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  1. To those who joined my team 205, I can be contacted at [email protected] Phone number will be given when you contact me, present and future members.
  2. Assignment by area code is a good start and a way to get everyone involved and connected. When the dust has settled then transfers can be handled but we must have a starting point and this is as good as any.
  3. EGOS! My gun is bigger than yours, I have more men and so on. When the military or law enforcement makes a move there are no EGOS involved. The orders are issued and they are followed.
  4. There are a lot of good people, acting as leaders now but there are many leaders that could not lead a troop of boy scouts across the street to Walgreen's. This comes from my past encounter with a few. We need to look at their past actions or inaction's. Their past and/or present military and/or law enforcement experience. look at their commitment to the oath they took, the constitution and most of all the American people. The oath we all took does NOT have an expiration date on it.
  5. To some extent I agree with some of your comment. First come first served, not good. This is what I have been praying for and suggesting for years, across the country organization to be able to act as one when needed and an open lines of communication to all units. The military and law enforcement have it and it works. We should have the same with what you might call board members in each state communicating together and making the right decisions. The problem the militia has is EGOS. Drop the EGOS and you have a movement that works as one.
  6. 205 Here looking for attachment. Been second in command of three groups, Held the ranks of Major, Colonial, Brig, General and General. Have the time, organizational skills, the toys and common since.
  7. I plan on going. I live in Jasper AL, about 700 miles, and need all the info you can give me concerning this event. Time, place, parking, is this more than a day, how to dress, do we carry out ARs and so on. Is there going to be a place to stay when I show up the day before and maybe the day after. Appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks, Jim Peyton, III%, Guns Up
  8. Will be there will to stand with all who stand with us. Armed and ready. Copperhead
  9. I agree. Blue helmets and the blue wave are the same thing. Need to be stopped by all means.

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