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  1. Andrew, are you looking to join CSM?

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    2. Andrew J. Buchert McRae-Williams

      Andrew J. Buchert McRae-Williams

      I'm having issues the website...it won't let me "submit" my info

    3. Andrew J. Buchert McRae-Williams

      Andrew J. Buchert McRae-Williams

      I had "ad" blocker enabled and it affected the site some how. Sorry about that

    4. DeltaWhiskey


      No worries, were you able to submit your request?

  2. until
    Nicki Stallard, already a great patriot in her own right, and a regular speaker at 2A rallies around the State will be hosting this workshop. Ramada Inn - 324 E. Shaw Ave, Fresno, CADoors open at 6pm.Speakers 6:30pm - 9pmWe hear again and again "Who is going to stand up for our rights?" Well, now we can stand together. Nicki will be laying out a plan to fight back against the gun grabbers:This workshop is about “Drawing our Line in the Sand” andgoing on “Offense” so that we can:1. Block new California gun laws this year. 2. Build a new “California Gun Coalition/Culture”. 3. Take the lead to really reduce “Gun Violence”! She cannot do this on her own, nor can any single organization. YOU need to step up. Together we can save Our rights and save Our state. Hosted by Nicki Stallard: California Pink Pistols Contact info: Nicki45acp@gmail.com Please note, while this is not a CSM event, we are proud to support Nicki and get the word out and hope that many of you will not only join us but also spread the word! -DeltaWhiskey #Me2A Blank (3).pdf
  3. Hello All, I am a member of California State Militia. We have 4 Companies spread across California. You can go here for more information or to sign up: http://www.cal-militia.com/home.html Signing up there will get your information directed to the appropriate Company in the state. You can also check us out on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/californiastatemilitia Our page here on My Militia is in progress but soon should be filling up with our members. I am happy to answer any questions as well. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe! -DeltaWhiskey

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