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  1. I appreciate you taking the time to explain this. I responded with my experience simply because I thought it was on topic as it had to do with my trust level with people that was contacting me, telling me to get in or get out and I did not know this person and had never talked with him. I did not get an explanation or introduction. I know the deep state is monitoring this site. For all I know this person could have been an deep state FBI plant to entrap people. As far as my weapons skills... I own several pistols, and an AR, and have been reloading for about 3 years. I reload 223, 9mm
  2. Indeed. My problem is that I’m not ex-military. I have no clue how militias work. Most of the leaders in these area codes appear to have military background. I hesitated to call or contact this person as the first thing they said to me was something like “this is not a join and quit unit. Either get on board or get out of this unit.” I had never heard from this person. Didn’t know who they were or what their role was. I had not joined with the intention of quitting. I was hoping for some guidance on what to do if you didn’t have a clue. Instead, I got something like get the
  3. I agree. Political parties are distractions by design. The elites did it that way for a reason. I DO disagree that following Trump aligns us with a political party. Trump IS NOT a politician. He had to run as a Republican because of the blind as a bat voting mentality of the misinformed public. Trump is as much or more of a patriot than the average voting couch potato. So, why would we not support a patriot???

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