederate flag waving, Klan patch wearing individuals at a 500 person rally will get all of the media coverage to sell that narrative. Now in being honest and forthcoming, some of these rallies have had a large number of hate groups. This has occurred mostly in the real south like Charlottesville, VA. I wasn’t on the ground there but we were monitoring it very closely. There were quite a few Patriot groups there. Also, if you have never lived in that part of the Country, the Confederate Flag is flown for Southern Pride and I have known whites and African Americans that have flown it and are not racist. So seeing a confederate patch on a plate carrier doesn’t necessarily mean someone is a racist (The Left disagrees with that). That being said, there were columns of individuals that bore the true markings of Klansmen or Aryans. There were actual groups that claimed to be White Nationalists and have no problem with it. The media describes hordes of Neo-Nazis, Klansmen and White Nationalists descended on Charlottesville. I don’t know the numbers or the breakdown between Patriots and Hate Groups… but if the media’s current record of accurate reporting is taken into account, I would wager the patriot groups again outnumbered the hate groups except in the News Stories. Antifa in America is an umbrella group for mainly three ideological movements. They are Communism, Socialism and Anarchy. They say they are fighting hate and fascism. They are actually the Red Guard being guided and shaped by elder Bolshevik ideologues. What does this mean and how does it fit with the rest of the beast that threatens the great experiment of Individual Freedom? That will continue in Part 2.
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    Nicki Stallard, already a great patriot in her own right, and a regular speaker at 2A rallies around the State will be hosting this workshop. Ramada Inn - 324 E. Shaw Ave, Fresno, CADoors open at 6pm.Speakers 6:30pm - 9pmWe hear again and again "Who is going to stand up for our rights?" Well, now we can stand together. Nicki will be laying out a plan to fight back against the gun grabbers:This workshop is about “Drawing our Line in the Sand” andgoing on “Offense” so that we can:1. Block new California gun laws this year. 2. Build a new “California Gun Coalition/Culture”. 3. Take the lead to really reduce “Gun Violence”! She cannot do this on her own, nor can any single organization. YOU need to step up. Together we can save Our rights and save Our state. Hosted by Nicki Stallard: California Pink Pistols Contact info: Nicki45acp@gmail.com Please note, while this is not a CSM event, we are proud to support Nicki and get the word out and hope that many of you will not only join us but also spread the word! -DeltaWhiskey #Me2A Blank (3).pdf
  4. Hello All, I am a member of California State Militia. We have 4 Companies spread across California. You can go here for more information or to sign up: http://www.cal-militia.com/home.html Signing up there will get your information directed to the appropriate Company in the state. You can also check us out on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/californiastatemilitia Our page here on My Militia is in progress but soon should be filling up with our members. I am happy to answer any questions as well. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe! -DeltaWhiskey

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