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  1. I hear you there super operators that never were in the shit.lol most my rigs are Blackhawk and nylon and Velcro.but I do you mean the thigh holster.because that's what I normally wear and what I ment by a no retention holster.so I just got a Caldwell tac ops drop leg.
  2. what???honestly I am a glock fan like the grip angle and the simplicity to it...but I want a DEcocker,,,grip safety...I open carry about everyday and I want a fighting chance if someone with any skill catches me off guard and goes for my gun...because how it sits now with the glock 17 or 40 and a no retention holster it be very easy...I think I relay on people not being stupid to much so id like to remedy that.
  3. im not big on the grendal(just because ive never played with it)...ive been trying to replace my glock 40 ls...im gonna look into that ria 10 mm...it be nice to keep a m45 back on my leg...im just no longer a fan of .45...im a 9mm 10mm kinda guy.... https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-pty-pty_converter&hsimp=yhs-pty_converter&hspart=pty&p=10+mm+double+stack+rock+island+armory#id=4&vid=4b1d6b5336622b8b2f41387cf1421923&action=click
  4. I shot a 6.8 spc sbr last week.its worth the stamp.not a 300 bo fan.as for the handgun until they top the 2011 im not impressed...but while were talking guns I heard a legend of a 20 shot 1911 10mm the deplorable general says its out there any info on that?
  5. megatron I really thought ud say something to the effect....I got it the first time I tried killing optimist prime...but I I can dig that.i was kinda wondering...............megatron loses at the end of the movie, twice....
  6. well thank ya buddy for this site.your a pro...when ppl started calling me rip cannon fodder it was a bad joke that stuck it had something to do with a bad practice all I wanna say about that....I was told it was the toughest name in the world next to bull urine.
  7. Touché,,,write on the difference is in pa the majority of democrats in ( pa ) vote against anti-2a gun laws proofs in the pudding...but besides that your completely right...
  8. hey were handling it.....I gave bob casey, tom wolf ,scott perry well I can name abunch of state reps as well.,are state constitution...but I know what you mean the dems here are throwing smoke but I don't think anyone will take are 2a rights around here we got alot of folks that turn out to 2a events and write letters,make phone calls....we care so I think pa is a bad example more like jersey or new York,maryland,the dems here are mostly rednecks...besides philly dems http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/LI/consCheck.cfm?txtType=HTM&ttl=00&div=0&chpt=1&sctn=21&subsctn=0
  9. If you claim to be a strict constructionist, then you have a dilemma. During the lives of ALL the founding fathers, the states, not the federal government, got to decide who came and went within a state. It was never an issue in their lifetimes. Secondly, there is NO mention of the United States Supreme Court having the authority to grant to any other branch of government ANY powers of ANY kind. And so, when the Sheriffs of this country won a lawsuit stating that the federal government could not commandeer state and local officials, they were right. AND, the United States Supreme Court was right in applying that precedent to Sanctuary Cities I know thank you for knowing this as well never met someone online that also new this.....you made a lot of great facts and points easy for others to see and understand...I came to the conclusion that "progressive" thinkers as butchered as that sounds will never accept are constitution its ignorant not by definition just a name they call whatever doesn't help them...to restore the constitution completely the way me and you wanna see it done I think its impossible funny how you say things because most my arguments with the right are so called constitutionalist yet they don't know half these facts till I prove it then they don't agree..sorry im a little scatter brained right now im doin alot...just wanted you to keep your momentum I enjoy reading your posts.
  10. o yeah brother rip its and nicotine....yeah I love that quote from patton but were talkin people from are own country...so im gonna back step death here and quote Sherman but instead of the north of course I mean left...
  11. So I wonder if people bitching about police with "military" style weapons and gear will watch this and change there mind....youd think thered be gun ports in a cop car...but he did good he kinda put civilians in harm's way by driving on the other side of the road while being shot at but I can't criticize id probably do the same.watch the reload this is way we practice.
  12. Id die for this country....but I won't take any of my countrymen with me.even Looney liberals if a civil war starts my lethal ammo is useless and I got about 1000 non lethals(homade bean bag rounds and rubber super balls).gummy bears and most gummies work but if you use this test it on chicken skin on.....your right nobody chooses death..but to die would be a awfully big adventure...or death before dishonor...kinda unrelated let_freedom_ring....but I've seen people die for a whole lot less to die for something would mean a grate deal to me.
  13. Im mean psm i wanna say plm and a few other pa militias wouldn't stand with the son Ammon.but before they went to the bird sanctuary i was with um...we all know they showed there ass there and as did alot of patriots and hell they earned there court date... A double jeopardy case wouldnt go anywhere...I still think these people involved are patriots and are fed up but idk about defending it...and as for the title of this article hell yeah trump i think is a militia lover...

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