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  1. do all you guys use pads(padded gloves,head gear,ext)when your sparring or fighting...I really think its important to receive multiple ass whoppins to get better at takin it if you catch my drift...with out totally going middle age fight club...what do you think...everytime we go hands only we never go full speed so we don't injure anyone...but maybe that can change...being skilled with a firearm isn't helpful if your goal is to preserve life.

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    2. KillBird


      hand to had is becoming a dying art though it proves handy in a lot of areas not just fighting. Might I suggest you look into wing chun, when they turn that repetition into reaction they can be very effective no matter their shape or build.

    3. Ripcannon


      I do have 4 guys im not quite sure of as far as hand to hand skills but 6 of us are pretty good I mean I wouldn't mess with us...I never really invested time in any kung fu but i'll look into that maybe that's a good option for the 4 types of handicaps I got.haha...thanks bro

    4. KillBird


      wing chun was developed for women but it proved so effective it spawned most of our martial art today. You also benefit from it's natural application in how you use you body on balance, reflex and control. That comes handy in everyday interaction with your self and problem solving. A good example of how versatile wing chun is Bruce Lee as it was his primary style and evolved it to Keet Jun Do

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