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  1. Sorry I didn't have settings for notifications set right. I am with you as well and looking for those that are looking for same. It is something we need.
  2. Checking in and reading posts and see we have some activity here good to see
  3. Chris Checking in and hoping we can try to get everybody together at some point. I know we are all over LA but we do need to and start working together.
  4. Welcome Joseph Veca. I have requested to join your group in mewe. Do need to make sure have multiple places to stay in touch.
  5. From what I have seen we really are all over Louisiana. But we need to try to get together no matter were we are in LA. I am in Kenner
  6. WhiteKnight


  7. We should hook up sometime. Next weekend I'll be out of town. After that let's see what we can do.
  8. Looks and sounds awesome. Why in the H*%! Did MeWe ban you guys. What was their reason.
  9. Yeah I can see that but even with the small amount of us we should probably try to figure out a way to group together at some point least get to know each other do you guys ever do that
  10. Well hello I can see there hasn't been too many people posting on here recently live in Kenner Louisiana looking for like-minded people and organization and some fun
  11. քɛօքʟɛ ʍaʏ ɦaʋɛ ʀɛʟaxɛɖ sɛռċɛ tɦɛ ɛʟɛċtɨօռ aռɖ tɦɨռɢ ɨs աɛ aʀɛ ʝʊst ɢɛttɨռɢ staʀtɛɖ. աɛ ɦaʋɛ a ʟօt օʄ աօʀҡ tօ ɖօ aռɖ a ʟօt օʄ քɛօքʟɛ aʀɛ ɢօɨռɢ tօ ɢɛt քɨssɛɖ օʄʄ aռɖ ʏօʊ ċaռ քʀɛttʏ ʍʊċɦ ċօʊռt օռ ʊs ɢօɨռɢ tօ աaʀ. tɦօsɛ tɦat ɦaʋɛ tɦɛ tɦօʊɢɦt tɦat tɦɛʏ ċaռ ʀɛʟaxɛɖ aʀɛ sօaʀʟʏ ʍɨstaҡɛռ. ɖօռ't stօք քʀɛքքɨռɢ sɦtʄ ɨs ċօʍɨռɢ aռɖ ʏօʊ ċaռ taҡɛ tɦat tօ tɦɛ ɮaռҡ.
  12. Tired of the way OUR government is doing things. We need to cut from the UN because that is a big part of this and take our country back.

  13. One thing you guys need to keep in mind about your stock folks is 1 being that it really isn't just what you need if SHTF when it comes to ammo stock and a few other things but if you are part of a group or family and or friends it will be a collective effort. We will be fighting against FORCES (yes I meant that as plural) that are probably going to have more ammo on hand then just you. So we have to think collectively. 2 Now as for you personally think of it this way. What can you carry if you have to leave on foot because that is most likely what is going to happen. Then that is what you have in your pack and your vest. 3 If you can go by vehicle then have more stored there as well and have available what you might be bringing if you are meeting up with your group family or friends. 4 Then the extra is hidden ( in more then one place ) and have that place known to certain trusted people. This will not be just individuals fighting it will be a coordinate effort.
  14. Good deal. I think the main problem is (for me at least) I get a lot of emails about all sorts of things and I check on it every couple of days to try to clean it out. But 98% of the time I don't pay much mind to them. Now text message is another thing because 99% of the time a text message is from someone who I know and is trying to get a hold of me so I do look at them wayyyyyyyy more often. I think that is for most people.
  15. Got it but late. Note your fault. I just don't look at my emails that often. The text alert would be better. I get those alerts if there is an emergency in different areas that I might be in through out TX.

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