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  1. How would a regulation helped in this case !make it so parents can't have weapons?
  2. You can't snipe with airsoft.... please use the word marksmanship..the real people who earned the title sniper earn it if that makes sense i mean no disrespect and I ain t whining just informing you that that's not cool bro.I dig your enthusiasm keep it we need it
  3. I'm not a guy that bitches about financial problems in fact i never do I don't mind spending more for better equipment hell in this general statement I'm not included but why does it seem like gun company's could do alot more like stop jacking prices on guns and ammo let's spend some money on getting new adults that would never buy a gun because he or she can't spend 2000$ on a shotgun or tactical semi i don't know what I think the world's crazy and were all in it theres so much more we all can be doing and honestly I think the ones making the big bucks need to help out alot more I've ask this of one company I got a negative response so I figured I'd vent here and ask if maybe I'm wrong in my thinking.
  4. That be the place then.don t you know anti gun activist are usually the people who like the criminal element hell in some cases they are criminals.
  5. They won't push the wrong narrative theres 1000s of cases were guns save people but the left and even some of the right are for less 2a rights till theres no foot to stand on and the UN coming in for a major confiscation this being said a select few must stand strong i got plenty of hidden g's....if you know what I mean...I swore to protect the constitution i damn well ment it....side note hell yeah its always the parents fault when there kid acts like a jackass some say no but I say being a good parent is engraving on your kids head to always help never hurt and a good lesson in being a great citizen.
  6. I don't know how I feel about this if you don't know it don t way it.I think you forgot alot ,bag nasty"box nasty",self propelled sandbags i haven't hurd that one in forever.hahahaha
  7. All I hear is grab bend grab twist pressure.lol..some semper fu one mind any weapon.
  8. I wouldn't suggest trying this unless your trained by the military going against another real trained sniper is just stupid they bring a rifle we bring the fireworks.still great read good to stay sharp.
  9. That's ashame I grew up loving him in ace Ventura and man on the moon i seen he started this right after kickass 2.I never new he had these views before it was cool in hollywood.
  10. Great well let's keep pouring money into are military id like the U.S to stay the biggest super power...I'm fact i want everybody in the military to have robo suits as well from clerk to jerk.
  11. So it would of been funny if it was a .500 magnum but who calls a shotgun less lethal in guessing it was a 12 gauge as well multiple big ass bullets.