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  1. hey just wondering what state your in i want to take you p on your offer to hook me up with some mags?If your close enough i can meet up with you or  something?

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    2. BigMikeU


      well he makes them custom to go into a factory Savage Axis.Its 99.00 for one 170.00 for two or 225.00 or a bit more for three mags.But ill be getting at least two even though it may be one at a time lol.When hes the only place i found online and hes got no competition then i guess unless you want to spend more time reloading then shooting at the range you gota buy at least one lol

    3. BigMikeU


      Well i ave to get rid of all my mas that hold more then 10rounds which will leave me with only two mags for my AR which sucks!The way things are going in this state i think Governor Murphy needs to go to PRISON!He is a Communist!!!

    4. Ripcannon


      Why don't get rid of your mags..  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex_post_facto_law....please check this out...your state constitution says your rights can be changed just like it...if you have time read this..http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/lawsconstitution/constitution.asp   and have a pencil an a piece of paper and write the ones that apply or being infringed.i can help and if you check out the resister on this site he's a good person to have this convo with i can step by step tell you how to start legal proceedings if you want this fight.


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