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  1. Hey Zack sorry love to help but I am South West I too am looking to train its not easy finding people close
  2. I am only available on weekends but lets do something I can go to Naples maybe shoot at a range?
  3. I am only available on weekends but lets do something I can go to Naples maybe shoot at a range?
  4. Hey David made in america said they train at the Okeechobee gun range
  5. Wife and i got to do some real tactical training this morn it feels great thanks to my budy for a fun day
  6. I remember having a range at home When I was 13 I miss it now my neighbors would realy freak ,my wife and I are looking for some run and shoot and tactical other than standing on a line we do this alot but we need different practice
  7. I work one mile south of dog track on old 41 were do you train
  8. When is the next weekend and not to sound naive but I  am what do I need to bring or do 

  9. My wife and I live in capecoral west coast not many places to train I shoot at cecil webb but very restricted would love to learn some tactical. no experience with military or police. Does age matter
  10. Good day, Phil, I was in Bokeelia in the late 80s.

    Used to train on little pine island. see my pic.

    can ya still get out there?

    1. Phil 3

      Phil 3

      Not without getting arrested for tresspassing all built up

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