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  1. I carry a gen 1 g17 on my pack(on my thigh rig I go for the g40 in 10mm)...there the ak of the pistol world...that gun will always fire, ,dirty, ,clean ,,and in a foot or more underwater...hi-points are kinda reliable just to throw that out there but there mags are harder to come by.and you can get a SW for about the same cost.good stuff...
  2. he can do that...but can he really pull it off that's the question...I mean it'll be fought tooth and nail(like this shutdown)...we can move out of the shutdown and negotiate or he can act he's got options...I hope he pulls a power move.like this.
  3. I understand your logic I really do...but again it is what it is now you know what I mean...he can get a wall and open the government its well within his means...I just don't understand why stay in a stalemate when he could just win....and improve his image with his ppl because a leader that's leading a closed gov isn't doing something right...im not anti-trump im anti B.S and that is what this is...again my opinion and I think im right and I think your right...but day in and day out we see how it is he can change that and hasn't I hope he throws the towel in and see's the friendly fire on his so far unpaid ppl.i mean its a bad image...
  4. so what do you know about the bill of rights?because that's pretty importantant stuff...do you know your constitutional rights?but for now go to bed kid its 11.30.
  5. Ripcannon


    that's the best....non for her
  6. I seen a white armored UN vehicle it was in a holler with 8 other white UN vehicles in Clay county WV....in the middle of no and were...no story with it so take as you please...I feel like that's sayng bigfoot in some circles but I hear you bro...I'm pretty sure ppl don't see as good as you and me.
  7. Money makes voting unnecessary at this point the worst thing that can happen is a court date against red flags but they no that's coming... you no better then that...im finding out so i'll just tell you....we've been losing for years...they go state to state and fight against " gun violence"...damn special interest groups working with the elected officials...we got them here in Pittsburg nd philly right now.good luck and I hope we meet up when the ish goes down...igy6
  8. there not African American bro...its pronounced American...that's all...but I know whatcha mean bro.
  9. every shutdown is bull shit...nobody elects anyone to shutdown the government...idc who gets the blame I just need one of the partys to be the bigger person and trump cant really go back on his word now after such along shutdown and dems cant be the bigger person because that would "make trump right"....we need ppl to step in I think... we have some bipartisan dems on this issue but it don't seem like there pushin for peace so to speak....lets get that figured...I don't want trump to go down in history as the guy that kept the gov.closed....I hope this aint his best strategy.on border security...again bump stock ban and no gov.he's looking like a politician...we can blame the dems but it solves nothing bro...lets get along with the fuckers!@# and tell them how it is I mean were asking them not to step on are toes while there dancing on are boots...I needed this rant im a little pissed at the situation.STILL
  10. morals have gone out the window,,,its kinda up to us morally superiors to make the fix...but homosexuality runs in all the warrior cultures (friggin Spartans were boy lovers and Zeus had a boy cupbearer) of the world I'm not for it but I cant say it's a go to hell offense... "Women are easily swayed and more submissive to their masters" I don't know about that one....haha
  11. idk about your area but up here in the northeast we drink straight from the springs. that nice mountain water...I have one of them lifestraws just a different brand I never used it...good video bro.
  12. what im sayin is if they take are capacity from us were as a mass less of a threat...your right in thinking "there only going after law-abiding citizens"and they no that as much as we want to think it they aint stupid...I Will Not Comply and I urge others in joining me every chance I get...I hope America gets it sorted because HOW is it possible to keep losing rights when were supposed to have people protecting them and were electing them and still it goes on and this to my dismay will continue going on until a mass says stop or else...and inevitably they will take the "or else"...
  13. so your saying help our people first.., what a great concept
  14. do all you guys use pads(padded gloves,head gear,ext)when your sparring or fighting...I really think its important to receive multiple ass whoppins to get better at takin it if you catch my drift...with out totally going middle age fight club...what do you think...everytime we go hands only we never go full speed so we don't injure anyone...but maybe that can change...being skilled with a firearm isn't helpful if your goal is to preserve life.

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    2. KillBird


      hand to had is becoming a dying art though it proves handy in a lot of areas not just fighting. Might I suggest you look into wing chun, when they turn that repetition into reaction they can be very effective no matter their shape or build.

    3. Ripcannon


      I do have 4 guys im not quite sure of as far as hand to hand skills but 6 of us are pretty good I mean I wouldn't mess with us...I never really invested time in any kung fu but i'll look into that maybe that's a good option for the 4 types of handicaps I got.haha...thanks bro

    4. KillBird


      wing chun was developed for women but it proved so effective it spawned most of our martial art today. You also benefit from it's natural application in how you use you body on balance, reflex and control. That comes handy in everyday interaction with your self and problem solving. A good example of how versatile wing chun is Bruce Lee as it was his primary style and evolved it to Keet Jun Do

  15. also very easy to make if you have access to minimal tools. 

    1. KillBird


      How simple, I like.

  16. Yeah that seems about right...cali will soon be totally gun free and the cartel nd gangs will run everything....remember the north Hollywood shootout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrlUsaYlKPs...it happened during Clintons crime bill https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violent_Crime_Control_and_Law_Enforcement_Act..... unfortunately for us we can explain it a million times how gun control only hurts law abiding citizens(us)...and all we wanna do is help,., I don't no about you but I edc not for me but anyone around me that may need help...its totally against my moral code to kill any American...and now they want my hunk of plastics because there machine guns...I feel for the people in the strict states to be a felon overnight is a hard pill to swallow...what could you even do without dramatically changing your life other than give up or give in.
  17. o yeah Get functionally fit is a good one...all else comes last...good stuff
  18. well that's are standard issue night vision

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