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  1. training in the country some times means building hallways and rooms but the township or HOA do NOT always approve... throughout this summer ive seen alot of people training to shoot paper from a comfortable position with a resting heart rate...i really dont know how thats considered training or ftx...so i came up with a fun idea for militias and there familys to do together...armor and safety up for air-soft and try different situations in the house, barn, property...after getting this far typing i really dont feel comfortable telling exactly what i did online but im sure you get the picture...anyone have any other ideas to help further this conversation..id really like to hear them because short of building a city in my back yard im kinda limited and so's most everybody...
  2. Welcome...sounds like your a 3%er to me bro...you shouldn't need validation on something you already know haha...hope you stick around and join the convo's.
  3. https://uproxx.com/news/arguments-against-gun-control/3/
  4. ya hit the nail on the head...it nice to have the refreshers to be well versed... I actually hope they don't...they just need to hop on board and stop protesting against there rights...
  5. So, are we sticking to theres no more room for us to budge or are we willing to have smaller mags???..Not me I wanna fight for are rights back...that's it we get rid of the NFA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Firearms_Act... why isn't this a big stink throughout are community....lets stop losing rights and get are 2A back..any info or ideology on this let me know weather you agree or disagree.
  6. I hear you there...I know a sailor who disobeyed shooting some poor boat that got to close to the ship...he got his ass chewed and shortly moved on....you make a valid point I wish I could say "that's nonsense"...just to clear things up public safety means nothing to me over liberty and freedom...PSM are state militia as do a few other groups up here got LEOS heck,, we no are county sheriff and and id say a quarter of the officers I hope militias make it a game plan on knowing there local LEOS and I don't see anyone dumb enough to send the military to confiscate guns...i'll tell you what how many of them 17-18 yr old guys who sign up for the military actually know the Bill Of Rights or the Constitution...id guess slim to none...Red flag laws are bogus especially when you live a stones throw away from Maryland.
  7. I don't agree theres a duty to disobey unlawful orders...
  8. thats really nice bro...so are you gonna keep it...haha
  9. weres the chat box


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      its on the index

    2. Ripcannon
  10. he carried his holster in a school...thats great...i can even go on a trip with my daughters class cause i have a ccw.
  11. what state?

    1. Ripcannon


       can i assume your in the U.S.A as well? 

  12. i really wanna see what happens... if they start chucking rocks were gonna start a international incident im sorta sure of it...we both know barbed wire only keeps the good ppl out...so are they all gonna cross at once or continue in small groups??
  13. Get some friends and start a fire team that also prep...align yourself with a local patriot group for political things such as protest and 2a...if the first question that a group asked you is for a background and are you a pedophile it might not be what you want a ccw should work just fine it proves your a good enough "legally"...but felon shouldnt be deterred from militia work...hell they can vote why wouldnt they be aloud in a militia...if i was you i wouldnt submit to a background check its weird and one extra step for no reason biuld your militia alliances with trust...verifying is easy with a ccw.

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